Ephphatha..be open!


February 22, 2022 Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown) Season 2 Episode 2
Ephphatha..be open!
Show Notes

On this episode with me is Bridget Elesin.

We spoke about ‘Marriage; Enjoyed or Endured’

Bridget Elesin is a graduate of Edo State University , now Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State where she studied Geography and Regional planning. She has a post graduate diploma in Public administration from the University of Benin , Benin City, Edo State and a diploma from the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute in Benin City, Edo State. 

Bridget is a certified marriage master mentor, Board member, Executive affiliate, plus mental health and addiction counsellor of the Institute of marriage and family Affairs. TIMFA USA. 

She is a John C.Maxwell Coach, Speaker, Teacher and trainer. She is also a family life Practitioner,  master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified creativity coach and ambassador. 

Bridget Elesin is big on personal growth and helps individuals to take their own personal development journey. She also teaches the concept of team to families and organizations as well as self care, emotional and mental wellness.

Bridget is the author of several books and articles amongst which is the self love guide for the complete family, Fathers;  you must take the lead, Father- Mentor, leaving a worthy legacy for your sons and daughters,  21 days complete woman marriage challenge and BridgetlySpeaking. 

She is joyfully married to Tunde Elesin and makes her home in Lagos Nigeria with her three blessed and prophetic children. She and her husband are the publishers of the complete family magazine. 

She loves reading, speaking to encourage people to become a better version of self, content creation , travelling and meeting people.Short link attached:

Conversations where around the following:
🔑The 3Ps of Marriage
🔑How long must you endure in marriage?
🔑What can you endure in Marriage
🔑What stage should you seek help?
🔑What are enjoyment in Marriage?
🔑Key factors to enjoy Marriage
🔑Types of Intimacy in Marriage
🔑Importance of respect in your Marriage.
*Give presence not just Present (gifts)
*When you give in, you cash out 😀
🔑How can a Marriage at the hedge of divorce rebuild their relationship and many more….

This is your Ephphatha moment, don’t stay silence (confinement) if you are not enjoying marriage, seek help.

Don’t listen or watch this alone, grab a friend or family member with a popcorn or enjoy on buzzsprout during workout