The Wildly Confident Podcast

Ep. 39: The Quantum Confidence Codes #1

April 13, 2022 Kathrine Weissner Season 2 Episode 39
The Wildly Confident Podcast
Ep. 39: The Quantum Confidence Codes #1
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It's happening....

On episode 39, I are going to be be sharing with you my coveted 3 Quantum Confidence Codes. 

What is a Confidence Code, it's an elixir of sorts that when added to your unique being (your beliefs, aura & body), helps you make quantum confidence leaps - makes you feel like a bad ass and empowered AF. 
These 3 Quantum Confidence Codes were given to me over visions I have had over many years of deep meditative practice. They have worked over and over again for me, & my clients, let them start working for you. 

Once you start these Confidence Codes - you can't stop the momentum - you will start seeing results. The amount of energy & attention you put into your Quantum Confidence Codes work- the more momentum & supercharged results you will get!!!

On this episode you will learn:

  • The first Quantum Confidence Code
  • The top reasons for low Confidence (do you recognize any of theses?) and how to stop them dead in their tracks (bye -bye energy vampires!!)

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Speaker 1:

Hello, so glad you're back for another week. I'm going to dive right into our topic today. We are talking, talking confidence 1 0 1, as you all know, I am primarily a confidence coach and boy do. I just love helping people, women, animals, trees, whatever it is, get confident. I am so freaking lit up about adding more confidence to this world. I feel like it's one of those magic ingredients that can create such a freaking huge, unbelievable shift in change in the world, around us and in people's individual life. So I'm going to be doing a few podcasts on my, my keys, my three golden keys, my three secret elixers that I work with on people to get them feeling more confident. And if you're listening to my podcast, you probably care about confidence quite a bit. I'm tell you about a few, few basic definitions of what generally confidence is, and then I'm going to be sharing with you my first golden elixir. The very first thing I'm gonna have you start thinking about. I'm not gonna tell you about all three, because frankly, this is enough for you to work on for probably the next six weeks. And it's certainly something that when I work with my clients, right, when we're working one on one, you know, you're going to experience what I call like some quantum leaps in your confidence. You're gonna be able to get into my vibration around confidence. And, um, you're gonna be able to have some pretty fast results. Doesn't mean you can't do that on your own, but I really truly believe in coaching and having someone help you when you're on this journey, because it can be hard to do some of these practices on your own. I'm gonna be sharing with you. It doesn't mean it's not possible. I want you to feel empowered. I want you to feel like you can do anything and be anything and be anyone you freaking want to, you know, I have got your back and I believe in you. Okay? So we just gotta get you believing in you. But first I'm gonna be talking about what, what confidence is. Confidence is really just a collection of your thoughts and opinions about yourself. That sounds very clinical, but I, I just wanted to share with you just generally, generally, what it is confidence for me is also an energy. It's a vibration. You can just feel when someone's confident, right? And that feeling that aura of their confidence is actually coming internally from them. It has nothing to do with external clothing or how, how thin they are or how amazing their teeth are, or like their hair or their nails or any of that stuff. None of that stuff has to do with confidence. People can like have whatever, whatever. I don't even know, cuz there's no like thing that makes you confident. Right? But they can have all these things going on that society might deem would be like the right thing to do right. In quotes, or might make them like appear to be like all the things society deems is like acceptable and they could still feel so like, just like their confidence is in the. A like they have all these negative self doubts about themselves. They're imposter syndrome. They're in people pleasing, like all of this stuff. Okay. And it has nothing to do with external. You can't necessarily, you know, fix all of these things about you that you externally don't like, and then all of a sudden you're gonna feel confident. I've talked about this before. This is why I, I, I talk about wild confidence. It's about, you know, growing the seeds that are growing in you already, right? Nurturing the internal energy because confidence is all internal, like true confidence. The confidence that radiates outside you, the confidence where someone says like that girl is confident. I can feel it. Right. Y'all know what I'm talking about. So yes. It, your, your confidence is a collection of your thoughts and opinions about yourself that radiate out into an aura of what people would say is confident. Yummy, right? Ugh. To me, confidence just is like everything. Like if you feel confident, you can do anything, anything. Okay. So I wanna talk about just some side effects of when you don't feel confident when you don't have confidence. Okay. Some of the side effects you might be experiencing is you are out of integrity with yourself. Y'all know what this feels like. Okay. I don't need to go into it, but you're out of integrity with your own values. It's gonna feel like. Sometimes you're gonna feel shame. Okay. Authentic shame. Right? Not manufactured, shame, not manufactured. Guilt. If you don't know what I'm