Ephphatha..be open!


November 23, 2021 Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown) Episode 16
Ephphatha..be open!
Show Notes

On this episode with me is Naomi Adedoyin. 
She is a #1 best selling author and prolific writer, whose works have been published on several reputable platforms. She is a single mom with three amazing kids. She is passionate about transforming lives and empowering women. She is also deeply concerned about women and redefining society's perception of women and the gender based obstacles that diverse women experience. She writes cardinal nonfiction and fiction novellas that shape lives and help people make the best out of life.

Through programs in her foundation (Enough Woman Foundation), she empowers abused and vulnerable women to rewrite their stories and live a meaningful life. 

She also writes articles on www.theshadowedself.org to help traumatised people through everyday challenges as they commence their journey of healing and self-discovery. 

She runs a business consultancy where she uses gained industry skills to empower small-medium sized businesses to get visible, grow and sustain profitability in the long run.

Finally, she runs a platform called Single Parent Axis (SPA). A safe space for single parents, to help them cope with unspoken everyday life challenges as well as provide them with tips that’d help their parenting journey.

We spoke about Enough: love booming or bombing! 

When someone start showering you with gift before you get too familiar, pay attention to their motive, expecially when used with an intention and affection excessively.

Do you know anyone can be a naccessiste?
Your friend, partner, your children, even colleagues at work.

🌟 Subtle manipulation , they love bomb you so you can depend on their affection.

🌟Every abuser might not be a naccessiste.

🌟Your children may be developing trait of naccessiste…pay more attention.

🌟Little signs of love bombing is when they should apolozies they decide to buy a gift to avoid the apologies.

🌟They deprive your need (attention,gift etc)

🌟Healthy people can also become toxic

🌟7 stages for trauma bonding

🌟They love bombed you before they love boom you.

🌟Naomi shared her story.

Naomi is the author of ENOUGH #1 best selling and she is willing to give out 5 books as a gift, so if you want  1  or if you know anyone going through such moment, kindly send me an email and it is yours.

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