The Wildly Confident Podcast

Ep. 41: The Quantum Confidence Codes #3

April 27, 2022 Kathrine Weissner Season 2 Episode 41
The Wildly Confident Podcast
Ep. 41: The Quantum Confidence Codes #3
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On episode 41, I are going to be be sharing with you the 3rd Ingredient in the  3 Quantum Confidence Codes. 

What is a Confidence Code, it's an elixir of sorts that when added to your unique being (your beliefs, aura & body), helps you make quantum confidence leaps - makes you feel like a bad ass and empowered AF. 
These 3 Quantum Confidence Codes were given to me over visions I have had over many years of deep meditative practice. They have worked over and over again for me, & my clients, let them start working for you. 

Once you start these Confidence Codes - you can't stop the momentum - you will start seeing results. The amount of energy & attention you put into your Quantum Confidence Codes work- the more momentum & supercharged results you will get!!!

On this episode you will learn:

  • The third Quantum Confidence Code
  • How to handle brain drama over being too confident aka "arrogant" or "narcissistic"

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Speaker 1:

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the wildly confident podcast. Yay. Today, we're gonna be talking about the third quantum confidence code. That third Elixer the thing I use with all of my clients to help them get that solid core internal confidence so that they can get all their are dreams coming true. They can have that radical sovereign energy to go after and get the results they want in their life. No matter what y'all I just think confidence is like the answer to life. It's the answer to everything. Well, maybe love is the answer to everything, but after love, it's confide for sure. Cause confidence at it's at the heart of it is self-love and so it it's like it's so pure. And if we all loved ourselves, imagine what sort of world we would be in. Right. Do do, do, do I feel like I'm going into the Twilight zone right now? I love the Twilight zone by, by the way, the old episodes. Woo. So good. Anyway. Yes. So let's, let's get back onto confidence and the last code. But first, before I tell you that code, I wanna tell you what I hear from so many clients at this stage, they, they get through a certain level where they're feeling more confident. They're starting to see the results in their life. They're starting to, you know, ask for that, raise, build that business, get their first clients make more money, make consistent money too, right? Not just having those one off months, but like tapping in to your true nature, to have consistency in your life. Consistency of safety in your life, where you can count on yourself no matter what yummy anyway. But, um, what I hear from people around this stage is they're like, whoa, you know, having too much self confidence is, um, conceited. Like, am I a narcissist, something someone said to me recently, I'm like, no, you're not. Have you ever met a narcissist? You know, it's just, it's just like culture to get into our head. That just because we believe in ourselves and we have some sovereignty and you know, we have radical self acceptance of ourselves and we're owning, we're owning all the parts of ourselves and liking ourselves that, oh, we must be a narcissist. They us be something wrong with you. Of course. Right. The man, the, the matrix outside of you wants you to believe that because when you start to disconnect from it, they're like, boy, what's the last thing we can do to hook her back in. She's gonna be really powerful on her own. Like, what is, oh, what are we gonna do? Let's get her thinking. It's wrong, wrong to stand in your power. It's wrong to be really confident that there's something that you're a narcissist, if you are. And y'all like a narcissist is in my head, totally different than being really confident. First of all, narcissist is, you know, it's a defined term in the D SSM, right? And it's, um, it's a personality disorder. Y'all look it up. Okay. It has nothing to do with being confident. When you look up what it is, it's an actual medical diagnosis. So please separate these two things out, okay. People that are, uh, have a lot of arrogance. Our narcissistic actually have a, a lot of like a lack of confidence. They actually, it, it, you know, basically reason that people are that way is because they wanna raise the opinion of themselves by putting other people down. It's always just a projection. Everything in our life, external is a projection of the know. We are constantly projecting out our own beliefs and thoughts about ourself, our own beliefs and thoughts about the world. This is why when we are all projecting out certain thoughts about the world, they create like a, a matrix of reality that we might not be happy with, but we still believe in it. I talk about nonviolence and war and how I don't think war is necessary area. I don't think we have to have violence in our world. I truly believe that one day there will be a world. If we can all find a way to detach from the vision or the lens that we're all projecting out into the world, because that's creating a fabric, a matrix of reality. So a manifestation that that is what the way the world is, is there has to be war. There has to be violence instead of finding a way to disconnect from that. When enough people disconnect from projecting that out, that's when giant shifts can happen. I've brought this up in the last few podcasts around women's rights. And I just see that as being one of those things where women were like, blink, I'm disconnecting from this. You know, I'm a sovereign person. I have my own brain. I'm amazing. And I am no lesser than a man. Hello. I'm disconnecting from that story. And I'm stepping into my