The Wildly Confident Podcast

Ep. 46: The Body is Nothing but a Map of the Heart

June 01, 2022 Kathrine Weissner Season 2 Episode 46
The Wildly Confident Podcast
Ep. 46: The Body is Nothing but a Map of the Heart
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Wanna know why standing with your hand on your hips in an outfit that makes you feel confident AF actually does increase your confidence?

Ever heard of somatic and embodiment work?

Peeps - this is the SECRET ingredient that will help you re-wire your entire body into permanent habit changes. 

It’s not all mindset - we gotta get the body & brain wired together. 

The best part, embodiment work can lead to super fast quantum transformations & shifts. 

On this episode you will learn:

  • How embodiment work …works
  • Fun practices for you to try today
  • How I used embodiment work to heal (& cure!) 2 autoimmune diseases

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Speaker 1:

Hello. Hello everyone. So excited. You're here today. I'm gonna be chatting about the somatic and embodiment work I do with clients from time to time and how I actually got started on that stuff was really when I cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis and of having Hashi motos thyroiditis. Uh, those two things happen to me at different time periods of my, my life and also migraines. Now, you know, knock on wood so far, I've been free of those three, three things for many years now. And I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about my journey and share with you some of the things I did, but I really, really believe in somatic work and embodiment work as part of the overall healing in someone. It doesn't mean that I'm gonna do that with all my clients, right? If my clients don't wanna do that stuff, they don't believe in it. I'm not gonna push anything like that on anyone. But I have seen it produce remarkable results, not just to myself, but also in my clients. And it being somehow like the turning point for some of the stickier things that mindset work simply just wasn't going to touch. So absolutely the first place I go with all my clients is always mindset work. We use a tool called the model that I was taught in coaching school, on how to uncover how our thoughts are creating our reality. It's an amazing tool and that can get my clients really far. In fact, it can get them as far as they wanna go with their results where they don't even ever need to do any of this sematic or embodiment work. But even with mindset work, I do include a few embodiment things sometimes like, let me give you some examples. I will have clients repeat their business speeches over and over again. I will have them do it in front of a mirror doing like power poses and things like that. That sort of like very light and body network is just getting your body or nervous system used to something new. It's kind of like exposure therapy.<laugh> right. The more we do something, the less we're afraid of it. So no matter what, if you're working with me, you probably will do a little bit of embodiment work, where we are learning new habits and getting our nervous system and body use to them. So we feel really empowered around them. You know, the first time you do something, it's gonna feel a little wonky and the more you do something, the easier it gets, the more that you give a speech, the less afraid you are or going to be of public speaking. And so, no matter what, when you're creating a new habit, you're just always doing embodiment work. So coupled with mindset stuff, we have to do a little embodiment work to get that new habit wired in the body. So it's like brushing our teeth every day. It's as easy as pouring a glass of water. It's super easy for us to do. And some of the more Soma what I would call more somatic or healing work I do with clients, it centers around a few different things. So usually we've done some mindset work together. We've done some of the embodiment work. That's coupled with the mindset work, getting them into a really confident, positive place. But then we're noticing that they're still stuck. I almost call these like the stuff like sticky points, but we can't, there's no like real story behind it, but we, they feel like easily triggered by, you know, certain things and almost unconscious unconscious of it sometimes. And this is why I, I mean, I've been in this experience myself on my own health journey of getting to what I call like a very healthy feel, good place in my body, as I define it, not as science or the media or anyone defines health, right. My definition is that I just feel really good in my body. And I have a maximum amount of energy each day and that I am kind and compassionate with myself.<laugh> so, you know, I know about mental health and I know how to, how to care about my care about myself, but something that really got me interested in this was acupuncture years ago. And the value acupuncture had when actually me hearing my own rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 18 years old. And it was quite crippling for me. I had to take a lot of medications and it kind of just came outta the blue. It was like, what the hell is this about?<laugh> why is this happening to me? I'm like 18 year old in college, having fun, all this stuff. Right. And so I decided when I was, I wanna say like 22 or 23, like a little older, I was like, I am not gonna let this. I don't wanna get medication the rest of my life. I don't wanna be going through these like bouts where I have like crippling pain and then I'm fine. Like, it kind of goes through waves and you can get into like triggers with it. And I decided to really educate myself on why this was happening so I could overcome it. And one of the main things I did besides getting really clean about my diet was I started seeing an acupuncturist. And to me, I swear, this is what shifted things for me. And I have been off those medications for like 15 years now, for the most part, I had to go back on one of them briefly after my second pregnancy for like a month. And then I was able to get right back off it. But, um, yeah, I've been off medications, living a great life. Never thinking about this testing negative for RA, right. And doctors are like, that's not possible. Like you must have not had it. I was like, y'all I have the test results over and over and over again. And I was on all this medication. I didn't just have it for a week. I had it for years and I had multiple TA positive tests that I had it. And so I, I started like getting really curious after the fact, like, why did this, why was I able to cure this? Like why me and I kept meeting more and more P people that had cured things like this too. Was it just a belief I had? Right. I don't know. Maybe just the belief I had. I was so sure I was gonna be healthy. A lot of people believe in that power of positive thinking or even in placebo effect, right. That we can just cure and heal ourselves. I do believe our body has a lot of knowledge in it and yes, I still love medicine.