talking about. When I say manufactured, shame and guilt, please listen to my prior podcast on spring, cleaning your brain. That one will help you with deciphering those two. Okay. When you're not feeling confident, you are going to be people pleasing. You're gonna be try people. Pleasing is just like another word for trying to control. Like we can control the other people's brains. Ha ha right. Trying to, um, control someone else. Thoughts about you so you can feel safe and okay. So you show up in a way that you think is going to be, um, okay. For them. So you can feel okay. People pleasing actually, in my opinion is an incredibly selfish thing to do cuz you're and deceitful as well. You're deceiving somebody else about who you really are and you're doing it also. You can feel a certain way, and this is just gonna prolong some of those unhealthy relationships in your life among other things. There's all these things. And if you're people pleasing, okay. I also wanna say this, don't beat yourself up. My number one rule. I say it on every single stinking podcast, be kind to yourself, have self-compasion have self love for where you are because self-judgment will stop you from making any change. So if you are stuck in self-judgment right now, cuz you're like, oh no. Why people please? Or I'm out of integrity with my, I have some of these things that I'm not feeling so competent. Y'all have compassion. The system, the culture, the matrix we live in is designed for you to kind of feel low self-confidence. It's one of the tools it uses to actually, uh, grow itself and to grow its own power. Okay. So if you're unhappy with something out in the exterior world, like I know I'm unhappy with a number of things like I'm unhappy with sexism, I'm unhappy with racism, I'm unhappy with violence war, all of those things. And I believe the answer always starts at home. It starts in us. And if I wanna see a change in those areas, yes, I can donate money. Yes. I can sign petitions. Yes. I can be aware of them and educate myself. Right. I can do all those things. And, and I have to work on myself. I have to work on how those things right. Have affected how I'm showing up in the world and the story on and buying into right. When we're buying into a certain belief system about the world that like let's say, war is necessary. War is inevitable is one of those belief systems, right? We ha we have to defend ourselves. War is gonna happen. And it's because we believe those things that we're actually buying further into that matrix further into that system. Instead of me having the confidence to say, I don't think it's necessary. I don't think it has to be here. And when I step into my own confidence around it, my vibration starts to change. And it opens me up to solutions to war outside of the current reality, outside of the current matrix. Okay. I, that was a little out there, but I just wanted, I just wanna just share with you that when you start to shift out of the current paradigm, you're in the current paradigm you're buying into. Okay. Around what society has told you to be like, society wants to control. And I, I use society as like a term, but I think it's like the general manifested matrix we have around us of what we're choosing to ultimately like, believe in, I like to use like gay marriage as like an example here, because you know, do you guys remember like how mu how quickly that changed in culture? Like there was a manifestation in culture, culture, a manifestation, a systemic ate manifestation where people like generally what you were hearing in the news or you know, all around was that like, you know, not to do it. It was bad. All this stuff, even though I believed, always believed that if two people wanna go get married, it doesn't matter who what, where they are, that's their choice. Right? Like I've always believed that and I've always supported gay marriage. And do you guys remember how quickly that whole script changed? Where it, like, there was like a really negative thing around it where it was never gonna happen and like, oh my gosh. And then sudden of like the gates open and everything shifted, that's what I'm talking about. But it took enough people who were saying, I'm not buying into that old system anymore. I'm not part of that anymore. I don't believe that it has to be a man and a woman getting married. That's stupid. That's stupid. Sorry. Gosh, it's just like, you see how pat and I'm about it, but it took enough people like that, not buying into the old paradigm for the fricking paradigm to shift. And it didn't take, I mean, it did take for people who were involved in that movement, you know, for years and years and years and years, and this is affected by, I don't wanna make this into some small thing, you know, cuz I, it was highly traumatic to those people. And I, I first wanna like, just take a moment to, to say, you know, I'm sorry that you were in that space for so long. If you were, if you're listening here, like there's tons of empathy and I'm sure just like pain that you want through, you know, I have tons of empathy for you and you want through a lot of pain during that time and still public opinion from the outside, from a 20,000 foot, like had a quick shift, right? Like a snap, almost like a snap shift, how much things changed and how much the matrix shifted. And that's what I think confidence can do for you. Because confidence is about coming into your own sovereign power. It's about detaching yourself from all the external belief systems that are really fear based that are, you need to be like this, or, you know, you can't be, you need to look like this or you better shrink yourself up, right? If you like yourself and you're not fitting into this box, well, who the hell are you don't