Ephphatha..be open!


September 14, 2021 Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown) Episode 11
Ephphatha..be open!
Show Notes

Omolara Ayoola PMH is a lover of God and a devoted Christian.
My Guest today is Omolara Ayoola.
She is an ambassador of Sexual Purity. She is an author. She has authored 2 books 'Declaration for Singles' a 30-day declaration for emotional strength. And 'GET SENSE'. wisdom for Ladies on Sexual matters.
She is a drama minister. A film producer, actor and director. She has featured in many outstanding Christian movies like: The train, Akobi Laaroye, The Inferno and many more. She is a Voice Over Artist, a TV and Radio presenter. She is the Host of WALL FOUNDATION SHOW,  a TV Show for  Sexual abuse survivors and those who have survived any kind of  social vice.

On this episode, we spoke about PEER 
 PRESSURE. Do you know peer pressure can be negative and positive?
*What is Peer pressure?
*Who can be affected?
*The impact of peer pressure 
*How it can force one into confinement 
*What must I do and how can I deal with peer pressure?
*True life stories shared
*Liberation moment and fulfilling purpose. 

No one is above peer pressure. Kindly listen to this episode and share with your children, teenagers around you and all your loved one and thank me later.

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Don't stop living intentionally!