Ephphatha..be open!

COMBAT TO COMEBACK: Overcoming by Becoming.

December 14, 2021 Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown) Season 1 Episode 17
Ephphatha..be open!
COMBAT TO COMEBACK: Overcoming by Becoming.
Show Notes

This episode is faya🔥🔥🔥loaded with gems,structured to propel you to action.

On this episode with me is Slyvester Jenkins III, An author of WINNING THE BATTLE WITHIN and a Mental health Advocate. 

We spoke on the topic:  Combat to Comeback
Overcoming by becoming.

🔥Combat is financial adversity, social, mental adversity on a daily basis with a way to win the battle. 
🔥He shared his story from returning from War to War at home, loss of love ones, emotional neglect, divorce etc.
🔥Combat does not discriminate nor need any permission.
🔥Reflecting can save your life from confinement.
🔥The Four Canteens of life.
🔥When you think about the future you develop anxiety, when you think about the past you get depressed, stay in the moment of the present.
🔥Principle of the wells
🔥Suicidal thought is a killer of your becoming.
🔥The more you uncover, the more you become.
🔥God has created you on purpose with a purpose for a purpose.
🔥Until you decide to move from your comfort zone, becoming will not become a reality.
🔥Have a attitude to gratitude

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From confinement to fulfilling your purpose.