<laugh> I love modern medicine. I'm so grateful when I break my arm or if I, you know, I have cancer and they have a cure to it. Oh my gosh. So grateful. Right. It doesn't mean that I don't go to the doctors. I go y'all I go every year. Right. I get my physical, I go to my dermatologist and get checked for skin in cancer. Like I absolutely adore and take use of the medical, uh, community. And I'm so grateful that there are doctors like beyond grateful. And at the same time, I didn't find that the doctors that I was seeing at the time when I had the stuff, like, they just were like, well, you're just gonna be on medication. Like that was kind of their answer to me. And I was like, that cannot be the answer. My body said, mm-hmm that not, that's not right. So after I got to the other side of this, I started wondering like, what exactly was going on with me? Why did I have this rheumatoid arthritis? And why is it gone now? I can't really like a lot of this autoimmune disease stuff. Like, there's not a lot of answer about why it occurs. It's kinda like this mystery. And around that time, I started learning about something called epigenetics. Now, everyone, please, please take this with a grain of salt, please do your own research. Please educate yourself and have experiences with this, with this stuff. I am not an expert. I am not your guru. I am here just sharing experiences for my life. I wholeheartedly believe, believe in this stuff. Otherwise I wouldn't be sharing it with you all, but I want you to, to think about this stuff and see if you think it's true and see if it might serve you in a way that's in the highest. Good for you. Always. If there's one thing this podcast serves to do, other than just raise your confidence level, it's also so to empower you to think for yourself and to question things and to try things on, okay, it's about learning a different way of thinking than what, what you might have learned in school, which is like, let me tell you how things are and blindly, believe me. I want you to question this. I want you to be like, I don't believe that. Good for you. Don't believe it. Okay. I'm sharing with you. What I believe. And I want you just it's, this is an educational experience for you to see if you like it or not. It's like trying something out and being like, no, that doesn't work for me. Or that feels actually like that's doable for me or possible, or that feels good. And I might wanna try that thing out and always y'all keep going to your doctor like doc, like I'm not, I'm not a doctor myself and I'm not advising you not to get medical care ever. If anything, I, I have big love for doctors, just like I have big love for myself. Okay. So anyway, what I learned when I was doing some research about epigenetics was there's this really interesting study done by DS at all in 2013, it's the cherry blossom experiment, and this is gonna sound, you know, I, you know, I don't eat animals. I am a vegetarian slash vegan most of the time. And so I'm absolutely against animal testing. So just for warning, there's a little story about animal testing in here. So if that's disturbing to you probably get off the podcast and I totally understand, but I think it's, this is such an interesting fact to be aware of that. You know, if you feel okay hearing about this, please hang on. So in this experiment, they exposed mice to the scent of cherry blossoms and would shock them at the same time. And this would make the mice afraid of a scent of cherry blossoms, right. Normal reaction. And then what they did was they took the, the mice and they, they took like the fathers who'd been exposed to the blossom sent, um, with the shock. And they had them breed with female mice who hadn't been exposed to the cherry blossom. So I think this is really important because then they take those male mice and they completely remove them from any sort of dynamic with the female mice. Okay. And when the little baby mice are born and they have a fear of cherry blossoms, and I think this is really interesting to think about because it, it wasn't from socialization or watching the father who had been exposed to the cherry blossom experiment, right. The mother had not, it was through the father had been exposed to it. So you really, you cannot say that it was from watching someone be afraid of something or socialization is the only way that this could have really happened was if it was passed through the DNA or somehow through the, through genetics. Right. And it wasn't just that then that generation of mice had babies and their babies were afraid of cherry blossom smell, too. It got passed on and passed on and they say it gets passed on to seven generations, these fears, and can be passed on in the genes. And that's what epigenetics is about. And the good news is that also in this experiment, that it's all reversible too. So I got really interested in, in this and learning that it was reversible. So later on, they, the scientists ended up desensitizing the mice to the cherry blossom, smell by repetitively, exposing them to the scent without receiving a foot shock, and guess what? They lost their fearful epigenetic signature during the desensitizing process and their babies no longer had the heightened sensitivity, the scent. So I just, absolutely. I was like, oh my gosh, like this experiment really opened up my mind to how we can actually be holding on to energies or fears. I think more than anything in our bodies passed along from our ancestors, that we won't be able to necessarily put our executive functioning mind on because it hasn't happened to us. This is that subconscious patterning that we might be constantly kind of caught in or like, I call it being sticky. Right. We get, keep, we keep getting our stepping in the dog poop on that one. Right. Um,<laugh> and we don't really know why it's like, why did this happen to me? And I do think it can manifest illnesses in the body. So it's just my opinion. A lot of people disagree with me, but probably about 10 years later, I got diagnosed Hashimoto thyroid thyroiditis. And it was really interesting for me because a lot of women, I know have thyroid issues. It seems to be so common. And I mean, I think about my friends, a number of them on thyroid medications, the women in