power and what happens, women get a whole bunch of rights and I'm not trying to say we don't have ways to go there. And there's still some things that need to be shifted in terms of those times of dynamics in this world. But I'm saying like, there's so much evidence that when people tap out of different parts of the matrix, stop projecting out the stor the story that they're lesser than, or that they're oppressed. And they, they deserve to be in that place. Or, oh my gosh, I'm being confident, too confident is bad. That must mean I'm a narcissist. So arrogant, right? When you detach from that story, then you stop projecting that out. And the less people projecting it, it's just gonna eventually die out in the matrix. And if you start TA like you, you tap in and you plug in your new beliefs that it's safe to love myself. It's safe to be confident as people. It's totally safe. It's totally safe to stand in your power because when you are that way, when you know yourself and you like yourself, and when I tell you the third thing, you'll, you'll see where I'm going with this. But when you're doing that, there's nothing wrong with knowing yourself. Is there, there's nothing wrong with liking yourself. All of these things are just gonna make the world a better place. The more the people are like this, the more they're going to be in their authenticity, the safer people are gonna of feel. And the more they're gonna be able to share their unique gifts with this world, which I believe can only make this world a better place. Hmm. Juicy, juicy, juicy. So, you know, I think there's a great quote from Maryanne Williamson, dealing with this fear of being arrogant, cuz like people get to this point and they'll be like, well what will other people think of me? I don't wanna be too confident. I don't want other people to feel less confident because of me. I don't want them to be intimidated because of me. And you really think these are objections in your brain that, that you really think other people are thinking. But like I've said in prior podcasts, the call is coming from inside the house. You are projecting out your own insecurities out on other people. And you're using that as a reason, not to be in your fullness, not to be in your full confidence. Your brain is so tricky. It's so tricky. This is why it's important to have a coach, to help, to help to point out kindly with compassion, with love, where you're sitting in your own where you're sabotaging yourself. That's ridiculous to think that because you are confident somehow you are going to be hurting other people, right? Cuz you're gonna be intimidating them. No, no, no, no. That's coming from inside of you. We don't know what the other person's thinking. And usually when I'm, uh, what I hear from everyone in my, in my confidence when I'm turned on and I am like, people come up to me up to me and they're just like, I love, I love your outfit or I love what you just said or people who just hired me after meeting me once. Just because when I've hardly said anything, cuz like you just exude confidence. Like, and I want that too. Okay. People are inspired by my confidence. No one's ever come up to me and said, oh my gosh, stop being so confident. You make me feel like about my life. Stop it. I've never had that at. And if someone came up to me and said that to me, I would like have so much compassion for them. But here's why I have a boundary people. That's not my problem. That's their journey. It's their journey to work through their own thoughts about how they feel about themselves, the way they're talking to themselves, their compare and despair, their envy whatever's going on. That is their journey. I don't need to a dim, my light, my light, which as far as I can tell has been super inspiring to tons of people because a few people are intimidated by it. If anything, it's like a trigger for them to be like, oh this is triggering me. It's a growth point for them. It's a growth point. I'm noticing I'm being triggered by this. But again, you know, that's not your, that's not your business necessarily. That's their problem. Let's be, let's be real about this. Have you ever tried to help someone to fix their lives? And it just failed because people aren't gonna change unless they wanna change. They, they gotta put the work in. It has to come from inside of them. It has to be sparked inside of them. You can't have an intervention with someone and be like, do this, do this, do this. And they're gonna change. They're gonna resist you. And they're not gonna change cuz y'all, it's gotta be internal. You know, people come to me and they wanna work on their confidence to get the big results in their life. They wanna have this dream business they've always had, right? They wanna have this dream relation ship or they wanna get divorced. I've had plenty of people come to me who like wanna get divorced and like have this whole vision for their life. And we work on that. The point being here is that you showing up in your fullness is just you showing up in your fullness and living your best life and getting the results you want in your life and has nothing to do with anybody else knowing and liking yourself. Isn't hurting anybody. You're not like wielding a chainsaw. I'm like cutting off limbs. People you knowing and liking yourself is if anything, making all your relationships better, at least the relationships you're PO supposed to be in and it's helping you cut the ones that are toxic to you. So when people come and wanna work with me, when they don't wanna work with me, it's a co-creative process. It's not like I'm coming to them and being like, you need to change. They're actually coming to me and saying, I'm noticing something in me that wants to change. I'm noticing that I lack the vision or the drive or I keep I'm in a repetitive pattern in