The Wildly Confident Podcast

Ep. 51: The Secret Language of Manifestation #1

September 01, 2022 Kathrine Weissner Season 3 Episode 51
The Wildly Confident Podcast
Ep. 51: The Secret Language of Manifestation #1
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Kicking off Season #3 with the latest & greatest!!! 

Yes - you all know I love manifestation - which is just a woo word for getting results & sh*t done with ease & grace. I've been documenting my manifestation tests and have found 3 secrets that I think will help you bring your manifestation practice to the next level. 

Don't walk - don't run - but get ready to sink into your desires as this episode expands & opens you for next level manifestations. 

On this episode you will learn: 

  • What the 3 Secrets are (shhh...they are secrets!)
  • A deep dive into Secret #1
  • A practice to help you align Secret #1

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Speaker 1:

Hey, all welcome to my three part series that I'm doing on the secret language of manifesting these, uh, these are three of those secrets that I have learned from manifesting in my own life. And I'm so excited to share them with you. And I'm just going to like, generally just go over what the three different secrets are, and then I'm going to be breaking out the secrets into one in this podcast, one in another and one in yet a third one, shocking, right?<laugh> saying you can work on integrating these secrets into your body and testing them out yourself. So, you know, one of the things about manifesting, I found that's really important is being in alignment. What exactly does that mean? What does it mean to be aligned and for me, and, and what I've learned from manifesting at least so far, of course, you know, there's probably gonna be future podcasts on new things. I learn in the future. So there's always new things. We're learning every day, such a cool world. We live in so grateful to be here. And the, the three things I've been using a lot, just in general in my coaching for manifesting and for myself is kind of a cliche in terms of the words, but you're gonna learn a lot on these three podcasts. You've probably never heard of that are gonna make a lot of sense, but the alignment we're looking for, it's kind of getting everything dialed into the same energy, the same vibration, the same desire. If you haven't listened to my podcast on 24, 7 joy, please go listen to it. After this one on how to start moving more towards your desires, more towards your joy. Those are things that you're looking to, um, basically get manifestation practice in, right when you're moving towards desire and joy. And it's pretty easy to manifest things in your life. And we learn the secrets of manifestation that way. And then we want to start applying it to other areas in our life. We're having more struggle with we're more challenged in, so go listen to that podcast and start working on your manifestations of your toys and desires. It's super fun. Anyway. So without further ado, the three different things that we're gonna be getting aligned, we're gonna be getting on, like on the same number. Like they're both dialed into the same. All three of these things are dialed into the same number. So it's easy, right? To get what we're desiring. We're not working against ourselves when we're out of alignment. Part of us wants something and another part of us is secretly fighting it, right? So we're taking like one step forward, one step back, right? And because it's three different things, sometimes we're taking like one step forward, two steps back<laugh> now y'all, you'll never manifest that, your desire that way. So I have found a secret, the secret code, the secret language, right? That I'm gonna be sharing with you. Y'all

Speaker 2:

