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Episode 31: Taylor Swift x Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen

March 12, 2023 Episode 31
Episode 31: Taylor Swift x Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen
What the Austen? Podcast
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What the Austen? Podcast
Episode 31: Taylor Swift x Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen
Mar 12, 2023 Episode 31

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In this series we are matching Taylor Swift songs to Jane Austen characters and novels! This was highly requested from you all so I’m excited to share this content with you. 

I have split the content up into shorter episodes so you can binge the lot, pick the novels you like the most or enjoy this series in stages. This was a fun series to create, and I am joined by Ann and Martha who have been on the podcast before and are good friends of mine.

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Series order: 


Sense and Sensibility (12th March) 

Persuasion (12th March) 

Northanger Abbey  (19th March) 

Emma (19th March) 

Pride and Prejudice (26th March) 

Mansfield Park (26th March) 

We have created Spotify playlist for the series so you can listen to the songs based on the novels!

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Show Notes Transcript

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In this series we are matching Taylor Swift songs to Jane Austen characters and novels! This was highly requested from you all so I’m excited to share this content with you. 

I have split the content up into shorter episodes so you can binge the lot, pick the novels you like the most or enjoy this series in stages. This was a fun series to create, and I am joined by Ann and Martha who have been on the podcast before and are good friends of mine.

Thanks again to our sponsor Haus of Bennet: https://hausofbennet.com/ Use code whatthediscount at the checkout for 15% off!

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lbg54tnj_g 

Series order: 


Sense and Sensibility (12th March) 

Persuasion (12th March) 

Northanger Abbey  (19th March) 

Emma (19th March) 

Pride and Prejudice (26th March) 

Mansfield Park (26th March) 

We have created Spotify playlist for the series so you can listen to the songs based on the novels!

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Episode 10: Bridgerton Gossip (S1, S2 and the books)
Episode 21: The Mysteries of Udolpho and the Gothic in Northanger Abbey

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What the Austen? Episodes: The Disney Princess & Disney Villain series on the podcast 

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Izzy Meakin  00:00

This is the what the Austen podcast I'm your host Izzy and every episode I am joined by a friend and fellow Janeites to chat about Jane Austen's work, please follow and subscribe both here on Instagram and on YouTube. It really helps the podcast grow and all your support means so much if you fancy going a little bit further. And once you join the Jane Austen discord chat and have access to extra content such as cheat sheets and early access to episodes, consider joining the Patreon and then become a full fledged member of the jnh hive. I just want to say a big shout out to all of my current Patreon members. You guys honestly keep the podcast going and I love all of our discussions on Jane Austen and the episodes but now let's get into this week's episode


Izzy Meakin  00:59

Hi, Janeites and welcome back to the what the awesome podcast I have an exciting series lined up for you this month where we're going to be matching Taylor Swift songs to Jane Austen novels, guys, I had so many requests for this. I was putting it off a little bit because I was thinking, you know, I've seen a lot of Bookstagram as do this. And I didn't want to feel like you know, I was kind of coming, coming to the game late and just hashing out things that have already been done. But when I put a request out for episode topics, again, it was definitely up there. It's like one of the number one ones that people wanted out there because there's so many Swifties and janeites. It's a it's definitely a crossover community for sure. And for myself, I definitely fell in love with Taylor Swift at a young age. And it endured very similar to my Jane Austen experience. So this is a super fun series. And I have asked Martha from Martha Beth and reads and Anne from Disney Princess lessons and be part library to join me today. So two of my very dear friends, and both of whom have been on the podcast before. So welcome Martha and Anne. Hello. So in this particular episode, we're going to be covering Sense and Sensibility. And then we'll cover all of the other novels as we go through the month. So there's going to be a lot of content coming out in March, but I hope you're gonna enjoy it all. I'm definitely excited to record it. I think we're gonna have a lot of fun. So when I was planning for this episode, you obviously the two people that I had in mind to come on with me because I felt like I was my friends who have got like the best Jane Austen and Taylor Swift knowledge. And yeah, you guys are definitely right up there on the list. And I thought, oh my gosh, what a great like the three of us to do it because you two were already friends, right? Even before I became friends with either of you. 


