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Super S - Anime Podcast E.057
August 04, 2018 Dustin Cabeal, Lindsay Mallard
057 - This week hosts Dustin and Lindsay have a lot to cover! Titan Talk returns with a discussion about episodes 1&2 of the third season of Attack on Titan. Be forewarned, there are spoilers. Lindsay has caught up and watched all of The Disastrous Like of Saiki K. which leads to an overall series discussion. Who Likes Short Shorts is back! Find out what shorts Dustin has watched. Lindsay, ever the completionist, watches Chuunibyou demo Ko ga Shitai! Movie - Take On Me. And lastly, Dustin discusses Back Street Girls: Goku Dolls, which is quite possibly the only anime you need this cour.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Nice.

Speaker 1:0:28Welcome. Welcome to super as anime podcast. I'm your host, Dustin. I'm here with my cohost. Lindsay. Had a biggest brain fart when I clicked the button, Lindsey, because I was just like, hello, am I going to do this opening? I was like, oh, recording. No hear that part. That's the only part. I laid it out. It's good air behind the curtain for everyone. Incidentally, I also made a like curtain moving motion with my hand just so you can all visualize that with me. I'm still doing it. It just in case anyone wasn't picturing it. Let's do it. Let's get right into it though. It's time to tighten up.

Speaker 1:1:15Tend to attack on Titan. Get that technology going. Title Tech Talk Tech Talk Returns. Just when you thought couldn't make things harder for him, it was just like, oh, we're just dealing with people now. Huh? People suck. I see, I see. I see. Um, why don't you, why don't you just kind of lead away? Because I don't honestly remember all of the first episode. I mean I do, but I was Kinda like, I know I was the second episode. There was a scene that just really resonated with me where I was just like, that's burned in my mind forever. So,

Speaker 2:2:03um,

Speaker 1:2:03and it's not anyone that you think it is not no guests and just go, go, go lindsay, go.

Speaker 2:2:18I don't know what was up with this first episode. I thought it was weird, looked really weird and they were acting really weird, like errands, like all of a sudden he's like a housekeeper. I use like, everything has to be so clean.

Speaker 3:2:35Hm.

Speaker 1:2:36No, no, that, that made sense. You have to go all the way back to the first season where they were training with Levi and stuff and Levi had permission to uh, this is before he could kind of control his transformation and leave. I had permission to like basically put his feet through his mouth. So like, you don't remember that. He was like, everything's got to be and span.

Speaker 4:3:03Oh, it looks so weird. They look like they've grown older. It's called money. They're turning up innovation. How I liked it, I was just like, oh, finally getting fat cash ins that you got and you're finally putting it back on the animation bout damn time anyway. Other than those two things that I've instantly explained.

Speaker 2:3:30Alright, alright, so there they gotta hide Christa in Erin.

Speaker 4:3:37I'm sorry, who? Chris. Oh, historia. No one's calling or Krista, anyone. That's all. It's totally up on that song goes. I guess

Speaker 2:3:55so I guess they're hiding them from the government now. The government,

Speaker 4:4:01like once they found out some things they shouldn't find out. What the hell? All right, that's it. Lindsey. I'm taking over. I mean they established it in the second episode, but it was still kind of like you. Do you remember the whole storyline with Historia? How she's like, uh Huh. She was the bastard child. Oh, she's not a bastard child had her with his mistress. Well, I mean according to. Go ahead get your internet sucks. Oh Man. I don't hear myself cutting now. Now it's every time I talk I was in the connection just swallows you whole again here. Her Anton apparently.

Speaker 2:4:58Okay. Well I just thought that she. He had her with his mistress and that is like a real royal baby.

Speaker 5:5:09Okay.

Speaker 4:5:09We'll let the preview at the. The end of the second episode and the preview said that she was the rightful heir to the throne, so I don't think you get bashed her babies that. I think there's two different blood lines and one bloodline. W It's like it's like the lion king. Okay. Wasn't the rightful ruler, but he killed his brother in and took over and then gave symbol of the boot. So the same thing. His story is just Simba. There you go. There. Her Dad's still alive. That has on her dad. Oh, it's not? No. Oh, who he. He's the. He's scar. That's her uncle. I don't know if it's actually her uncle, but in the metaphor I'm using, they are not related. That's why she's the rightful heir. That's why he wants her dead because he doesn't get to be king anymore. Andy, it looks like a pecker head.