On these three podcasts really important is, um, working towards getting these three things in alignment. So without further ado, the three things okay, are well, the first one is your body, okay? This is your, the physical being, which is, is you your skin, your flash, your nervous system, most importantly, but just your body in general. Okay? If your body doesn't feel safe doing something, if your body is afraid, if your body has stuck emotions, things like that, you are going to have a hard time manifesting into that area. You're gonna be struggling. You're gonna be working against yourself. Doesn't mean you still won't manifest into it, right? Let's say two parts of you in our alignment and just your body is against it. You're still gonna end up probably manifesting that thing. It's just gonna be a lot, like take longer. It's might be a little more painful emotionally than, or even physically, right? You might have physical pains in your body where you're trying to manifest it. Um, it might just be a, a little bit more complicated than it needs to be. And that's why I really love taking time to get these three, three things in alignment and kind of playing some fun games with the universe to see how much faster we can manifest things in our life. Okay. So the second thing is your mind, okay? Your mind creates things. Thoughts create things, your mind's a critical part of manifestation. And some people talk about how manifest manifesting is really just your thoughts. And I, I disagree with that. Thoughts are a third of it. Thoughts are really important. Thoughts are often what stop people from manifesting, but I think people can get confused. They might think, well, I'm thinking all the right thoughts. Like, I don't understand why this thing isn't happening. I keep saying this mantra, why aren't I getting all this money? Why aren't I meeting the perfect partner, blah, blah. You know, all this stuff, right? Blah, blah, blah, blah. So frustrated that they can't manifest that they want. They're thinking all the things that they've been told to think to manifest. Right? And it's it's because you were out of alignment with either the third thing I'm gonna tell you, or with your body, the thoughts you're having and your somatic body felt sense are not aligned. Okay. There's something fighting each other in you. And my job<laugh> with these next three podcasts is to help you with those, that alignment help you tweak it up, tweak it up. So you can have fun experimenting with manifesting some positive things into your life that you desire. So the third thing is your heart. Okay? Um, your heart energy. Okay. And I, you could also refer to this as your soul. I often say it's like the energy outside of us that we can connect into our higher self, but there's like a knowing sense to your heart. And so when you're cut off from your heart, when you're cut off from feelings, right, we can get really lost on our path. I think a lot of things in our culture tell us to be like, we go through like a lot of micro traumas and also major traumas in our life. And it makes us just wanna shut down our heart. It makes us wanna protect ourselves. And you know what, that's all really valid, you know, your experience and the pain. If you've been through painful situations in your life, or you feel like you've given up hope sometimes or untrusting or any of those things like society is designed to make you feel that way a lot of times. Okay. So don't Gaslight yourself, be realistic with how you're feeling in your body and that sometimes your heart just feels shut off. Okay. But one of the secrets to manifesting is connecting in, in a specific way with the universe, with your heart, it's a sense of trusting the universe. It doesn't mean you need to, you know, trust that creepy guy in the corner. You know,<laugh> doesn't mean you have to trust anything and everything happening to you, right? Use your intuition, use your gut instinct. Y'all like trusting. Isn't giving away your judgment. Okay. But I often think with our heart, it's about learning to trust ourselves. So knowing our judgment, knowing our intuition and learning to trust the, the universe and recognizing we're really one with everything and how to tap into the energy, all around us in the universe, right. That it was looking to give us guidance, you know, whether or not it's energy or like I have a, a gut biome, uh, podcast I've done. And that one is talking about how potentially like the uni, like what's, we're really communicating with. And we have a gut instinct is really other people's guts. It's like bacteria communicating with bacteria.<laugh>, you know, we have trillions of bacteria living inside of us. In fact, we would be dead if we didn't have the bacteria. Right. I joke that you, I joke with my clients. I joke with my kids that you were actually just never alone. Even when you think you're alone, you have trillions of bacteria getting your back inside of you, cuz that bacteria wants to live y'all<laugh> it wants you to stay outta trouble. So I kind of joke, like, even if you don't believe in energy or, you know, just the general way of like feeling the universe, could you get on board with the idea that maybe your bacteria inside of you is communicating with bacteria and other people and giving you messages about what's happening, cuz they want to, it, it wants to stay alive. It wants to survive. And so it's giving you survival messages for yourself, you know, be with that.<laugh> maybe you can get on board with that if you're already, if you're not already into some of the wooooo stuff I'm into anyway. Okay. So back to, um, the heart. Okay. So the heart is all about, you know, I also think like about the higher self and connecting'em with the oneness in the world, it's that trust stuff. And so getting an alignment with this piece is super helpful.

Speaker 3:

