Life Around "The Fire"

God's Purposes Behind Neuroplasticity... Renewing Of The Mind (Part 4).

January 17, 2024 David Season 36 Episode 4
Life Around "The Fire"
God's Purposes Behind Neuroplasticity... Renewing Of The Mind (Part 4).
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Show Notes

Years ago "science" taught us that our brains formed our minds. Our minds, in turn, formed our thoughts and our thoughts formed our perceptions and feelings which made up our reality. 
However, research has now shown that our brains, without the life found in the blood, contain no personality... nothing more than gelatinous, powerless, computers. 
The power of the brain is the life that is found in the blood. 
Our brains don't have personality without the power of life.
They can be programmed and reprogrammed, changed, many times over depending on the condition of the soul/mind. 
The power needed to turn the computer on is found in the soul. 
The condition of the soul is based upon the type and quality of the inner core/spirit which provides the quality behind the juice/soul/mind which provides the type of dynamic power to begin the process of programming and exhibiting persona to the brain which is the control center for the rest of the body.
The process of these unique life forms that have undergone a Divine Impartation of God's Eternal Life into their born-again spirit is the focus of this podcast series.
Becoming One New Man (a collective number of people made up from every tongue, tribe, and nation) is an accomplishment that can only be produced by the power of God's very own Spirit.
Our part in co-operating with God in this process is known as santification or divine neuroplasticity.
This is Part 4 ...

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