Speaker 2:6:18I thought he looked like a creepy uncle.

Speaker 4:6:20I mean, yeah, he is that too, but actually commenting on his look, but I didn't want to the people he'd be like, they'd be like quiet. I just fucking guy wasn't even when he sucks.

Speaker 2:6:37Huh?

Speaker 4:6:39Interesting. It's always when I'm just like, Nah, she's got this where you're just like, I have questions. And I'm like, apparently I titans were just like I gave up who is a titan, who's not shifters meant there's politics involved. You were just like, I'm done.

Speaker 2:7:10Yeah.

Speaker 4:7:14Yeah. So anyway, back to the first episode, they're trying to make Aaron, uh, practices, wall hardening skills that you can fix the wall. Still broken, still broken. I mean, it's been busy. They were busy in season two.

Speaker 2:7:34Oh, he's not, he's not doing a very good job.

Speaker 4:7:37Well, no, they're working them too hard and he's got all fucked up after the last time we needed to cut his. Yeah, that was fucking gross. I was like, man, fucking calm down.

Speaker 2:7:52Yeah.

Speaker 4:7:55But yeah, I mean he was all fucked. I was just like, why don't you just, uh, control some, some titans or some shit.

Speaker 2:8:05Yeah. There's no, there has not been many titans.

Speaker 4:8:11Well no, because again, they're just dealing with the politics. So yeah. Then they find out they got to run and then they go into hiding and then the priest gets killed and we find out the military police that did it.

Speaker 2:8:26Oh yeah, that'll happen in episode one. Dammit. Lindsay. I just turned over. They were um, um, they had decoys, decoys, kid now, and I thought it was really funny that Erin called Gina or space. So there's way that you could pass them up.

Speaker 4:8:49I mean, Jean Jean does, they, they have been slightly making that dude less and less but, but yeah, I mean I thought it was funny that the blonde guy was first and they were just like, I've just feel. Should we wait more? No, I feel real bad for him. We should go get him before he gets groped anymore by the creepy old dude. I was like, good to know that men still suck. Just because you're a kid never does not mean you also have to be a rapist. I don't know if it's going to get that far. I think he was just going to kind of grow up, grow up around until the other guy showed up to kill. So you can't let these little boobies go to waste. This feels very solid and yet soft from like, I dunno, a lot of crying or something. Yeah. So the decoys. Then at the end, we're just going to blow past the first episode. I'm Lindsay does not remember any of it and I'm coming back to me now. But uh, and then. Oh, go ahead. Yeah. Is the end of it though, when people started getting their heads shot off?

Speaker 4:10:22Yeah. That guy jumps up to my favorite part. Yup. Was the way he rolls his neck. I made a gift instantly. You could find it. It's on the web and I just have a looping over and over. You could see the weird contortion that fucker's head does because I was just like hilarious. Stopped. It just made the gift or just like, all right, good, didn't you? I have to say I love Kenny. What the serial killer. Which I was just like, wow, this world was fucked up enough. Now you have to add serial killers. You were just like, we didn't have enough ways to kill people, you know, giant naked humans, uh, eating people. That wasn't enough. We needed some people that were bored and just like, you know what? I could kill some titans. What about people? They seem to be onto something. Hm. Why do you like Kenny? I think the audience means I need to hear this, but they need to hear this too because I, I am dumbfounded. That's pretty cool. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Yeah. It was pretty cool and I know the way she jumped into that bar where he's like, oh yeah, like wild western just cracked me up. Like, you're alright. You're alright. You're alright. Guy With the 160 body count. You all right. Jack the ripper of this universe, right?