my family have this, this Hashimotos thing is on both sides of my family, but many, many women in my family have been on thyroid medications for years. So one might say, oh, it's just a genetic thing. Right. Or epigenetic. Right. We could look at it that way that somehow there's something being dysregulated in the thyroid. And because the thyroid is so closely related to speaking your truth, energetically to your throat, throat chakra. And when I got diagnosed with this, I was like, okay, yeah, I'll go on the medication. Of course. Right? Like, I'm that type of person who's obviously gonna want to take care of my body and follow doc doctor's recommendations, but I'm also gonna look for alternative ways to cure it and get really systematic about making sure I'm coming in for my test to see if I'm getting better. And so I ended up digging into doing a lot of what I would call cellular memory work, which is another controversial term. Y'all can look at a medical profession with generally say that that is not real. There are some studies that have, you know, kindness that it could be possible. When we look at like donor are donors like organs being transplanted. Some people have experienced situations where they have taken on qualities of the person's organ that was donated, especially heart organs seem to be the ones that have the most amount of potential for cellular memory. There's one story of a lady you who got a donor from someone named Tim. He was like a 20 year old, uh, motorcycle, victim, motorcycle accident victim. And she got his heart, uh, donated to her and transplanted in her. And immediately after she was just, all she wanted was I think like beer and chicken nuggets and like hot wings or something like, and those were foods like she never ate before. And<affirmative>, those just happened to be, she didn't even, she didn't know his name either. And she kept having dreams after getting the heart transplant of someone named Tim. And eventually she found out that her donor's name was Tim and that his favorite foods were beer, chicken nuggets and like hot wings. And so there's little stories like this from people who have direct experience with cellular memory from organ transplants. And I just believe in cellular memory. I just do. I, I notice that, you know, I think the cells in my thyroid have some sort of memory or more susceptible, whether we wanna call that, you know, DNA or genetics or whatever that, um, have never been properly healed. And I'm curious, and I'm really interested in permanent healing. I'm not, I love how medicine can help make something better, but it's often you to keep taking the medication in order to be okay. It's not a permanent healing. And so I'm, I am very much always desiring cuz I don't wanna be taking medication every day. Now you certainly can. There's nothing wrong with that. Okay. I wanna say that again. There's nothing wrong with taking medication every day, but I don't want it. So I ended up at the same time I was taking this medication, reexamining my diet, cuz I owe always feel like what, what was there something that triggered an immune response in me? Like I'm clearly susceptible to thyroid issues for whatever reason can I heal that susceptibility? I think I can. And what triggered it? What's the trigger. And I think environmental stuff is what triggers a lot of this autoimmune business. There's some, did I eat something or start doing something differently? That's gonna trigger this. I always look the diet first. And I play around with that. And I also look into some what I would call somatic work, whether that be doing some acupuncture or, and I certainly was doing acupuncture for this, but I really think ultimately what ended up bringing me to my other side of Hashimotos where I'm now off medications were. I feel great where my test numbers are all really low, um, was, uh, doing different sound, sound work because it's in my throat chakra I and breathwork as well. I ended up really focusing on doing some series of breath work, uh, tra stuff for myself and also, uh, practicing mantras and chance that, uh, hypothetically be like vibrating and healing that area. And for me, that was what made big shifts like between the diet stuff and doing a combination of some of the somatic stuff, releasing and clearing the cellular memory of prior generations or epigenetics. However you wanna look at it. I think this stuff gets wired in your nervous system. It gets wired in your body. It gets stuck in your body. That's why, you know, whether we wanna call it genetics or epigenetics or cellular memory, whatever thing kind of suits your brain or you don't wanna believe in this at all.<laugh> I just think that this stuff, this is why certain like family members, like people and families have similar things passed down from one generation to the next. And I, and I guess I just believe that we have the power when we become aware of something to make a change for an entire lineage. This is the last, this is the last generation that's gonna have heart disease. I'm the last person in my family is gonna have a thyroid issue. Like my daughter's not gonna have this issue. I wholeheartedly believed I, I cleared it from our lineage. Now we'll find out. Right. But I, I, I believe it's possible. And I did the same thing with migraines. I had like chronic migraines that I cleared. I cleared, you know, I mean literally was having them all the time for a period of like on and off for years and on medication and all this other stuff. And I cleared them through breathwork. I cleared them through me, tapping my body through breathwork. So coming outta the mind and coming into the body and listening to my own body and doing some literal energy healing. So that's some of the stuff I do with my clients that when we get through mindset stuff and if they're still blocked and if they feel comfortable enough and trust me, we're gonna potentially try holding some ACU pressure points. We're gonna try some breath work. We are going to try definitely some, maybe some chanting. I really find that can be a great way. Just clearing out the space, even like a really nice O right. Oh, O starts out with a big O in the mouth, right. It's in the stomach energy. And then we go to a right and then, mm. The, ah, you should feel in your throat and the, mm. You should feel in your head. Let's just do an O right now and just see how like clear and free you feel. I always feel like an om is a great way to clear out any sort of stuck emotions in the body. And just, just, it's like one of it's like a shower for the soul. It's just do an O let's start with that. A nice big deep O and then, um,

