The Wildly Confident Podcast

Ep. 53: The Secret Language of Manifestation #3

September 26, 2022 Kathrine Weissner Season 3 Episode 53
The Wildly Confident Podcast
Ep. 53: The Secret Language of Manifestation #3
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OK, OK, OK...I hear you - you have started to see some results in your manifesting evidence journal - it's happening!!! Congratulations!!! Starting to feel SOLID in the belief & power to create you own results (aka manifesting) - then listen up for this last secret!!! Isn't this FUN!!!

Yes - you all know I love manifestation - which is just a woo word for getting results & sh*t done with ease & grace. I've been documenting my manifestation tests and have found 3 secrets that I think will help you bring your manifestation practice to the next level. 

Don't walk - don't run - but get ready to sink into your desires as this episode expands & opens you for next level manifestations. 

On this episode you will learn: 

  • A deep dive into Secret #3
  • A practice to help you align Secret #3

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Speaker 1:

Hey, all welcome to the third and final part of the secret language of manifestation. If you're just joining this week, make sure to go back and listen to the first two parts. The first one was on the alignment of the body for manifestation. The second one was for the alignment of the mind, and today is on the alignment of the heart, the heart being like the, the eyes that can see, um, in the dark<laugh> the, the all knowing, right? I come, I somehow feel like the, the heart's like to me, a very profound connection to the higher self to the future. Like if I feel like the gut, the body, the nervous system kind of is connected to, to like the, the ground, like being grounded. And, um, the mind is kind of like a bridge between the, um, the body and the heart. So to speak the heart being almost like, it's just like, it's like our best possible self in a lot of ways. But I think our heart often gets shut off. And I think that's intentional. It's a control tactic in this society to make people feel like they can't trust themselves. They need to trust other people. So you'll buy things and do things, you know, that they want you to do and, uh, to control, right? There's been, you know, you shut down your heart. Your heart for me is, is just your connection with the whole world. And with yourself, like, if you trust yourself, if you trust the world around you, then you are in your heart energy. And that doesn't mean that, you know, you're gonna go give your life savings away to a stranger because they ask you to, or that you're going to just like blindly trust people, right? We always wanna use, um, our brain and our body to help us make decisions too, along with our heart. Right. It's the combination of all three. I'm actually gonna be doing another, um, there's another podcast I have on like making decisions around this. But anyway, um, it's, it's using all three, right? So we wanna, by, by heart, it's like, we, we, we learn how to trust the universe. We learn how to trust ourselves. And then we kind of, you know, and we, we definitely follow our own tuition and we follow logic.<laugh> okay. We don't throw those things out the window. They've been given to us as a gift. We use those things and we also let go. We recognize some things are out of our control. We control, we can control, right. As long as it's not hurting anybody else or hurting ourselves. And then we let go and we trust that things are gonna work out for us. But often because we have trauma in our past micro or big, you know, little tea or big tea traumas, um, we've been told a number of things growing up, you know, that we weren't good enough that we weren't smart, that we need to rely on experts, all these other things where we have gotten out of trust. Um, we have a real disconnection between ourselves and, um, the, the connected world all around us. We're disconnected for nature. Um, we're disconnected with, like, I think the food, the way our food is handled is like the perfect example, right? Like we were really disconnected. This is one of the reasons I, uh, don't eat, um, meat anymore is because, and I do occasionally. I'm not gonna say I never do. Like sometimes I do just cuz it's, you know, I'm not like I'm not an absolutist about anything. I always think things are on a spectrum. And I really think it's important to just waste every situation out and not be caught in black and white thinking. So I generally don't eat animal products and if I were to eat them, I would want to be involved with the process of taking animal's life. Like I think we've really gotten outta touch with animals, for example, or just anything on the earth, because there's so many processes in between us and them that we don't see, we're not involved. And so because of that, we're wasteful, we're not respectful. And we're putting that, not respectful energy out into the universe. And what do you think we're gonna get back y'all so one of the things I decided was that I was since I don't really like killing other animals like that, doesn't say I feel good and me, but doesn't mean like don't, don't don't ever do it. I'm just saying if you're, if I'm gonna do it, I want to be involved with the process. I, and I don't wanna just buy something at the supermarket and have no idea where it came from and what happened and have a complete disconnection from it. That's honestly, that's part of the might like the thousands of paper cuts we get though. I think we get disconnected from our heart. We don't understand the bigger picture we're part of. And so we become distrustful things happen and we don't, we can't see the bigger connection between life and death and reciprocity and giving and taking and sharing and gifting gifting. And when we get out of the cycle of life, we lose our trust with the universe. And we've been taught in this society not to trust ourselves, frankly, most of the time we're taught like trust your teacher, trust an expert. You don't, you know, you need to go to a school to do all this stuff when there's like a deep, well of knowledge inside of us that we can trust. Now that again, not black and white thinking, right? It's still important to learn things. You guys, especially if we wanna communicate with each other super important, right? Reading, writing, all of these cool things that we're able to share and um, do things