Speaker 4:12:27He's got a hat and a long code. I mean I liked his second in command now she was just like, oh, he's dead. Use this. Like how much I answered you. I'm not dead. She just like, oh, miracle. Like just the way she, she just knows sold everything and just like, Oh, a magazine, but yeah, so basically Kenny needs to capture historia and when for some reason we assume it's because he's working for the crown though the ending in the second episode was confusing because it didn't seem like that was the people that wanted them, but we'll see in the third episode. So yeah, most of the second episode is just a bad ass fight between Levi and uh, and Kenny and he gets a good one on Kenny and Kenny just kind of lays down and lets his butt rookie team just get fucking wasted because Levi's is like, yeah, I know how this motherfucker teaches people. I'm going to throw a chair and I'm going to slit your fucking throat.

Speaker 4:13:36Uh, what's her name? Mccosh. Oh, Mi Casa Mi Casa. Su Casa. Yeah. Um, thanks for setting me up for that one. By the way, she passes on the message to them that they're not just fighting titans anymore, which confuses gene basically because he's just like, what do you mean we're not gonna fight just tight. And I was like, really? No one in this world, no one is prepared to fight each other like you're all just like, now we're cool. We just got, we've got the big ass titans to worry about it. I was like, no, what are this fucking Kinney? Motherfucker has a huge body count. He says, yeah man. I mean pretty much just kill it at anytime. No one fights back. They're just like, oh, you're a human. I'm fine. Step steps, stab book. I'm dying. What does this patient. It's not being nodded between two teeth. I don't know what I'm doing. Um, they, they lose. They get captured and gets his first kill. I'm trying to be understanding. Know it was stupid as deductible. That it was going to be him and that he was to fucking struggle with it.

Speaker 2:14:53Yeah.

Speaker 4:14:56Nice. I bet they had a family. I bet they brush their teeth twice a day. I was like, shut up. You got both. You and gene could have died personally. You both fucking suck. You both. I don't have anything to follow that. You just, you both suck and I hate you both.

Speaker 2:15:16Yeah. I hate how he's just like standing outside, like crying, like you don't really see what happened yet, how it ended and then back to Australia and I'm just like,

Speaker 4:15:29yeah, no, I knew instantly I was just like, well of course gene's going to choke. Of course he's going to be the one in the direct spot because he was just like, I don't know what I can do this guys. And I was just like, follow your orders or fuck off. Alright buddy. Fuck off and get arrested. Uh, they capture those military police guys because they lose historia and Airwon does they get darted in the neck? Still don't really. I don't recall how they lost them considering I took out everyone on the cart that they were on, but it did. They lost something.

Speaker 2:16:11Yeah, I think they knocked off the army because he was all in shock and they took the cart back and forth.

Speaker 3:16:22Yeah.

Speaker 4:16:24Well, and then they torture the military police people.

Speaker 2:16:27Man, that was pretty good. Um. Oh, what's her name? Yeah.

Speaker 4:16:38Yeah. Her voice is weird. You can have a real teacher together, I think to what she and Kenny who understands the characters you like? Yeah, she's a Weirdo. Like in the first episode when she was feeling that guy's knuckles and she just kept like, she's like, you tell those mother fuckers if whoever killed this guy that was just like, yeah, it was subtle. It wasn't so subtle there. She was saying, Hey, I'm going to fucking kill you to the guy, but in like a third person type of way. That was good. But then sometimes she'd just like normal talks. I'm just like, was she burst into the, the other guy, the like the blonde hair or one arm guy's room. Oh look, here's. I was like, Hey, shit. Shit went down. And I was just like, do you want to yell any louder that you're there?

Speaker 2:17:48Oh, down. Have a drink.

Speaker 4:17:51Yeah. You were just like, I give no fucks. None. I don't have a fucking or. Yeah. So they torture him. He is great because they do, they do the classic, like we got this guy to turn already and then he, uh, they're like, man, you turned easy. He's like, well fuck that guy. He takes his shit too seriously. And then the guy was like, all right, fuck it. I'll tell you everything. Apparently I was the only decade that was like king and crown. So

Speaker 2:18:24that was good.

Speaker 4:18:25After they pulled off all his nails. Most of them, yeah, it was, it was good that he uses, like, I'm not going to talk. He was like, I was forced to do this stuff because we protect the inner wall piece. I was like, yeah, except for from Kenny, just like working for them. He is now. But before, that's what Levi established before was that, um, he was raised by Kenny for awhile and Kenny would just run around killing people. So because he wanted to bring about chaos inside the walls and now that's why he was just like, what the fuck are you doing? Working for them? What still didn't work?