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Speaker 1:

Right. We clear out our stomach and gut area. We clear out our throat. And lastly, we cleared our head. Whew. Already my brain, everything's just like, whew. Crystal clean. Right. Feels so good to do something like that. So those are small practices I do with people. And I also do some energy work as well with that person of helping to clear out cellular memories, if they're interested in energy work. And I thought sometimes like, maybe the, this is just all placebo. I'm kind of the devil's advocate on some things. And I'm like, maybe this is all placebo, you know? But, but when I research placebo, I like the results of it. You know, it, so like 30 to 33 to seven, it helps 33 to 70% of people in studies. And I like that. Number two, you know, so often people get a placebo and they get the same re like effects of it, whether or not they're taking that drug as the people who did take the drug, the power of the mind and body, if you believe you can heal yourself to heal itself, to release things in the body. Absolutely amazing. And so I choose to believe this stuff cause there's no harm in it. And also because I'm the type of person that is still gonna go see a doctor is still gonna take my medication and I'm gonna slowly titrate myself off it. As I do these alternative practices to make sure I'm still taking care of my body. I'm not the type of person who's like not gonna see a doctor and only do alternative and energetic health stuff. Like I'm not dogmatic like that. I always believe the answer is a mix of everything. Kind of like put together in your own little pot. It's like, you know, alchemy for full. And that it's important to not get too dogmatic about anything. Like, not that like, you know, I don't believe doctors know best. I don't believe that medicine's always best, but I do absolutely like to use medicine when it seems like the obvious easy answer. And then I'm gonna do my work to make the long term change for my body and for my health to also hopefully cure this for multiple generations. So it's not something that's gonna continue to show up. So I really hope you enjoyed this podcast and got something from it. And if you're interested in working with me at all on any of mindset, work into some of this embodiment, somatic practice work, I absolutely love helping P people with it. I can just tell you that I have used this to clear so many negative things in my life, like bad memories and hard things that happen to me too. Like, it doesn't have to be, you know, uh, some sort of autoimmune thing or headaches. I have used these types of things to clear bad memories. Like literally transform them into something totally different. So they don't haunt me and I've used it with my clients and I have seen it work. I mean, sometimes I had had things that have haunted me for years and I do like one session on myself, cuz I've learned how to do this stuff on myself else. And it's like gone forever. I mean, it's so liberating and so freeing and it feels so good, but I believe in this stuff, right? So whether it's placebo or not, I don't really care. I just wanna feel better.<laugh> so I'm gonna roll my I'm gonna roll the dice and see what happens. So I'm gonna leave you with the part of an excerpt from this poem by, uh, Lynn Lynn Roberts, the poem is called acupuncture and cleansing at 48, the needles trying to open my channels of Chi so I can sleep at night without choking. So I don't have to fear waking. My wi wife Hawking the hardened mucus out. So I don't to lie their thinking of those. I hate of those who have died. The needles tapped into my kidney point were memory resides, tapped into my liver point where poisons collect into the feet and hands. The three chakras of the chest that split the body in half my right healthy, my left in pain, my old friends, betrayal lumped in my neck. My old love walking away 30 years ago, stuck in my lower back father's death. Mother's lovelessness lodged in so many parts. It may take years. Dr. Mean whispers to wash them out, telling me to breathe deep, to breathe hard. The body is nothing but a map of the heart.