trust yourself? Trust the experts. That's what the current, I think like the most of the current reality is trying to tell you, and, and what I want you to do with, with your confidence, the work I do with people is learning to have some separation between that system, that we're kind of like engulfed in a lot of ways and surrounds us and detaching from that and tapping into your own wild confidence, your own internal hell yeah. Confidence. And from their, you get to start making choices, sovereign choices based on your values, where you might be able to actually make a change in this world. We might see some of these great, like cosmic quantum shifts happen. I mean, there's been so many quantum cosmic shifts in the last a hundred years. I y'all women getting to vote women, having the right to buy a freaking house, have their checking account, having credit cards in their name, women having the right to get divorced. Oh my God. Quantum shifts, right? What else are we capable of? And we become capable of this stuff when we stand in our sovereign confidence, okay, I'll get off my high horse. But some of the it's a beautiful high horse, by the way. It's like a unicorn I'm riding on right now. But um, some of the other side effects of not having confidence, poor boundaries, right in mesh and things that don't, that aren't healthy for us, health issues, confusion, failure to launch. I call this perfectionist mindset, but we're so afraid of not being perfect that we don't launch. Right. We get, we, we basically live our life in like these, like we've all these wonderful ideas. We're a dreamer, but we don't or go out and manifest into the world. Um, other things leaving money on the table. Right? Cuz we're afraid to ask for it. Uh, some other feelings you might have like feeling outta control with thoughts, feelings, your life, unable to get a result you want. And another one I've seen quite often is just like living in the past, not living in the present, not creating things in the present. Okay. And what you get when you feel confident besides just like the giant thing I just talked about, about shifting the things you wanna see shifted in the, uh, structural manifestation and the cultural manifestation that we all contribute to around us. What happens when we step into our full confidence and we step into our radical confidence and we, and are empowered and sovereign confidence. And we say, Nope, that doesn't work for me. I have a boundary there and I can trust myself to be in this decision. And I, that is not line with my values. When we step into that stuff, we can make those changes. But I even just on an individual level, when you feel more confident, you know, you will do what you say and you honor your word. This one is so huge. This is all about self trust and learning to trust yourself. But you got your own back and you follow through one stuff you don't quit halfway through. And if you and it, and sometimes, okay, don't get me wrong. Sometimes we do quit because it ends up being the wrong path for us. But like, you know it, you know why you're quitting and you feel good about it and you're not gonna beat yourself up and use it to sabotage yourself. You're gonna take action and get results. You're gonna feel secure. Oh my gosh, safety. Woo. I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but a lot in this culture is meant to make us feel unsafe and you know, feeling safe is just one of those like core foundational things that you need and MAs laws and, and just like every, it just about everything. Safety is critical. And a lot of the vibration, a lot of what's been manifested into this cultural matrix we live in is there's a lot of things that make us feel unsafe, but imagine if you could unplug at and just feel secure. Mm yum. Yum, yum. You're gonna be setting more goals. You're gonna be talking with more people. You will be achieving more expanding, living into the future. Yes, yes. And yes. And you know, you were gonna be a boundary queen king, whatever you wanna call it, you know, fairy, which, you know, you're gonna be super boundaries. Super self-awareness the people who work with me end up leaving my program with just, just confidence on fire and the good news about those results. Y'all like, it doesn't mean they don't get physical results. You guys know I'm all about getting manifested physical results as well. That's why I do a lot of analytical math based stuff with people, but they leave with the ability to recreate those results over. And again, because they have the magic keys within themselves now, and they know how to turn them on. They know how to pump up the energy of those keys. Right. They leave just feeling so good. I cannot tell you how many messages I get from prior clients, uh, about where they are six months later, a year later, two years later sharing with me, their quantum confidence leaps, like the things that they're doing. So the magic of the container that I create for people is yes, we work together for a certain period of time, but it just keeps going and growing and growing expedition expediting, um, after we work together. Okay. It just, doesn't just, and there, because we're working on the internal system and we do get real physical growth as well. Like you, you will, if you come to me for business coaching, you're gonna have, you know, growth in your business for sure. And we'll have physical results to see that. And if you come to me for relationships, like you're gonna have growth in your relationships. Like you will have real physical proof as well because honestly, growing your confidence. One of the key things we do is absolutely get physical proof, cuz like more physical proof, proof is gonna help you believe more. But also, you know, having, having that