Speaker 2:19:13Sure did. Well, they had all those extra people

Speaker 4:19:18fodder to be eaten by Peyton's.

Speaker 2:19:22Yeah, that's true. I guess. No, they were like, oh, I have some more resources for the rest of us.

Speaker 4:19:29Probably. They were just like, Woo. Doing all right. Actually the wall, the last one, the farming areas, so that's why they want to patch up that one wall. Well that's it for, I think Titan Talk. I mean it's like it's very early beginning. Lindsay forgot half first episode. She was just so engrossed with boys and horseface gene and fucking gropey Mokoro person. Awesome. Yeah. You were just, you were just like, oh, I write. Usually ended up in an enemy, but ben deep, our husband Ddo. Wait, what? He's got crows feet are all around his eyes though. I mean Shit. Lindsey, I got. That's fucked up there. I don't actually know. Now I've got to rewash them so. Well, what do you got? Kitty got feel judge a good judge. Lindsey. Huh?

Speaker 2:20:50A little older.

Speaker 4:20:53Well, yeah he is. And his hair's kind of, but everything else makes up for it. Like, you know, hair. I mean he'll probably just kill you. Let's be honest. Well, if I'm in a second in command, he's not sleeping the second in command. I'm sure there are. I don't want to sleep with hang out with them. Oh, okay. What the fuck? He kills people. What do you mean needs? Cool? You want to hang out with them? What the hell is happening over there? It's got good stories. I want to hear the stories. I got to kill a couple of people. I hear the.

Speaker 2:21:44They seem like they'd be interested in people to hang out with the wall occasionally and get up.

Speaker 4:21:52Hi. I am utterly confused about who I am talking to right now. When it comes on, Lindsey just morphs into a different person where she's just like, yeah, fucking murder. I don't know. I mean, uh, ah, shoot. I'm Kenny. So like you were just choking it. Chicken at the St Louis.

Speaker 2:22:28That was really cool. Like you threw that knife it kidneys just like blocks it. Levi has to throw his cloak of Kenny just like shocked. Then says cloak. I was like, oh that's cool. And Levi's all sliding down the roof and I'm like, you're a pretty cool people to

Speaker 4:22:48everyone. Japan loves this guy. That's why he got all the season three started fucking leave. Fucking love him. Especially when he's in house cleaner mode. That's. I see that little figure everywhere. People are just like, I love you Levi. And now they're torn. They're like, Ooh, Levi, Levi, Kenny, who knows who you as an easy choice. You're like, you're all right, Levi. But this guy he's got. That's the making more menacing. I mean you can fill them. He's not looking. Just be like, he doesn't have time to pluck this lucky. No one's doing any sort of landscaping on their face or everyone's running around the ginormous bushes down there. Okay. And when he does not have time to plonk waxing, that's his childhood. Or if he doesn't have time to pluck, he doesn't have time to wax. Okay. They probably don't even have wax. No one's sparing wax. What do you mean? This wax for my eyebrows. I don't care how much you paying. That's a waste. No. 40 five candles that we use daily. Go ahead now. Sorry,

Speaker 2:24:11they had a very well stocked stocked bar. He had like all these fancy bottles of liquor and I'm like, which part of the city's making this?

Speaker 4:24:21That's because they live in a depressing time. The biggest cause of death is being eaten by a giant you. I would be drinking too. I don't even know why it would leave as the bar.

Speaker 2:24:36Who's making these bottles? Whose are they blowing glass?

Speaker 4:24:40Yeah. Some guy who's just like, yeah, we still need glass and glasses. We're not drinking from her hands. We're not savages. Wine is delicious. Mom, Oprah, long, big variety. Wrong Palm. This one had a horse shit on it, so yeah, that's called. No one thought that through when they were just. They were just like, I'm not drawing the same model over and over doing different ones. It just looks like they're getting them from, you know, they don't. Half the country doesn't know that there's other countries older than half.