something in my life. And I think it has to do with my confidence. I think it has to do with my, my thoughts and beliefs about myself and why I'm not getting the result. Right. I, I don't feel very confident. I don't have the energy to take the actions in my life. And so that's a process of co-creation it's not a process of me saying, do this, do that, do this. Yes. I'm gonna give you guidance. Yes. I'm gonna hold you accountable and help you create new habit. I'm like a basketball coach, so to speak or you know, but I'm like a coach where you're confident. I'm gonna show you all the cool mindset stuff and all the latest strategy stuff to help you get where you wanna go. But we are working together as a team and you are saying yes to the container. No, one's forcing this upon you. You desire to do it. And you desire to be in the space and that's where the magic happens. So let me tell you this quote from Maryanne Williamson, which I'm sure y'all, you've all heard, but I think it will really resonate on this topic on this topic about people almost like the, the fear, the last minute rebuttal that comes out when you're about to like hit the aha moment. Okay. With your confidence. You're just like, yes. Like the brain's like, where are the last minute things I can come up with? Cuz I'm afraid. Cuz I'm really afraid. You know? It's like, wait a moment. Right? And so here is the quote. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous. Actually. Who are you not to be sit with that? My friends do you believe like our deepest fears are that we're actually powerful beyond measure. We would rather stay almost in a place. Our brains would rather stay in a place where we are feeling inadequate, not worthy. That almost feels better than moving into this place where like a total badass owning our life, liking ourselves, knowing ourselves, magically, getting all the things we've desired in our life really easily. It's amazing how our brains are. But I think this, this quote really speaks to this final, like Phen, like a stage. I go through it with, with like my clients when they're like, you can feel they're right on the moment of like making this huge breakthrough and the brain's like, well wait a moment. Isn't it safer to stay where we've always been feeling inadequate than to do something new. What is that gonna mean? Doing something new? What is it gonna mean to us? And so let me tell you about this third, this third quantum confidence code, the third Elixer and how we slowly work on this fear. So it's, it's like building steps, right? You're not gonna just, I'm not just gonna be at the end and be like, okay. Time to, to do the Phoenix thing, right? It's time to rise from the ashes. No, no, no, no. We are gonna be constantly working on this third piece. The piece. Okay. Is trust, trusting yourself no matter what. So we stop relying on experts and other people outside of us. Even you stop relying on me as your coach. This is like the final step. This is how, when we're done working 12 weeks together. And sometimes I work with people for 24 weeks too. But when we're done with that process, with that container, you have the basic principles, the basic energy we planted the seed and the seed is growing. We know it's gonna keep growing. Like we've watered it for a while in the coaching container, it's got strong roots. Like, and it will just keep growing into that Oak tree or whatever sort of, you know, thing that you're imagining. That's really sturdy that you wanted to grow into, that you can trust yourself and that you are an expert in your own life and you have all the answers inside of you for your highest good for your highest self or for the journey you're on here in life. And it doesn't mean that we never ask other people's opinions. Right. But like we put them, we run them through our system and we're like, oh yeah, Nope, that doesn't make sense. But this one does that really fits with me. That really resonates. And I'm a hold on to that, but we know how we learn, how to do that. We learn how to trust ourselves. And the other thing about trust that is so important is that in terms of growth, a lot of people wanna always grow into positive emotions. They always wanna feel better, but life has negative emotions. It's just part of reality. You're never gonna get to a place where you, where you're always happy all the time. Okay. But the key to actually being okay with all of this is to actually grow into accepting your negative emotions, actually that almost leads to happiness all the time or at least it ha it leads to neutralness with it. Okay. But when you're in resistance, I bet right now you're in resistance to your negative emotions. And so a lot of the growth we do around trusting yourself is that we trust. We learn to trust and learn to grow, not just in the positive, expansive, emotional space, but into the negative one. We learn and, and trust. And we learn tools that we can handle any negative emotion that comes up in our life. We learn about emotional awareness and processing and we know that we can handle dis discomfort consistently. We know that we're not always gonna be feeling good. So when we feel bad, we're like, oh, this is part of the normal human experience. And I know how to process this emotion. I know how to engage age with it. Even get some good knowledge about it and some good clues about light in life. And I know how to do that. And I'm confident about that. I don't have to like feel like I've been thrown overboard cuz I had a negative emotion and everything's ruined for the day, right? When we trust that we can handle any emotion that can come our way, watch out world, but doing that comes through micro practices and time. So what I do with my clients is we kind of just, we, we add these little trust practices that feel SA like little tiny itsy bitsy