Ann  02:37

Yeah, yeah. I met Martha when she did. A Jane Austen read along during the very first part of the pandemic. And it was so much fun when she goes to that. 


Martha  02:46

Yeah, so I put on my Instagram about like, we I think it was Northland grabby. I was like, does anyone want to read this with me? And then we've had the little Regency readers trust since then. It's been like two and a half years. Yeah, really fast. That's too much. I love that so much. Because this is the proof in the pudding is that we all make so many friends in the community. Obviously, I've become friends with you guys through the podcast and through like the Jane Austen community and everything. But I'm honestly astounded if how many people are Jane Austen fans and Taylor Swift funds? Yeah, well, I think I just think if you love Jane Austen, there's maybe certain like personality things that maybe you love other classics. I think that Taylor Swift has that kind of like hopeful, but angsty thing that occasionally Jane Austen has, I feel like there's like a lot of things that we all have in common because there are things that kind of overlap with each other or fit well together. Yeah, it's probably like the Disney thing is like there's so many Disney fans to Jane Austen funds that I was actually surprised about. I think that's cool. Yeah, I think I think one of the things is obviously readers love storytelling. And one thing that Jane, Jane Austen and Taylor Swift both do really well is storytelling. like Taylor Swift. Always. He started out as a country singer, and she still has those kind of country roots. And country music is all about the stories. So I think that's why so many books to farmers also love Taylor Swift, because the stories are always there in her in her songs, and storytelling from a female's perspective. That's really relatable to Yes, absolutely. Taylor's a fantastic lyricist, really is an incredible storyteller. So I can definitely see that. And you're right. That is actually such a running theme with country music. Like I'm a big country music fan. And I know you are as well. Matheran, aren't you in total the country music?


Ann  04:28

Not that much. I kind of was when I was younger. I really liked Taylor Swift country stuff. But I just I haven't really kept up. I think it was sort of like playing a lot when I was a kid. But I don't I guess I don't follow anymore. Yeah. And it gets the benefit of Taylor since she shifted into kind of like pop as well. So she's she Yeah, she's definitely she reaches the masses, that's for sure. Yeah, I'm with her staff. So what we're gonna do is it's going to be a two part series. So we're going to cover three novels in the first part, and then we're going to cover it and the other three novels in the second part. So


Izzy Meakin  05:00

a two part series because I know we're gonna have so much to talk about with this. I'm super excited to get into it. So, yes, but okay then. So we thought before we start, it would be good to chat about what got you into Taylor Swift initially. 


Martha  05:14

Oh, so I have like a weird distinctive memory of being at my friend's house. Like, I must have been maybe like 1415 and seeing the love story video on TV. And I remember like, that was the first song of hers I knew, which obviously was her second album, but I think that love story was really when she became famous in the UK, even though she already had her debut album out. And I think from that point, I just absolutely fell in love with her music. And yeah, I've like loved her ever since I've been to one of her tours. I went to read in 2013 and we had amazing seats and it was really really good.


Martha  05:48

And I think in lockdown when obviously, like the new albums came out like folklore, it was so poignant at the time. So I think like even I've always loved Taylor Swift that moment onwards, like my obsession was kind of like reignited, even though I'd always been quite obsessed, and I had all her albums anyway, that kind of album and kind of that feeling of her writing this in a situation that we were all in. I felt really connected to that. So from that point, I've been like, even more obsessed than I already was.


Izzy Meakin  06:15

 I love that.