Speaker 2:25:22Some of that, like important. That didn't all look like bath tub minsheng

Speaker 4:25:27no, it's not. Probably not bathtime moonshine. They, the booze industry is probably the biggest industry. They are were like, feed my family or knock back a few them. Forget about the fucking world to you. Why does anyone even reproduce? Where's that Colt or the. No babies. Gold. Alright. You're crazy. We can't talk about title more attention or like were counseled on tightened talk. No, just this episode Lindsey. I'm just. That was my way of segwaying out and then you had to confuse people. Like what's over forever? No, we'll be back next time where hey, I hope when hope Kenny does something interesting for Lindsay, where she's just like, just good stories man. I'm just saying you shooting around campfire eating some beans. Good stories. Sure. Maybe there's a little kid there that you're taking stab and practice on. Just. I'm just saying it's a different world. Don't judge, don't judge it. Murders. Still kid murdered no matter what the situation is anyway. Yeah. So onto our next discussion. Lindsey, you just, you just, you're so feel different during the time. Like who is this person? Thrown off my whole rhythm for sure enough that the facial hair was enough anyway. All right. Any. Okay. You caught up on something. I recommended that you have to lead this one. Alright.

Speaker 2:27:15Oh my goodness. That's probably my favorite recommendation from you ever.

Speaker 4:27:24That's good. Let's try again. Sorry. Go ahead. Endless hours. Well, it wasn't endless because it didn't end. Yeah, it was my go to when they needed something. Happy to. I'm pretty sure I talked over when you said the title, so I don't think I said the title. Oh, okay. I wasn't sure. Okay, go ahead. Sorry.

Speaker 2:27:53The disastrous life and safety k?

Speaker 4:27:58Yeah. So good. So good. Oh my God.

Speaker 6:28:15I did

Speaker 2:28:18think I liked less of the new characters in season two.

Speaker 4:28:22Yeah, I still had some really good episodes. Yeah, I can. I can see that season two, there's only one character I liked that was new. Uh, who, uh, is a future wife. Of course.

Speaker 2:28:42I did not think I was going to like her.

Speaker 4:28:45No. Yeah, no real unlikable at first. Yeah. I was like, ah, she's. Yeah. I just like, I was like, marry her right now. Make me that other episode where they run into the opposite and they're both sitting there fighting for the predict his future and it was this kind of love this. Yes.

Speaker 2:29:17Uh, that, um, that little blonde girl, I didn't care for it and I'm glad that they kind of didn't do a whole lot with her.

Speaker 4:29:27Yeah, it really seemed like they were just like, the audience was like, we don't like this. And they're like, okay, devin direction real quick, real quick.

Speaker 2:29:36And Oh, I hated that kid who never shuts up.

Speaker 4:29:39Yeah, he's super psyched. Was just like,

Speaker 1:29:42please just stop, stop. Like at first there was a couple of gags or he'd like, he fills it with word balloons, whereas it's like, all right, that's funny. But then the rest just like, especially like him, that he was kind of the ending. I was like, oh, that's disappointing.

Speaker 2:30:03And it Kinda like him trying to change the past and just messing up the future.

Speaker 1:30:10Oh yeah. That was really funny. Especially when they started incorporating other like anime and I was just like, I don't know what that is. And then all the different, like Nindo stuff I was like

Speaker 2:30:32and of.

Speaker 1:30:35Yeah. You like Kaido? Huh? You like is.

Speaker 2:30:38I love his theme song. So Thunder,

Speaker 1:30:49I don't think I've ever absorbed the words to that song was uh, was new and refreshing. Uh, so did you. What? Do we don't have to skip just to the second season because I know you, you watched, like after I talked about the first season I just instantly went and found all of the second season because then the Netflix was like, hey, here's like half of the second season because we're, we understand there's a huge fucking demand for this. So there you go. Was there anything that you wanted, specific things you liked other than guidance themes?

Speaker 2:31:33I love. I didn't think I'd like Nintendo, but I love, I love Terry Ohashi the perfect girl.

Speaker 1:31:42Oh yeah,

Speaker 2:31:43like the episodes she's in because they just cracked me up.