internal key inside of you is so freaking fabulous. So anyway, now I'm gonna get, get with you on that a that magic magic elixir, the first elixir, the first potion, the first key. Okay. And I'm just gonna, I'm gonna dip into it right now. I'm actually going to, uh, go into more details on another podcast next week, about how to utilize this. But I, I don't wanna give you too much stuff all at one time and I want you to kinda weave this in, right? I think so often we go about ourself help journeys too fast because we're so desperate to feel better. And the results won't last they'll feel good for like a day and then you'll be right back feeling crappy next week. And it really is get a slow down and you have to weave this stuff into your internal matrix and that's how you start vibrating from your authentic self. And of course that's what mag magnetizing, magnify, you know, all of that stuff. When they talk about magnifying or attracting in what's best for you or magnetizing attracting in your ideal clients, this is how you do it too. Right? When you get your internal system, your internal matrix completely, you know, woven in with the things that are right for you with your higher values, like just for you, the things that resonate with the you, it's really easy to attract in clients, friends, companions, relationships, all that stuff becomes really easy when it's hard is when we're trying to match or we've woven in the vibration of the external matrix, which isn't us, right? We're almost repelling what could be good for us because again, we're in that people pleasing state. So anyway, the very first key which y'all have been waiting for the very first one is to get to know yourself in a, the most freaking intimate way that you have never probably done before. And I have some really cool processes. I walk my clients through and getting to know them what they work with me. But it's most importantly, most importantly is growing awareness and growing boundaries. Who are you really? What do you really like? Where do you need boundaries? Where do you not need boundaries? Those are really simple questions on the surface, but y'all they hold, they hold the key to this confidence elixir. There's so much more to that than what I'm saying right now. But the very first thing I want you to start thinking about is where do you end? And others begin, okay, who are you? You really know yourself. How can you get to know yourself better today? This isn't just something that you can do for like a week. And then you have the answer. This is a lifelong like journey of getting to know yourself. But you know, in my, in my container with my clients, when I work with you for 12 weeks, we, we really get into this. And we, we have all these quantum leaps with it. These quantum jumps of getting to know yourself and these epiphanies. And like we can make a lot of headway during that time of really knowing yourself. And I have a lot of really cool tools I do with people to help them tap into this that are both, you know, analytical right, and energetic, depending on what your nature is, what you resonate more with, we can do it either way. So, but yeah, so the first, the first code, the first tool, the first Elixer knowing yourself, when you know yourself, that is going to help you move through the other two pieces, I'm gonna be bringing up in future your podcast. So make sure to come back and listen to this and think about really getting to know yourself, the thing about knowing yourself and why it's a lifelong journey is because we're always changing, right? You can like, you can know yourself in this moment. And then the next moment you might shift a little bit, but the good news about the human brain and just like the way we're designed is we shift very slowly. That's why it can be hard to change your mindset. It's not like you can just snap your fingers. And like suddenly you're like, oh, I've totally cleared all that trauma for my ex. Like, no, it doesn't work that way. It takes time to change your internal matrix to change the way you're woven. And so getting to know yourself takes time and then just know that you will change over time. And so this isn't just something you can do once it's a practice you need to keep coming back to and just being with, it's like a habit you're gonna be creating. It's gonna be a habit where you learn how to really know yourself and to attune to yourself. But once you create that habit, it'll just be like riding a bike or like making sure you drink water every day. It's not a big deal. It just in the beginning, of course learning any new habit always has always can. There can be resistance. And I laugh because you know, I'm, I, I've got a human brain too. I understand how human brains work. And you know, I, I am gonna help you with any resistance you have around creating these new habits to get to know yourself. So you're not ever gonna move so fast from day to day where you have to completely know yourself, but there might be these shifts where all of us, something sudden, something that worked in the past doesn't work anymore. That happens all the time. Right? Right. People don't put a boundary up in another relationship because it used to work. And then now it's not. And they don't recognize that there's been a shift in them or a shift in the other person. And so they're just living the relationship like a recycled relationship, not noticing something changed. And there's really like, there's no like red flags to them cuz they're just operating the way they've always operated. And that's why it's so important to have these practices, to get to know yourself. So hope you enjoyed this podcast. I'll be back with more fun details on these keys to confidence. Have a lovely day. Talk to you later. Bye.