Ann  06:16

 I love that too. Actually. Love Story was it for me as well. I had heard Tim McGraw pictured a burn I'd seen those music videos. Just Bailey heard about this, you know, young country music sensation. And you know, I liked her. But when that love story, music video came out. I just I don't really remember much about it other than I just remember being on YouTube watching it like I just remember watching it. I don't know how I decided to watch it. I just remember like maybe like a friend might have told me about it. But I just remember like watching it and being blown away. I loved


Ann  06:49

Shakespeare from a young age. I loved Romeo and Juliet. So like the fact that I had all those romantic vibes, all those classic vibes that I was starting to really love. Yeah, that just really got me excited. And I definitely was a fan of fearless. I was definitely a fan of speak now. I really liked the song mine a lot. I remember like listening to both of those albums a lot. But read was The album for me because I was going through a breakup and its ultimate breakup album like that came out at the perfect time. And it's so funny when you talk to people who love read that being one of their favourite albums who like use it as soloists during a breakup. We all think that the songs feels very specifically about our relationship, which just shows how universal she is. Because even the lyrics in red sound very specific to Taylor's relationship, which we assume was Jake Gyllenhaal, but yet somehow it just feels like she's talking about your relationship and your heartbreak so that from that moment on I was just like I was even more sold. So


Izzy Meakin  07:50

yeah, I love it guys. Mine was really similar as well because I think we probably it's probably because we're all live like the same age bracket is we all come up with the same song so for me as well, it was definitely like love story. I remember I had I don't even think it was a legitimate iPod. It was like when I pulled started to be like a thing that everybody had. Like the smaller versions though. And I had this iPod I remember transferring the music like the the music video into like a audio clip so I could have it on this iPod. And I would listen to it was the only song I had on there. And I would take it into like, just school and it'd be the only song I listen to. So I yeah, that was definitely the song that got me into Taylor. And then he just kind of grew from that. Definitely read I think read Hibiya a tough time as well. And so I really felt that one and then I went to the 1989 tour and the reputation tour actually. Which even though that wasn't one of my favourite albums, I just mean me and a friend that I grew up with. He was also a massive Taylor Swift Fan. We just wanted to make sure we were there but yeah, they were two different vibes though those two concepts were like polar opposite.


Martha  09:05

Yeah, I've watched the reputation tour on Netflix. Also, I didn't actually go. But that literally blew me away even watching it on Netflix. And I'm really hoping that you chose here like soonish because I really want to go. But one thing I have been to a couple times with a friend is swift again at night. I don't know if you've heard of these Taylor Swift club nights where they only play Taylor Swift. She's amazing. I went to one in London last summer. And it was like the best thing I've ever been to because everyone there was so lovely and so excited. And like I sometimes like I'm not big into clubbing or anything now like I feel like I've passed that face. But like sometimes you feel a bit uncomfortable and it can be a bit awkward, but this was just the best thing ever. Like everyone was just having the time of their lives and it was so so fun. So highly recommend them and they're like 10 pounds.


Ann  09:58

Oh my gosh. I want to go to The hat


Martha  10:01

I think they do in other countries as well as worth googling because there's so so fun.


Ann  10:06

Yeah, that sounds amazing. I have to ask you guys quick aside, did your friends make fun of you for liking Taylor Swift like during that early era? Because mine did maybe because all my friends were into, like, indie music and I kind of like tried to be a hipster too at the time, but like, all my friends made fun of me were like, oh, Taylor, some she's so girly and gushy and whatever. And then now they all listen to her, like, after reputation came out. They're like, Oh, she's really good. I'm like, no kidding.


Izzy Meakin  10:30

Oh, my gosh, dirt when everybody started getting on the Taylor Swift bandwagon. We've been here forever. We can Swifties for live guys. Come on.


