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Super S - Anime Podcast E.008
August 06, 2016 with Cherry Blossom Girl, Hikikomori & The Heir to the Dojo
By Dustin Cabeal We're back with another discussion about anime! Today on the show we open with another Loot Anime reveal which will probably be the last we talk about unless they start getting really cool. On the show we also cover who are the hottest guys in anime and maybe we'll even get to the hottest/prettiest girls in anime as well. On the show Lindsay talks about Full Metal Alchemist and Sword Art Online, while Robert goes for Haikyuu!! seasons 1 and 2. He also discusses Under The Dog and some puppet bullshit. As for Dustin, he mostly talks about Amaama to Inazuma, but gives a quick check in with the boob rubbing anime Masou Gakuen HxH
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