Listeners to Leads

Going Deep (Instead of Wide) With Your Podcast Content

June 23, 2022 Alesia Galati Episode 53
Listeners to Leads
Going Deep (Instead of Wide) With Your Podcast Content
Show Notes

Whether you are currently not sure what else there is to say on your show, and you’re not sure what other topics or conversations you can have, or if you are currently mapping out your future content on a show that’s just starting - it’s important to go deep with your content. I am currently going through this myself with my content. I feel like I am referencing past episodes and as I have -generally- said all I can say about podcasting. So I am here with you. This week, episode 53 of Listeners to Leads is about why you should go deep, instead of wide, with your podcast content! 

In this episode of Listeners to Leads, I’m sharing the importance of spending more time on topics and actionable steps you can take right now to take your podcast to the next level when you don’t feel like you have anything else to talk about. It cannot be understated that the value you get when you go deeper with your topics, instead of taking a wider range of topics all over the place in your podcast. Lastly, I also share how to break down the content you’ve already created to make more episodes or other valuable content for your audience, using my own podcast strategy.

This episode will show you that you have enough content already to make more content, without having to expand your content buckets or change your podcast theme. 

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

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