Ann  10:38



Martha  10:39

A big thing, isn't it? I think there's this whole thing. And I think it's shifted a lot over the last couple years. But that whole she only writes about her relationships. She only writes about heartbreak or don't date Taylor Swift because she'll write a song about it. I think like the the narrative was so sexist, and females feeling like actually having those sexist thoughts as well being ingrained in them because of the way society treated her. I think so many people now realise actually, they hated her for no reason. They hated her because society hated her. And now so many people have either like, changed their minds and love her or like, well, I don't feel like that anymore. And I think it's so polarised that she even sings. But it doesn't mean the man like, oh, being either a cat where you can do what he wants, but I can't Yeah, so it's really interesting. Yeah, I think now like, it's now like, cool to like Taylor Swift, which is great, because I want people to like it. But it also means it's going to be harder to get tickets for her.


Ann  11:31

I know there'll be more expensive. No, I can tell you that. Also the fees that we have with like Jane Austen as well, everyone, like you we have picked on for liking Jane Austen and Bridget and comes out. And everyone's like, we love the regency era, which is Hi guys, welcome.


Ann  11:47

I know, I actually remember, in college, like so many people like, Oh, she's a Jane Austen girl. And it's just like the same thing with the Taylor Swift stuff. And I think that's what makes them kind of so relatable to each other too, because they're both storytellers kind of ahead of their time or thought of as just for girls, or just chicklit or just chick music, you know, totally sexist. And it's just the songs and the books are about so much more than that. Yeah, I


Izzy Meakin  12:11

knew this sounds weird, but I feel like some people are kind of a little bit resistant to being thought of as someone who's romantic like romantic with a lowercase r. I feel like they, especially when we were growing up. I feel like people were a little bit like I do want to be seen as somebody who's really into romance and everything. But, you know, obviously Austen's novels go far beyond that. And so details with songs like that much deeper than like surface level romance. But before we get into the main content today, I want to say a little bit about our sponsor house of benefits. If like me you love taking a break from your modern life to escape into Jane Austen's world of handwritten letters, romantic runs EVs and long walks in the countryside. You will love the house of Bennett shop house of Bennett offers stickers, pins, jewellery, totes, shirts, and so much more. All themed around your favourite classic literature and period dramas, including Jane Eyre and of Green Gables Little Women. And of course, the works of Jane Austen heads over to house of bennett.com that's H AUSOF, B E n n e t dot c o n and use my code what the discount for 15% off at the checkout. So once again, that's house of bennett.com and use my code what the discount for 15% off. Okay, guys, let's get into the Irish will topic. I'll kick things off just to get us into I suppose. So the songs that I picked for this particular novel was the first one was to do with Elena Dashwood and Edward Ferrer's their their relationship, and I picked dancing with our hands tied from the reputation album. So a couple of lyrics that stuck out was I loved you in secret, first sight lived without reason, talking about kind of like being 25 years old, how was I to know and then how love is like frozen in time. And everybody's talking about them behind their backs and putting them through their paces. And it's all kind of a little bit chaotic, but they're kind of having this like secret relationship that they can't be public as public about. And I was like That's so like Eleanor and Edward, I thought in the phase that people are going to divide them because it's like Lucy steel and everything just being that just, you know, creeping creeping her way in. So if you guys had that on your lists,


Martha  14:23

I didn't actually


Ann  14:24

I didn't, but I love it.


Martha  14:26

I really, I really get why you've picked that one. I did have a different Elena song, which is a little less cheerful because I listened to cardigan and immediately was like, Oh, this is elements. Like if that doesn't describe how she feels about how Edward treated her and made her feel so special. And actually the whole time he has been engaged to someone else. Like that got me straightaway. Obviously, I know that things work out. But at the time, that's such a huge betrayal. And I just think cardigan suits it really well because it's about like a kind of love triangle thing and by Feeling that someone's like, she says, like Drew stars around my scars, and he does all of that. But the whole time he's actually engaged with someone else to my cardigan was my pick for their relation. It's a bit sad.


Ann  15:13

I love that though.


Izzy Meakin  15:15

Yeah, absolutely. That's such a good one. And that relationship is sad. Like, it really isn't possible. You didn't really feel for you feel for him because he's like, locked into something. But you also feel for Eleanor because she's having to kind of repress all these emotions that she has and having to deal with Lucy's toxic behaviour. But yeah, I love that one. Did you have one for Eleanor and Edward?


