Ephphatha..be open!


May 03, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
Ephphatha..be open!
Show Notes

On this episode with me is Kim Sorrelle.

Who is Kim? Kim Sorrelle is the director of a humanitarian organization, popular speaker, and the author of two books. Her first book, Cry Until You Laugh, is about her breast cancer journey and her husband's battle with pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed just four months a part. Her second book, Love Is, chronicles her year long quest to figure out the true meaning of love, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mostly on the streets of Haiti

Should you love for just one year? No!  

Kim sacrifice a whole year to study love after she was diagnosed with breast cancer ,4month later her husband of 29years together was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and pass away 6weeks later.

She was unsure where love was in the midst of this….

Love is not just an emotion; fear nor excitement, rather it is walking, living, giving, talking and breathing, it is who you are or can become.

Have you ever met a power house woman, Kim Sorrelle is sure one, her is full of love even in the midst of trials and turmoils.

This is your Ephphatha moment; are you going through grief or a certain diagnosis? Be liberated and set free by this episode.

Don’t watch or listen alone, grab a friend and loved one for this episode.