Ephphatha..be open!


August 17, 2021 Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown) Episode 9
Ephphatha..be open!
Show Notes

On this episode with me is Amanda Bedzrah. 

 Amanda is a wife and a mother to three beautiful children. She is an Author, a
Trained and Active Prayer Minister (Ellel Ministries), an Inspirational speaker Coach and Mentor. She is also a passionate Bible teacher who uses practical examples to teach godly principles. Amanda is passionate about seeing women restored and living a full life beyond salvation.
Amanda is a Senior NHS Professional, a Law Graduate (LLb Hons), a Prince 2
Practitioner, and she is certified in Business Analysis Practice.
 Amanda is also the founder and CEO of Empower a Woman, a UK-based non-profit organisation that is set up to meet the needs of vulnerable women.
Amanda has authored several books, devotionals and journals. Her latest books are titled “Leah: Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unloved” And “An introduction to women in the Bible”

On this Episode we spoke about a crucial topic that is seldom shared HELP ME BE ME.

A lot of people go through challenges, traumas, bully etc and forgot who they were before the incident. They lost there sense of identity and live in the new identity created and carved by the incident.

Amanda took us through her journey of Sexual abuse, post natal depression, anxiety, traumatised after loosing a brother, she also beautifully shared her victory and steps which lead to her freedom.

To listen to the story kindly click/copy this link 

This is your EPHPHATHA moment, propelling you to action. From confinement into fulfilling purpose.

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