The Road to Recovery with Trenda Davis
Let's Rethink This
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Let's Rethink This
The Road to Recovery with Trenda Davis
Dec 20, 2021 Episode 31
Abby Berger

Date: December 20, 2021

Name of Show:  Let’s Rethink This 

Episode title and number: Road to Recovery with Mental Illness 

Brief summary of show: Today we are talking with Independence Center member, Trenda Davis. Trenda struggled with her mental illness disagnosis for quite some time before seeking treatment and support. Listen to what she has learned along the way about herself and how she is reshaping the common misconceptions about mental illness in the Black community by sharing her story. 

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps:  

1:33 - 16:56 Trenda's Story

21:55 - 22:35 Acceptance of Mental Illness in the Black Community

23:26 - 28:08  Coming to the Clubhouse 

List of resources mentioned in episode:  

Independence Center 

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