together. So school is super important, but school should be more like learn how to trust yourself. None of these people are experts over you, right? They might know more on this topic, but they're not better than you. They're not on a pedestal. Go throw away all this pedestal business. Right. You matter just as much as anybody else, just as much treat yourself as you would treat anybody else, people, okay. That's part of heart energy. It's part of learning to trust yourself, learning, to get your own back, taking your power back from society, where you've potentially, where have you given your power away to other people or other experts or other work, even given your way, uh, your power way to things you don't really need. Okay. And then learning to trust the universe. How have you cut yourself off from the cycle of life? How have you disconnected yourself from like this bigger picture? Cuz that disconnection actually is what's causing you to be distrustful of nature, be distrustful of the universe because you're not connected to it.<laugh> so of course you don't trust it. Right? So we look to remove the things that are disconnecting you so you can build more trust there. Okay. And it's from the heart that you're able to, to get the energy you need for the manifestation. I brought this up on the last podcast, but it's like the emotional center. Okay. So the cool thing that, which really comes from the heart of the soul, right? Is that like trusting yourself, trusting other people, which is almost like more of the soul part. Right. But also like the emotional energy we need to fuel the actions we need to take. So we have like a thought, we want something like, I want more money. And in order to do that and need, take certain actions, right? We can't just like sit around thinking about something that's not ever gonna manifest anything. In my opinion, you can't just like, think your way into a bunch of money. You gotta take some actions because money is like a physical thing outside of you. Right. Um, you could probably like manifest your way into feeling more joy, like into a feeling, um, because it's all internal, right. But if we're trying to manifest something external, we need to take actions and the heart, the heart is gonna help you with the energy. You need to manifest it to keep you going. So you don't quit. So you're not, you know, manifesting on fumes or manifesting on negative emotions. So we look to tap into like the, the way we wanna feel like, and also with, um, guidance from our soul guidance, from trusting the universe, trusting ourselves. Okay. So there's kind of like two parts to this, but I just call it like heart slash soul. Cuz they're, they've always like in all the work I've done, just been completely aligned. Um, together they communicate a lot with each other. And so here are the practices for getting alignment in the heart. Okay. I'm gonna give you two of them to just pick out what you want, put it in your manifestation journal, see what feels right. But the very first one has to do with just a meditation. So I would just find some sort of meditation do one that you already like where you can connect in with your higher self. If you coach with me, I have meditations. I give with give people, but you can just find one on the internet. You guys, um, go onto YouTube or something about like Google, like connecting with higher self. And um, I want you to go ahead and listen to that. And before you go into the meditation, then I want you to read your manifestation out loud. Um, the thing you're trying to manifest in your manifestation evidence journal, okay. The thing that we've been working on over the, these three podcasts, and I want you to go onto the meditation and ask for guidance on that for me, the higher self communicates through the heart. It's, that's where they give you guidance. Um, and they give you guidance via emotions. So I think your, your emotions are directly related to your thoughts, but they're also coming through your higher self. That's why I say, when you have like a negative emotion, I feel it's like your higher self being like, Hey, you're not on the right track. Like this is not the right path for you. You like, and the negative emotions there to tell you to like stop doing that thing and go do this other thing that feels better.<laugh> this is why I think these, these things are connected here and I don't wanna separate them out cuz I actually think they're very tied together from all the experience and evidence I have. So, but yeah, tapping in and like asking the higher self for guidance in a meditative state can be really helpful on how to help you manifest this thing. I swear to God, you all or swear to God S or whatever you wanna say. The, um, the guidance I've gotten during some of my meditations has been amazing. Like it has helped me get through blocks and manifest things that I had been struggling with before. Sometimes it can be this easy as doing a meditation and seeing where we're out of alignment with in our, maybe our emotional body and our heart. Right. That sometimes our emotions and how to get back on alignment. Or maybe even like, there's a block in my knee and I need to work on healing my knee. Right. I have, oh gosh, I've had all this knee pain too. That's so weird. Right.<laugh> or in our mindset work, right? Oh yes. You might get an image of something that happened when you were seven years old during your, um, meditation and be like, oh Cru. Yep. That's what's blocking me. I'm gonna do some part. I'm gonna do some internal family systems part work or do one of those somatic confluence, healing sessions, or man, uh, mindset work with Catherine or whatever, you know, whatever feels right for you to do, right. Always follow your own guidance. You guys, that's always gonna be your best bet. Um, and from there that's gonna, I mean, I, I, I really help you move forward. Your manifestation. The other thing is, you know, your emotions, right? If you have negative emotions in your body on the thing you're trying to manifest, if you don't feel motivated to do it, if you don't feel inspired, if you feel like hopeless, sad, any of this stuff, you're not gonna have the energy to take the thought into the 3d world. You're not have the energy to take the thought into the real world. And so we have to work on the emotional piece, which comes from the heart and learning to trust ourselves and trust other people, to the extent that like it's

