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Learning from Podcast Mistakes with Courtney Andersen

June 08, 2023 Alesia Galati Episode 103
Listeners to Leads
Learning from Podcast Mistakes with Courtney Andersen
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Podcasting doesn’t have a comprehensive guidebook with the dos and dont’s spelled out for you. Because of that, we all make mistakes when starting our podcast! Courtney Andersen is here today to talk about her mistakes and learning moments in her 2 years of podcasting. This week, episode 103 of Listeners to Leads is about learning from podcast mistakes! 

Courtney Andersen is a sober coach, author, and host of the Sober Vibes podcast. Courtney is a cheerleader for women looking to change their relationship with alcohol, supporting them to thrive, not just survive, without it. As the Founder of National Sober Day, Host of the Sober Vibes podcast, a sober coach, and author, Courtney has helped thousands of people find more freedom, going alcohol-free.

In this episode of Listeners to Leads, Courtney Andersen is sharing the importance of being picky about your sponsorship opportunities and actionable steps you can take right now to build a community and have meaningful conversations.

Courtney and I also chat about the following: 

  • Courtney’s decision to start a podcast based on a tough subject.
  • The do's and don'ts of taking a sponsorship for your show.
  • Building a community around a taboo topic.
  • A look at Sober Guides, Courtney’s upcoming book.

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me! And don’t forget to follow, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!

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Learning from Podcast Mistakes with Courtney Andersen
What made you decide to start your podcast?
The celebrity effect of the podcast.
The evolution of sponsorships and how they came about.
The importance of being picky about your sponsorships.
Building a community around a topic that is taboo to talk about.
You have more meaningful conversations when it’s around vulnerable topics. You’re being vulnerable.
The power of social media to build your business.

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