Ann  15:36

I did. And it's a completely different one. So I'm excited that we have different ones, but I love what you guys chose because it just sort of like didn't click for me until I heard what you said. And I love it. But I was actually watching Taylor Swift's Toronto Film Festival interview when that came out. Have you guys watched that? No, I haven't seen that. It's a really amazing interview. I'm being such a film person. As I am, I was really interested because she was talking about making the short film for all too well, the 10 minute version, and just kind of it was really interesting to hear about her as a storyteller and a filmmaker. And she knows way more about film than I had any clue like this girl knows a lot about film. But I was so excited because guess what she said? She said she was watching Sense and Sensibility. Ang Lee's version on repeat as she wrote evermore I was like, I have to pick an evermore song. Because she was listening to it and Gold Rush really stuck out to me even though it isn't exactly perfect. There's that line about everybody wants to everybody wanted to be like, lovey, well, not everyone likes Edward. We do know that Lucy likes Edward. And I like this idea that it's about kind of, you know, I don't like a gold rush. I don't like anticipating my face and a red flush. And it's just this feeling of like, I don't want to jump into this like I'm looking at the lyrics right now. So so inviting. I almost jump in, but I don't like a gold rush. So I feel like that's very much Eleanor it kind of shows how she's kind of repressing her feelings and she doesn't want to have that that blushing kind of feeling it says walk past quick brush. And so I see that kind of like Edward and Eleanor they don't really have that much of a you know, like the Maryanne overt romance. And so I picture those like little quick brushes and those little little things. And so that's why I chose that song.


Izzy Meakin  17:18

Oh, man, you know, I haven't listened to that one that much. I feel like I'm gonna have to like go back and like see it from a new lens. But I love what you said about the interview as well that she said that. See, oh my gosh, Taylor's JNI


Ann  17:31

she is she is a secret Jane. And I know she loves little women too. But just like the the she was talking a lot about like Greta Gerwig films and like how just how much she knows about films like 70s films like she's a genius, but especially the fact that she said she Let's watch that on repeat while she was writing evermore. I was like, Oh, I gotta find one.


Martha  17:52

I love that. That's such a good song pick as well. I can totally see why you pick that one. That's so interesting as well. She was on The Graham Norton Show the other week. And she was talking about all too well, 10 minute film. And he was like, would you want to do this with some of your other songs? And she was like, absolutely. So I was like, Bring it on. I love it. Well, short films were love so


Ann  18:13

well. She even said in an interview that she would consider like, if she figured out the right thing. She would consider trying to write and produce a feature length film. So I'm here for the hat.


Izzy Meakin  18:23

So oh my gosh, do you remember when Taylor Swift is like popping off in films all the time? Do you remember? What was the film and she was like she was in it with Taylor, Lord and what was that film?


Martha  18:37

cringy massive teddy bear. Absolutely.



Oh my God is so bad. Yeah, I loved


Ann  18:44

it and love it. Like even though it was cringy I loved it because I love Taylor and Taylor. I love Taylor squared. I shipped to them so much and they were just so cute and dorky together.


Izzy Meakin  18:56

Although I always thought how confusing to have the same name as your partner like I call even a match.


Ann  19:01

Did you know though marrying a girl named Taylor that was freaky.


Izzy Meakin  19:06

Oh, hey, that is freaky. Oh, caffeine. This is more about him though. There's something going on there. Yeah. So I did have another Edward Eleanor link and the other one that I had was from the 1989 album and that was how you get the girl and I thought it was kind of like somebody given Edward advice of how to go in like tell Elena that he had does have feelings for her and wants to be with her. Because in the song it says you know it's gonna take a long six months and I was too afraid to tell you what I want and that he like wait, I want to help him like rebuild what they had because obviously they've they've gone through a lot a lot of turmoil. So I figured you know that is like somebody coming to me to be like, This is how you're gonna get Eleanor This is the game plan going off.


