Young at Heart Talk Mental Health for Older Adults
Let's Rethink This
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Let's Rethink This
Young at Heart Talk Mental Health for Older Adults
Aug 02, 2021 Episode 12
Abby Berger

Date: August 2 , 2021 

Name of Show:  Let’s Rethink This 

Episode title and number: Episode 012 Young at Heart  

Brief summary of show: Today I am talking with two people from Independence Center about mental health supports for older adults. Pat Marshall is a team lead at the Clubhouse and Karen Cox- Miller is a long-time member. Pat and Karen help to co-lead a group at IC called the Young at Heart group. This group is specifically for members 55 and older to socialize, connect, and support one another. This program has evolved over the last couple of years and now the group is more active than ever. 

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps:  

1:00 - 2:41 Pat & Karen’s Stories  

5:09 – 7:52 How Young at Heart fits within the Clubhouse model  

8:09 – 13:01 Partnerships with Young at Heart Groups  

13:30 - 14:49 Staying Connected Virtually  

15:10 – 18:19 Marillac Mission Fund Grant for OT Services  

23:45 – 27:11 St. Louis County Technology Grant for Seniors  

List of resources mentioned in episode:  

St. Louis Area Agency on Aging 

Marillac Mission Fund  

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