And so what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be giving you tools, tips, all the fun things. Some of the cool practices I do with my clients on how to get each one of these pieces in alignment. And I'm gonna be urging you to keep a manifestation journal. So you don't have to go out and buy one. You know, if you're like me, you have like 20 journals here already.<laugh> but if you don't have a journal, you just need a piece of paper, you guys, or you can even, um, you know, keep it in a word or on notes on your phone. You don't need to buy anything for this. Okay. Just use what you already have. And what I want you to do is write down, go like write down something that's brings you joy that you desire to have more in your life that you're looking to manifest more of. Okay. Just come up with something now that we're gonna be using as a test case over these three podcasts. So you can, um, write down evidence that this stuff actually works. Okay. I always think that's like a real, like short shortcoming when some people are trying to manifest things and, and they don't completely believe in manifestation. Like you don't have to completely believe in it. Right. I think if you were like completely on board, everything's aligned, things are gonna, quantum things are gonna happen faster. But I also think that if you aren't completely on board, if you're not completely sure about it, that's no problem. Like as long as like you believe like 51%, you have 51% alignment it's gonna happen. Eventually. Like some things that I remember I was trying to get into this class that, um, is taught by this guy that only trained therapist. Okay. And he told me no over and over again, like I'm not a licensed therapist. I don't teach licensed therapists, like all of his stuff. Right. And I just really wanted to get into the class and I kept having this belief. It was gonna happen. Okay. I wasn't harassing him. I wasn't like stalking him. I wasn't like someone who can't take no for an answer. I just had a belief that if it was meant to happen, it was gonna work out and that the universe was gonna let it happen. Like I trust it and I wasn't gonna give up my belief in it. Now did I spend all day thinking about it? No. Okay.<laugh> like balance here people. But I did, I did put on my manifesting list and I believed that it was meant to happen. It was gonna happen. And I really thought it was gonna happen. Okay. But there were days that I was in some doubt around it cuz I kept hearing no. And I actually wrote the person an email, like in, I wanna say like February of this year and like laid out my case on why I thought I should be in the class and like even put in there, if it's meant to happen, it's going to happen. Right. So I let it go to the universe. Right. I held the belief loosely. Right. That's part of like a manifestation trick or tool that I, I also use. I have a lot of these y'all cuz I, I think I've been studying, manifesting for like 20 years now and documenting it. Right. I like to keep my evidence journals because it shows me what's working and what's not instead of, um, my brain, which can sometimes have some

Speaker 4:

Bias when I remember things, it isn't like my journal. Doesn't like my evidence journal doesn't have confirmation bias in it too. You guys like I think everything has some confirmation bias in it, but I also am getting results from some of this stuff. And so that's the stuff I wanna share with you today and why I think it's important to share this stuff in this podcast because I just wanna make this world a better place. I want people to have better experiences in life. I want people to have more joy. I want people to create more beautiful things for this world. I want to end things like hunger, war, poverty, racism, all of these things that can feel so painful to my heart. That shut me off from the world. When you know, I start looking at the reality of them. I want to be, to basically put onto the world anything I can do that might be helpful to ending those things. So that is part of my big why, part of my motivation for recording these podcasts and for documenting manifestation and as woo woo. As that might sound. Another way of talking about manifestation is just getting the results you want in life, right? Manifestation is just energy plus action. And it's bringing something into the 3d world. It's taking internal energy inside of you and you're creating actions and you're bringing something, you're birthing something. You're creating something into this world. It's really, really cool. We have that power in all of us. And I think because it happens over and over again, like a hundred times a day, I don't think we recognize how special and how important and how intentional we can be with it. Right. We just do. And we forget, we get so busy hurrying and running around that. We forget that we can move mountains. We can create magnificent things if we put our attention on it and we get an alignment, right. And we, and we let go that heart energy's about letting go. But more about that when I get to that heart, the heart episode,<laugh> um, let's, let's kind of get on the body. Let's get on why let's the first piece I'm gonna talk about and is something I am so passionate about back to that class, the class I was trying to get into right? This class I had heard through my meditations and just the knowing in my body that I needed to learn this stuff, to help people be able to get an alignment for manifestation. It's actually a somatic, uh, body therapy class I got into I'm I'm now, uh, doing that work with my clients. So really exciting. It's called somatic confluence, uh, sessions. You can see to my website, I probably have a link on my Instagram P profile right now, promoting it if you're interested in a session. But basically I, I have tried so many modalities. You name it. I've probably tried it. I've been really interested in the connection between mind and body and healing

Speaker 5:

For as long as I can remember. And so I've tried a lot of things and this bar, none was the best thing I'd ever tried. Like it was painless, it was easy. It was fast. And it was helping me manifest like crazy, like just get in total alignment. And I just knew I had to learn it so I could do it with my clients. Anyway. So back to that story, where about manifestation? So there were parts of me that just because I'd heard no, so many times that I didn't think I was gonna get into the class, but there was also like a deep knowing in me. Like, don't give up, it's gonna happen, but let go. And I can tell you that sometimes manifestation is about making space. So I had a lot of things going on in my life and you know, much like we all right, we're all like at our limit timewise. And I had gotten pretty clear guidance to let go of something in my life. And I did, I did it, it was painful, but I did it right. Sometimes letting go of things. We hold on to things because it, we know it's gonna be painful to let go of them. But I, I knew of, I got very clear, intuitive guidance that I needed to let go of this situation. And I did. And within 24 hours yell at me letting that go. I get a call from the doctor that created this, um, program, created this healing. And he said, I think you can join the class.<laugh> y'all you can't make this stuff up. And he is like, li I wanna interview you first to make sure you're definitely a good fit. So he interviewed me on the spot and I got in and all I can tell you is my clients. I learned so much from the class and my clients have been loving the somatic confluence sessions. And it is the missing piece that I really wanted to add to my coaching business. You know, I do a lot of mindset work and I do a lot of heart connection, spirituality work. You guys know that now, if you're not a spiritual person, no problem. It's really about just learning to trust yourself. We start there, right? A lot of us don't trust ourselves, but again, I'll get to that another podcast. Um, but yeah, just when I was reflecting back on getting into this class and how much this class has been, I mean, this work I've done has been helping my clients get rid of blocks and things that have been going on in their bodies for years that, you know, they've talked to death with their therapist or they've done a ton of mindset work and they can't seem to move beyond it. Right? And I'm not those things are a hundred percent valid, a hundred percent like need to happen if that's what feels right to you. Right. And for me, I was able to painlessly, remove emotional, emotional ties to stories outta my body like that. Like I just felt it was so easy. It happens in one session and it's all done remotely, which I love too. I could do it in the comfort of my house, over my telephone or zoom. And it's all done over the biofield. It's just, I hon I literally think it might be the coolest thing I've ever learned in my life. Like, it's that, it's that helpful? It's that life changing? So the clients I've been using it with and for myself, getting rid of like silly fears and painful stories, sometimes that are lodged in our body. That mindset work is having a hard time moving. And what happens when you do this? Somatic confluence work is you remove the emotion to it. You remove the energy and the body around it. That's stuck, but you still remember the story. It's just the story now is like neutral or even positive when, before it was like negative and blocking you up. And it's so painless. It's so painless. I think that's what I enjoyed about it. Sometimes I, I find that it could be painful to re like go through some of this healing and this was painless. And I was like, this is what I've been looking for anyway. Y'all but what I wanna tell you about manifestation with this is you don't have to completely believe it's gonna happen a hundred percent or even 80%. I just feel like if you 51% believe it's gonna happen, it will happen eventually. Now if you 80% believe it's gonna happen. You're 80% in alignment. You're 90% in alignment, whatever, you know, I think it's gonna happen faster. You're gonna quantum it. Okay. That's been my experience. But you know, something like this, I probably like this class, it was like 50 to 60% and it still happened. So for all of you that like, don't get all caught up in. Yeah. You're gonna have days where you don't think things are gonna happen, but if you overall believe they're gonna happen and you're overall in alignment, they probably are gonna happen. Right. No guarantees, but they probably are gonna happen. Keep believing, keep taking actions towards what you desire. Right. I wrote the email I kept, I wrote in my manifesting list. Right. I kept believing. Right. And then I also let it go too. I let go and asked the universe. I trusted that whatever was gonna work out for my highest good was gonna work out for my highest. Good. Okay. So body, body, body, body, how do we get our body in alignment for what we desire? How do we do that? And I think the body is the number one. Well, God, it all depends on the person. This is why I think it's so important to work one on one with people, because, or even like in a group setting where you're getting some one-on-one attention, because it could really be any of these three things you're blocked in or all three. But the body's a pretty common block for people. People will know like their mind and heart are kind of aligned, but their body like, they're like, I don't get why I can't get it. My mind and heart really desire this. Like, they, we both really want this romantic relationship, but your body's like, hell no. Right? And so often the body is almost like the subconscious energy a lot. We're not super aware of it if you haven't, if you're not used to checking in with your body, if you're not used to having like an intuition practice or, uh, checking with your gut reaction, like your, you know, your body can be pretty neglected for years, right? Like you might have aches and pains all over your body. I have a podcast, um, from a little while ago called the, the body is, uh, nothing but a map of the heart.<laugh> the body lodges. All of like can hold like our painful stories. Like, uh, you know, our moments of, uh, trauma can be lodged in the body. And because we don't wanna feel that stuff, we turn away from it. Right. We avoid it. So it's important to get in touch with your body and how your body might need to get in a, like how we can align our body to something that we're desiring to have in our life. Okay. So here's the little practice for you to get in touch with your body, to see if your body is blocking you for manifesting something, not in alignment, right. And something you can do to help your body get more in alignment. Right? We don't force anything, right? Everything will open up in its own time. But we can start to ask the question. When you start to ask the question, then you get the space to get the answer. But if you don't ask the question, the answer sometimes actually gets dropped and you're lapping. You don't even notice it cuz you're not even looking for an answer.<laugh> anyway. So the practice I want you to do is I actually want you to go find a body scan meditation. You can just Google it, or you can go on to YouTube and find one, but they're typically like 15 to 20 minutes long. And I want you to listen to the body scan meditation. And then at they're all pretty much the same. And what they are basically is, um, a very deep, um, present moment experience with your body, uh, checking in with all your parts. So like you tense a muscle and then you let it go. So the meditation will be like tense your toes and then let it go, like tense your feet and then let it go. Or they might just say, feel your feet. Maybe they won't have you tensed either way works friends. But what I want you to do is it's gonna run through your entire body and make you become really aware of everything. Okay? So before you start this body scan, I want you to think about the thing you're trying to manifest. Okay. Go back to your, your, whatever you're trying to manifest from your manifest manifestation evidence journal<laugh> and think about that. And then let's go through your body scan and see if any pains come up, just see what comes up in general. And when you're done with the body scan journal about that in your, in your manifestation journal about what is coming up in terms of blockages. And I want you to have a conversation with those blockages. I want you to ask that part of your body, if it's like your elbow hurts or your stomach feels nauseous or whatever it is, right. We do the body scan because it really lets us, uh, compartmentalize the different areas of the body. And those different areas mean different things and different, like in Chinese medicine, if you want to look it up, you can. Um, but you also can intuitively just feel into it and be like, oh, I feel nauseous because