Ann  19:53

I like that. I really like that.


Martha  19:56

I didn't have any other element elements songs. I went all in on Mary I


Ann  19:59

mean do it It's


Izzy Meakin  20:01

easy, right? Oh my gosh, I literally had a conversation with someone the other day where I was like, Marianne, and Taylor is so similar like, like in terms of the way that they, you know, fall in love and everything. I was like it was Taylor Swift had to pick the heroine. She's most like, I feel like it would be Marianne. Yeah. Hit me up, then guys, what have you got for Maryann?


Martha  20:21

Do you want to go first? Um,


Ann  20:23

I don't know. Because I'm still like, I'm still looking at my list trying to decide if you want me to go first. Martha.


Martha  20:29

Okay, so I have kind of two that goes together. And then I have an extra one. So my two kids together I was I was listening to Don't blame me. And like that just made me think of Marianne, like, literally being in love will be does make her go a little bit crazy. We know she's quite dramatic and romantic with like capital R. But that kind of takes it to another level. It's just so many things that are like really irrational, but also like really inappropriate for time, like when she goes to visit, like the home with him and things like that. So don't blame me really got it for me. And she does go really wild when she's with him. And I feel like he is a John Mayer type influence. So I was thinking about would have could have shut off as well, from Taylor's latest album, because I feel like so many things would have been different for Marianne, if she hadn't met him. So that was kind of my two combined. And then my last one for Marianne is clean. And I feel like her walk in the rain and her getting ill like that is like everything being washed away. And then she's ready to move on from well away from that situation. So I've that one, I really felt connected with that part of sensibility when she's really low, and she goes that long walk, doesn't she and then she ends up really, really sick to the point where they think she might actually die. And she's like, I think she kind of has a realisation where she's like, I can't I can't do this. And I feel like clean works really well for that part.


Ann  21:50

Yeah, I like that a lot.


Martha  21:52

So that was my other ones for since.


Izzy Meakin  21:54

I love that and I didn't pick any of those. I don't know if you did on but I


Ann  21:58

didn't so I almost thought about clean but I was actually like this. I'm not going to go into because this is this is probably not going to be one of my take, but I thought day like kind of goes really well. But daylighting clean have similar vibes. But yeah, I like those cleaners. So perfect.


Izzy Meakin  22:13

Before you get into yours, like can I just say, um, to play me that was such a hard hitting song. Great when that came out. Like it wasn't necessarily because of the lyrics but I was like the vibe of that song was just so powerful. Yeah, totally


Ann  22:25

was. That's a really good one. I don't know why I just didn't even think of that one. So that's brilliant. Martha.


Izzy Meakin  22:30

Okay, on you hit so pure Marianne.


Ann  22:32

Okay, I'm finding the lyrics right here because I know this one I really wanted to definitely do in well, Martha didn't pick it. So we'll see if you did, but I had to pick Dear John, which goes along with the woulda coulda shoulda of thing but I mean, it's John Willoughby. So John will be John Mayer. I mean, obviously it's just it was too perfect but says my mother accused me of losing my mind but I swore I was fine. And so like her mother and sister kind of think that she'd lost her mind and longer than nights my days revolved around you and just the girl in the dress cried the whole way home which reminds me of the ball that they go to and you know, he won't shake hands with her. And you know the chess game because it really he said that he wasn't really like serious about her for so it was just like a game to him. I could go on and on but it says then you go back and turn it to rain. I feel like there's this a lot of especially in the movies there's a lot of like rainy themes. They met in the rain. It just it just I could just go on and on. And I just felt like just like Martha said John Mayer and John Willoughby are the same person basically. Literally,


Martha  23:42

I love it. Yeah, did John is a really really good pick. I had too many songs. Yeah, me too. Would have could have should have because I feel like that was her reflecting when she's a little bit older


Ann  23:51

and that was one that I actually that's on my list and so since you picked that I was like okay, I was like really debating between Dear John and that it was like okay to go with them companion to that.