Speaker 2:

It's right for, you know, also in a line with our gut, our intuition and our, our head, like trust the universe, not just other people, but just that the universe is always getting our back. The universe is benevolent. Um, and that we're safe here. Okay. So the second practice I'm gonna give you during this podcast has to do with figuring out where you're not trusting yourself or not trusting the universe in terms of what you're trying to manifest and how you can bring more of that energy of trust, peace belief, okay. To what you're trying to manifest. So this is a really simple, just the best way I can think of doing this outside of a coaching session is for you just to journal about, go back to what you're trying to manifest and journal about what you don't trust happening. Okay. What is it and what are those emotions that you're feeling when you think about not trusting, what's gonna happen? Maybe you don't trust that you think it's possible. There's a lot of sirens today near my house anyway, sending a prayer hope everyone's okay. Um, I don't know if you've heard those sirens, but I just, some more sirens went by and I always say a little prayer every time I hear sirens. So, but, um, coming back to this, so thinking about where you don't trust yourself, so maybe, you know, let's, let's go back to, um, the client I had that didn't trust. You could meet her ideal partner and you could like relay this to like ideal clients. Uh doesn't believe I can, uh, have the ideal amount of money. They want, whatever this thing is that they're reaching for. They don't quite believe that they can get that's partially why you don't have it yet. It's cuz you're lacking the belief around it. Right. Um, so there's stories there and I want you to tap into what, what have you learned in your life that would make you, that makes you believe it's not possible? Okay. So it could be, let's just go back to the partner one. Okay. Like they were, and, but you can really translate this to anything. Right. But you know, they've learned, I mean, both externally where you can't trust it internally, you can't trust it. So like the external not trust thing for this person was that they had witnessed that in their parents' relationship. So they had an external experience where they saw that their mother was really unhappy. She, she always said, you can't get what you want. Life is hard, all of this stuff. Right. So she, and um, I asked the client to tap into their feeling around that. Right. The feeling around the lack of trust that it's possible in the external world and her feeling was a feeling of despair. Okay. So yeah. I mean, when you feel despair around something, you're not gonna feel very motivated to do anything about it. It's like a stop just stops you. And then I also want you to, to go in and ask where you don't trust yourself around this. And you know, for this particular client, she didn't trust that she was capable of having a relationship like that. She just didn't trust herself, that she would be able to keep it, that she'd be worthy of it. Right. You'll find again, cuz all of our brains are different. You'll figure out what your particular trust issues are internally. And I want you to ask yourself how that makes you feel right. We already have for this one client despair. But the second one, the way that she felt was just, it was like rejection. Like, like she was rejecting herself. Gosh, what horrible feelings. Right? Despair, rejection.<laugh>, it's it, it's crazy when we start to like kind of digest or um, dissect, maybe what's going on and why we're unable to manifest what we want. The things that we find in the addicts, the cobwebs of our brain or of our heart, right? When we have these negative emotions around whether or not we trust something's gonna happen, um, we're gonna really struggle. So one of the things we're gonna do beyond in this area looking to get that guidance we might get during a meditation is also to work on having some emotions, right. That are gonna help us manifest this. So instead of despair, right? Um, common, uh, emotions we wanna generate in our body are like for manifestation or inspiration, motivation. Okay. Um, those are really common things. I work with clients on feeling more of, because that's gonna give you the energy to take the thought you desire and actually create the thing. So what we end up doing is, um, and this is something that you can do, right? Is when you figure out the emotions that you're missing, that you, or at least emotions you wanna create more of, right? We wanna start moving towards creating more of those emotions. And so what we do in order to create them is we find ways of things that we do that generate more of those emotions. And one of the tools I like to use was actually a Mount a Mo it is like a combination of a mantra, emotional practice, but we will, um, go ahead and find thoughts that actually create those emotions in our body. So we couple that with some of the mindset work. So it might be, um, in order to feel motivated or inspired a thought might be, um, I've done hard things in the past. And I know that I'm capable of creating anything I desire and of maintaining it right now that might not make you feel inspired. That's why you need to test out these thoughts, but you wanna have thoughts that create certain emotions in your body to help you kind of have like, it's like, I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it's like just having like a secret weapon in your back pocket. Okay. So anytime you're feeling low energy about it, you think those thoughts and it just gives you that burst of emotion in your heart. Okay. And helps you heal whatever. Other