Speaker 1:31:47Yeah. Uh,

Speaker 2:31:51and I love how they imagined psyche with. He's just like all like though wide and stuff and how he talks and it's like, oh my God, that's not even.

Speaker 1:32:01And when he busts out the face and that's what he calls it, the face has only facial reaction where he's, it's kind of like a dumb what he's like, I'm just going to have to use this, use it. He's like, ah, fuck. I'm never using it again.

Speaker 2:32:19And then like the reform delinquent?

Speaker 1:32:23Yeah. Uh, well, which, oh, the blue. The purple haired Guy.

Speaker 2:32:27Yeah. Gotcha. I liked him more. I think when he first came in and he was with me, like fighting.

Speaker 1:32:37Yeah, of. Yeah. Yeah. They've toned down his gimmick too quickly I think. But it's still kind of sucks. I love the island, like the entire island sequence. Like I was just like best story arc ever goes home for a little bit. He went home every night. They were like, Hey, aren't you it? He's like this. He's like, I bet it was hard for them not sleep. Go to bed. Like what the fuck? The rich guy was just like starving to death. And the chick went all hog wild and native and shit. And just his whole plan of how he was just like, fuck it, I'm going to. I'm going to build a replica of these assholes are ruined my plan. So that was making the replica the whole the whole night. I was like, wow. I like that stuff where he's just like, man, I got to use my powers, but I got to use them smart because even though these people are dumb, they're not that dumb, you know, there are going to be like, all of a sudden I'm not on an island anymore. I like how he wouldn't take ownership of causing the crash or you wanted to take ownership of BMCC? I wasn't cc.

Speaker 1:34:15Yeah, nothing to do with that. Yeah, that was great.

Speaker 2:34:22He likes coffee, Jelly and they had that coffee jelly maker and then they came out with that, the Lexus version. So then he was like $100, man. Whatever you.

Speaker 1:34:35Yeah. Yeah. I love one. I love how he kept raising the price on his dad though.

Speaker 2:34:45And I liked his grandpa made me laugh.

Speaker 1:34:51Yeah, exactly. Yeah. We turned it into like a, a teenage girl in his head. He's just like, oh, I really, I do really like the, uh, the psychic gang, this side kicker beside kickers. Yeah. Fucking horrible, great name because the blonde girl who for that, those that don't know, she's also a psychic. What? She's like a legit psychic. She has a really weird method of doing stuff and she's like, yeah, I can't really see in my crystal ball because I played a bunch of stickers on it, but it's all right. It works. And it was like, and she's dressed a, like a Gao I'll say I guess is the proper term. Yeah. And so she's like, she's like, yeah, I'm trying, I can't see auras and stuff and I'm trying to like find the guy and I'll know him by his aura. And so like Saki stays home and started student as clairvoyance and could see that she's, she's spotting everyone's a aura and everything and, but then when his aura is too big, and this was like blocking everyone's when, when she's nearby but eventually forget how exactly. But he, he, oh, because of the girl, the other girl like falls off and he saves her or something.

Speaker 2:36:17Oh yeah, it was so big that all he has to do is stand up state close to her and she can't.

Speaker 5:36:25Yep.

Speaker 1:36:26But I liked that. I liked when he finally revealed it to her and then she uses like thinking, he's like, God, here she goes again.

Speaker 2:36:38Yeah. I liked her and I liked them together.

Speaker 1:36:42Yeah, they just, they do seem to compliment each other well, but you know, based on how the show, he instantly presented a love triangle. I was like, oh cool, we'll never get the resolution to this and probably wouldn't watch this show or you know, read this over this long. Anyway, so I do like that. He's perpetually repeating the same year of life over and over the planet from being destroyed runs. It's like, what the fuck? And the clones. Oh my God, the one we're kind of fucked up teeth and grows and breath the most normal one. So great. And everyone did instantly notice the differences. There were just like, hey, you seem like the same guy, but got like, fuck am I keep that fucked up. Like really, really

Speaker 2:37:49fleets. The client didn't like sweet.