Izzy Meakin  24:00

I love that guys. I do and you know what? I think I do you have any more on your list on the you want to talk about?


Ann  24:06

Yeah, but it's a Marian and Brandon so do we want to go? Do you want to wait?


Izzy Meakin  24:12

They see that links until I was gonna say actually so I kind of I thought like, oh, maybe you guys will all pick you know? Will it be Marianne ones because there's so many songs that match that so I was like I'm going to focus on Marianne and Brandon. So I didn't pick any Marianne Willowby song so yeah, I went for fully the Mary and Brandon route. So do you want to tell me do you want to join me to go with my Maryam brand new ones or do you want to carry on?


Ann  24:39

Totally up to you however you want to do it?


Izzy Meakin  24:43

Okay, so if I say so I had to that was my other my two picks was I picked begin again because I feel like that's like such a vibe where she's gone through just how and then it's realising that someone can treat you better and it might not be all of the reasons or all of the elements have a relationship you thought it was important but there's other things that are in it's sometimes the small things like somebody just holding the door for you or just saying nice things to you and just you know loving you for who you are. So begin again was definitely up there for me from the red album and then also labyrinth from the Midnight's on them, oh my gosh, I was listening to this I was like that's so it really reminds me of like Maria and Brandon. I picked up some of the lyrics from that one. But again, it's that notion of like, you know, being really hurt from one relationship and then coming back and being like letting yourself fall in love again, because Maryanne obviously has a completely opposite experience with Brandon after she's been with Willoughby. Yeah, and it's kind of rebuilding your faith and in love and romance. So yeah, that's why I pick those two.


Ann  25:52

I love those are both really good picks. I love that. And I think that It pairs well was which was one of the ones on my bonus list was the all too well. 10 minute version like that. I feel like begin again is such a follow up to that. So that feels really like it goes together really well.


Martha  26:08

I love that you've pointed that out because when I was trying to match which Jane Austen heroine would have their favourite Taylor Swift album, Maryann's is obviously yes, yes. And her favourite song you can see her playing all too well. 10 minute version just on repeat. Yes. So I even jotted down what I thought her favourite song will be just for her because it just gave me all those MariaDB


Ann  26:27

Yeah, definitely. Definitely.


Izzy Meakin  26:30

Absolutely. What do you what was the other one on the list for you and for Mary?


Ann  26:36

Was the lyrics. Okay, it's partly because I'm obsessed with this song from midnight. But I think it goes really well together. For the most part. I love midnight rain, like I just love that song. And even though Brandon and Marian do end up together, I feel like this is really that transition of her realising how horrible Willoughby is. And maybe like, you know that Brandon was this really nice guy like, he wanted it comfortable. I wanted that pain because Maryanne totally wanted the pain. He wanted a bride I was making my own name. She wasn't really making your own name, but she was sort of she was kind of making an infamous name for herself by running around and going wild, and getting kind of a bad reputation for herself. But like it says my town was a wasteland full of cages full of fences, pageant queens, and big Pretenders, which is how I feel that Marianne thinks about pretty much everyone in Sense and Sensibility. She thinks everyone's just kind of like a big pretender that they're, they couldn't possibly have as much passion or as much sensibility or depth that she has. And she broke his heart because he was nice. And I think that's part of the I think that's part of it. It's just like Brandon is older, but I really think that's just an excuse. I think it's just the fact that he's nice. Like she wants that. She wants that midnight rain.