ones, right? And we learn how to build the skill of trusting ourselves, doing something we say we're gonna do. And then actually sticking to it and listening to our own internal decision authority cut like it's about stepping into your authority, right? And then we have proof that we've done that. So often we make a choice to do something and then we don't completely follow through or we take someone else's advice and we get off course. And then we end up being like, why can't do that? Or I'm not, not capable of doing that. And we end up losing confidence in ourselves. And so this is how we learn how to rebuild the trust from all the confidence we've lost in the, in the past by micro trust practices. And before you know it like you'll be doing some bigger trust stuff where you will be able to step into some pretty big stuff. It's super fun and it's super empowering. So yes, that is the last practice. And this is the last podcast. At least I think I'm gonna be doing now on the, on these quantum confidence codes, these elixers of confidence. That, that doesn't mean that there won't be a few more, but I hope you you've enjoyed this, this little series I've done in a row on this and you can better understand some of the work I do, uh, with women or with peop just people in general, I serve people. I'm all about expanding, you know, consciousness and getting people into that, that feeling of choice where they, they really have freedom in their life. And I think freedom's one of like the most funniest paradoxes, because to me, freedom is all about awareness and it's about choice. But then when you make the choice, it kind of the opposite of being free. Hear me out on this one before I get off the podcast. But like I think, you know, I mean we all, I think there's like a human desire to wanna feel free. There's just something in all of us that want that feeling of freedom. And I'd like you to think about what that actually means, but I'll share with you. For me, freedom often has to do with choice, having a choice, being able to decide what I want for myself. And, but no one can really have a true choice. I think like a true, like responsible choice, a choice that you know is really coming from your own guidance instead of from, you know, the, the societal matrix, a societal manifestation in right until they become aware and take full responsibility for their life. And that's what confidence does for you. Confidence provides you like such like the, like for me, the highest level of freedom, it really brings you into that space where you're like, okay, I'm aware of what's going on. I know. And I know what's going on with me. And I'm owning, I'm taking full respons. That's what likings about, right? Likings about taking full responsibility for yourself and your actions. When you, when you know yourself, meaning you're aware and you have boundaries and you like yourself, right? Meaning you're taking full responsibility for all your behavior. You're not blaming other people for it, right? You out like stuck in shadow and getting caught up in past stories. Then you can like really create some really magical things. You can trust yourself to make decisions because part of freedom is also making a choice about where you wanna spend your time and energy. When you trust your own guidance, when you trust how to live out your best life. And you're standing in your confidence, that concept of freedom, which is super expansive, you're gonna become really focused on a few things that matter to you. And that's how we, like, I believe we live into our life purpose. The idea of having freedom is having the freedom to choose what we wanna do. And the most free of the, the most free of the freedom feeling you could have comes from doing this process. It comes from starting out in a place where you're probably often operating from. You might feel like you're free sometimes, but often a lot of my clients don't when we start working together, they're operating from the matrix of belief, like a belief system outside of them, they're operating from their like negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves. They're operating from negativity bias in their brain. And then the wiring of like fight flight and freeze. They're operating from those places. And what we do is we give them awareness. I give them awareness. I teach them more about boundaries and how to have really firm boundaries around stuff. And I get them to also just like themselves in general, right? Taking full, radical responsibility for every single thing you do in your life. Dude, when you do that, you will be able to create such amazing results. You won't spin out in a bunch of mud, cuz you're like blaming other people. When the reality is, is that you likely have some blame in the situation or there's something being called per change in your life. And you're gonna be stuck in spin out until you make that change. And we, and you do that by doing these things. You build this trust with yourself, this, this internal trust that you're gonna be, okay, no matter what this trust that you can do new things and you know, new things you've never done before and you can succeed at them. And even if you fail, you know that you can go back and try some new things again. And eventually something will work. Trust is such a thing and it just helps you get more defined on what actually matters to you. What's your focus. What's your true path in this life? What are you meant to do here? That just lights you up? That's your gift to the world? If all of us were living our gift life, if all of us were like in our highest alignment show up gifting our natural talents to the world, what would this place be like? Gosh, I just like, it's got like the chills anyway, everyone. Thank you so much for listening. I will talk to you next week. Have a great week. Bye.