Speaker 1:37:56That was good. So there you go. If you have not watched it first season all on Netflix, half of the second season on Netflix, it might already have the next part. I don't know. They haven't notified me so I doubted but. Oh yeah, I don't think so. So hopefully they do another one because that last episode was this fucking full of cameos from other enemies and shit. Mr. Mr Robert would have loved it because they have a like Catana mo or get Tima episode.

Speaker 4:38:42Nope.

Speaker 2:38:43Um, yeah. I hope they do more since they left it at the lake they were going to. But then they could not.

Speaker 4:38:54Yeah, I think it was like an either or thing. Yeah. Because that voice thing was just like, hey, this is usually when we'd stop. And he's like, yeah, let's stop. And it was just like, Nah man, we're gonna keep going. He was just like, no, please that I did. I talk about the live action movie version, so I watched the live action movie version after the first season because it's a movie or it's like a TV show. It's a live action movie or a TV show, but you know that real actors. Nindo was spot on. It was. He goes the only one that looks spot on Ross. Like, what in the fuck did you do that? Don't tell me Hollywood magic because that fucking ugly.

Speaker 4:39:50Even the gin, it was spot on in the way they introduce him the first time they zoom in on the Chin and then zoom out, made a gif instantly. Um, they have, it's, it's horrible. They take like the first season and just kind of like smash it together and you're just like, oh. And then the perfect girl, oh my God, the actress was so, so bad and she was so short that they gave her platform shoes like hardcore. I'm talking like six inch platform issues just so she was remotely the same height as other people and they kept like showing it like obviously they didn't want you to know that, but they kept showing her shoes. I was like, come on guys, if you want me to believe she's that tall, don't show the fucking feet. That's one. Look at all Tom Cruise movies. Okay. When he's standing next to someone jozy his feet, when you see him running, that's when you see the feet. That's like every time it had cut the like her little inner monologue thing. She sounded like a fucking demon who would make these crazy phases the first time I laughed, the third time I was just like, all right, stop. Just know more of her. Please just know more. And it dropped like a bunch of characters. It was really bad. But the magician guy, he was in it.

Speaker 2:41:15Oh yeah.

Speaker 4:41:17He was completely different. But he was actually really funny. He was the only guy that was just like accidentally funny. Whereas just like that was hilarious because he would just kind of go around and do really horrible magic tricks and he's like leading a group around and he'd be like, was just really funny. And then, uh, like Saki makes like the gym disappear and then come back or something and everyone's just like, could it be. Did he just, did he do this? And he just kind of looks around the audience and it's just like, yeah, fuck it. I'm going to take credit for this, and he's like, that's the best part of the movie. Otherwise I'd say do not watch it. Like the guy who played soccer, it was okay. Like Oh, okay. But overall it was, it was just like one of the most disappointing adaptations of anything I've ever seen. So enemies. Amazing. Yeah. Anything else you want to talk about? The anime? A. I love that cat. Oh yes. Which one? The stupid robot. Cat Cat was amazing. Robot cat. I was like, was different. I know when I was. I was so fucking funny. They're like, this can't even looks weird

Speaker 2:42:45with the little Bandana.

Speaker 4:42:48He sucks. He's an asshole

Speaker 2:42:51and the hamster.

Speaker 4:42:53Oh yeah. I was like, fuck scamster. How they answered the second season he was hanging out with the mom. He's like, I get them confused sometimes. I was like, easy, but fair point. Yeah.

Speaker 2:43:12Yeah. I missed. I missed the cat in the second season. It wasn't in it very much.

Speaker 4:43:20Yeah. That turns into like Gabby classes on still. I think it was one of the, one of the songs show, like all the different transformations he does and stuff is good.

Speaker 2:43:39Yeah. One of the songs is menu new alarm clock.

Speaker 4:43:46Which one out of curiosity?

Speaker 2:43:48The second season. The one where um, the two girls are kind of singing and then cycle joints I think.