Yes, I


Izzy Meakin  27:59

love that surgery. Like Marianne does want a bit of chaos in her life, isn't she like I really think she is. I think she the fact that she goes through so much is why she's so happy with Brandon like in the end because she's like, Gosh, I really like I was I did want a bit of chaos. But this is way more than I was like before. So yeah, I definitely I


Ann  28:17

really midnight rain is Maryanne, like if Taylor Swift had had that chance to kind of go back or that guy was still there, which I think Joe Allen kind of like becomes that person for her in a way. But and I'm also convinced that this is about Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift and I've had like so many debates about this, but I'm convinced that it is because there is a picture even of him in his current fiance with like, shiny peppermint candy on a Christmas tree and it talks about that like shiny candy in the like the Christmas card kind of vibe with the lyrics. So I'm convinced it's about them. But anyway, I think that this is this is definitely like if she hadn't been able to have Brandon if Brandon had moved on.


Martha  28:59

Yeah, I really liked that. I saw some really good match. I've loved that. You guys have come up with different ones to me. I'm really excited by that, because it's so interesting to see how people's brains and kind of what links they found. I love it. It's really great.


Ann  29:12

I love it.


Izzy Meakin  29:14

Yeah, I think that really plays into what you were saying as well before about how we can all listen to Taylor Swift songs as if they're written for us or they relate to our situations, which is just incredible. I think if you can write in a way that isn't generalised in terms of the the actual wording, but everybody can can you know, feel their their own experiences in the songs? I think that's that's just like, you know, that's the best type of songwriting I think, yeah, definitely. Okay, do we have any extras for the Sense and Sensibility pig? I know I definitely have a couple of extras. I feel like this will match so many. Yeah.


Martha  29:51

Oh, I just have the mic. The other thing I wrote down was that I think Elena's favourite album would be folklore. I don't know why I just felt like it would Be I feel like that was kind of like the softer vibes kind of suits her personality really well, quite reflective as well. Elena is a very reflective characteristic so you can see her kind of looking back on things. Yeah, yeah.


Izzy Meakin  30:13

I love that. And did you have any extra picks for sense sensibility?


Ann  30:18

I do have a bunch but rapid fire bonus round. I'll say one that stood out for me was that I almost picked for Eleanor and Edward was treacherous because I feel like that represents Eleanor feeling like this love is treacherous, but I like it. I'm just looking through the moment I knew for Marian and will it be? I even thought it would be kind of funny. Like after Marianne is kind of happy. And she's was Brandon that I bet you think about me from read. I love that. So let's my rapid fire picks.


Izzy Meakin  30:47

And from me the anxious that I had was death by 1000 cuts for Mariana and willowy, you know, when she gets the letter, and she's just like, absolutely devastated that, that he could write that, but he wasn't really him. But, you know, that really tears her up, for sure. And also, I feel like in that song as well, Taylor makes a reference of what it's like to have so much in common with somebody and then none of that's a matter when they just kind of like, you know, cut you off at the deep end, you know, all the songs or films you love together. It just it just hurts all the more at that point. And then I had one more and that was speak now for Elena. You know, the kind of thing of like wanting to speak up against two people getting married, that you really don't want to get married and you think they do better with you.


Ann  31:34

Yes, I can see that. I can see that. Well, and speaking of older albums do I think White Horse is really good for Marianne because she's kind of looking for that knight on the white horse. Yes. And


Izzy Meakin  31:46

she's so fought, will it be with that as well? Yeah, I love it. I love it guys. Some great pics. Okay, then. So do you guys want to add anything else to send sensibility,


Ann  31:58

I'm good because I could write like a two hour playlist for syncing sensibility, I think we need to move on.


Izzy Meakin  32:05

So that's everything from us in this episode covering Sense and Sensibility. The next episode, which is covering persuasion is actually already up. So like I was saying lots of content this month. So you can already go ahead and check that one out as well. If you want to find a math or an outside of the podcast, I'm gonna add all of that content below in the bio. And as for me, you can find me on Instagram at will the Austin I would love to see you over there and just double check that you're following on all platforms. So YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts, if you can follow on multiple platforms, it really does help the podcast out and finally a special thank you again to my patrons. Those of you part of the JNI tribe. Your support means so much as always, but that's everything from me today and I will see you in the next episode.