Speaker 1:

Kind of like old, painful emotions that are hanging out like that despair, that rejection, right. It starts to those start to diminish and this stuff starts to grow these other emotions that are gonna help you stay motivated and not quit. What you're trying to manifest. Cuz if you don't have the energy around it, and if you are feeling like in despair or rejection or hopelessness or any of that stuff, when you're trying to manifest something, you're not gonna have the energy to bring it forward. So we need to find a little way to create a little motor inside of you from your emo and your emotions are the one like they're literally, you know, emotions, right? They're they're my head like emotions are that internal energy driving, external action and uh, ways to help create that. So anyway, I hope this was helpful. I hope those two tips, um, help with the heart and soul. This is a critical thing to get in alignment though. And it's so much bigger than I feel like I can completely explain in this podcast and deeper, but this will at least give you kind of like the tip of the iceberg for the body and uh, heart piece and learning how to trust yourself and trust the universe and hold things loosely. Right? There's like a nuance to this. It's on like a spectrum, right? It's not black and white. It's a feeling in the body. Right. And we know we're on the right path because our evidence journal is telling us, right. We're starting to get clues signs. Things are working out, we're getting random phone calls. Um, we're finding something that was helpful, what we're trying to manifest. Right. We're on the right path. Okay. And as you work through getting aligned in these areas, you know, in my life, I've always been able to like manifest things faster. The more I get things aligned and it's kind of just the science of getting these dialed in and taking the time to do it. And I found that taking the time to like slow down and do this actually helps me get results faster than just like throwing everything at the wall, like, and just like running myself wild into it. Um, not just that there wasn't a time and place for that depending on the circumstance, but being able to be a little bit more intentional about it and get to know yourself better and, um, work through like a manifestation evidence journal and um, walking through alignment in these three parts, I think will just help you get to know yourself better, which will help you also be able to manifest other things in the future better. It's like the gift that keeps giving anyway. Okay. Lots of love everyone. Hope you enjoy this and I will see you next week. Bye.