Project Chaney

Adrenochrome with Paranoid American

December 06, 2022 Chaney in Wonderland Season 2 Episode 1
Project Chaney
Adrenochrome with Paranoid American
Show Notes

On this, my 1st video episode of Project Chaney, I sit with Paranoid American. He goes over some of the work he has been researching on one of the taboo topics of conspiracy, Adrenochrome. 

When and where did this word enter our lexicon? Is it real or just some  vampiric folklore? If one were to order some off the darkweb, what would it look like? Can I find it mentioned by anyone other then Hunter S. Thompson?

Is this just another endless psyop to add to the confusions of gated pizza parlors? Or, is there a very real history of people becoming oracles from the substance?

Are you ready to find out what Balenciaga has to do with the weather? Could Britney Spears be a real life Sookie Stackhouse? Does fear do something to the quality of the meat? Is there a real reason for the skyrocketing price of EpiPen?

Follow the white rabbit.

Season 2. Episode 1. 

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