Speaker 6:

You know, if you ask that part of your body, why it's feeling nauseous, it might be able to tell you like, it's because I'm afraid. It reminds me of the situation that happened in seventh grade or something, right. You might be able to get some information might like typically always you'll get some hints to what needs to be released. And then you work on releasing that and it's gonna be different for each person. And so this is part of the work I do with clients. I help them with doing, you know, I will send them a Medi my body scan meditation, and then we will go through, um, what came up for them. They'll do the body scan outside of our coaching session and what came up for them and then what that means and what they need to do to help heal their body, honestly, to help take care of their body. So they can also get, not only just cuz we love our bodies, but also to get an alignment for what we're trying to manifest. So anyway, it's like a win- okay. And the tool I'm using, even this body scanning is something I wanna share with you cuz it's something you can do at home, right? Without me. But the number one, number one tool I'm using right now to help people get their body in alignment for manifesting is a somatic confluence session. Like, and I'm, I just cannot speak hi, highly enough about it. I have found it to be so exceptional in my life and just really helpful to my clients. So if you're interested and just trying out one of those sessions, I'm currently offering just standalone sessions. So you don't have to be in a coaching package with me. You can just do that one session, um, to try out the somatic confluence stuff. And it's just an hour long, really low commitment. And I've everyone who leaves those sessions leaves lighter, happier, more joyful. I, I just cannot speak highly enough about it. And it's super fun cuz it it's actually something I manifested into my life, um, that, you know, most people would not have believed. It was possible if they had been told, I don't train people who are not therapists on this. Um, and they weren't a therapist. They probably wouldn't keep going for it. But I knew in my intuition and my heart as well that there was something destined here for me that I needed to learn to help, not only myself, but my clients, right. This was really important to my practice. So anyway, I hope we have enjoyed this first episode on the secret language of like decoding manifestation. Okay. And I will be back next week with the next segment of this. So have a great week. Bye.