Speaker 4:43:57All right. I was about to say I was, I was like, I hope is that one because that's the only one I liked at the end was just like, I was like, I can dig this. I like the opening theme, the picture hands up. Oh yeah. I like it because it sounds like it's saying put your pants on, but every time I was like, put your pants on, put your pants on. Like every time, that's the first I've ever heard. I was like, what the fuck? It was just like looked. And I was like, oh,

Speaker 2:44:33those aren't the words I'm hearing. Interesting. Thought we're never going to put the pants on. Uh, I went through this show way too fast. I know it's easy to just, it's like it's just a slip

Speaker 1:44:51pretty slow. Like I said, I like, I mean I burned through the first first season in like three days and only because I had other shit to do, like if I had no responsibilities I would just been like, and we're done. We watched all of it, all of it. And I'm reading the Manga now. Oh boy.

Speaker 2:45:07So, but I think I could go back and still enjoy it. Like watch it again.

Speaker 1:45:14Yeah. No, they're good gags because that's just how classic they. They are. They're. Well, they're well constructed a gags

Speaker 2:45:25right? Let's, let's move on. You want to go first? You want me to go first? Again? Just completely surprised. Okay. And I haven't been watching at work and you don't say it is

Speaker 1:45:50just the, just a lot of conversations about this. I really don't know how the overall majority feels. So let's, let's get it from you.

Speaker 2:45:58Sorry. It's like kind of education. What's the lake they, they give you information about all these different cells and stuff in the body and what they do and what their job is and then they have like, they're cute interpretation of it.

Speaker 3:46:21Hm.

Speaker 2:46:23So you've got like your red blood cells and they're like dress like little delivery people. They have like little red jackets and red hats and they're always carrying around boxes of oxygen and co two to different parts of the body. I see Jerry cute. And then you have your white blood cells which are, you know, the first line of defense against germs and foreign objects in the body. And they are, they're all white but they're in like kind of like survival close. And they've got lake hunters knife strapped to their legs and then the Germans come out, they like pull up the knives and just go crazy, like stabbing them, usually get splashed with blood blood splashed. And they're like, oh my God, they're crazy. And then you've got like your, your killer t cells. So like when there's a big in fit action, they launched those guys and they're, they're like, oh, big and muscly.

Speaker 2:47:33And they're like, kill, kill, kill, kill. And um, oh, I think I, you learn, I remember this from health a little bit, but then like seeing it, I'm like, oh my God, that's a cute interpretation. Like the, the b cells are the cells in your body that make like antibodies and so they've got him like this, like little inventor kid and he comes out with like different guns and the like, the front antibodies like in this tank, you know, strapped to his back and he started spraying them with like a giant super soaker. Just develop this.

Speaker 1:48:18Like the gimmick doesn't get old or anything though.

Speaker 2:48:21No, because every, every episode is like a different like infection or injury. Late episode two is like a scrape and like the blood vessels are like streets and so you get like scraped and there was like this giant, like I'm whole that just like developed in the middle of their little street and they got the little platelets and they're like little kids. Oh I'm always building stuff. And they were really cute but they were coming over and they were like, oh we need to start repairing this. And they like put down a net and they start like gathering up all these cells and like sticking them on top. And they're like, no.

Speaker 1:49:15Oh.

Speaker 2:49:17And I liked that. This one red blood cell that you keep following, um, has no sense of direction and is always getting lost on her deliveries. And so always incept where whatever is happening. Like when the food poisoning episode, the one I, oh, the one I just watched was um, an allergic reaction to the eyes and like this pollen gets in there and they're like, we need a history means. And like, no, that's too much. It's causing swelling and like their little starts rumbling like an earthquake and just like enlarging their, like no, stick them back to normal. And they Reagan like this stairway was like terminator robot and just like destroyed everything. And then everything like reduced and with back to normal it was, it's just, it's so cute. I really like it. Like this, Oh this red blood cell ends up getting by this white blood cell and crush on him. But they don't really focus on her. But she was like, will I ever see you again? And he goes, probably not because there's, you know, blah blah blah blah blah. Have you. And there's only blah, blah, blah a. and then they meet me. Read, let's flip, but they keep running into each other, but

Speaker 1:50:59they have the promo art.

Speaker 2:51:03Yeah, they're both really cute. I liked them too and the white blood cells can go through, um, they can travel I guess through like the walls of the veins and stuff. And so when they show him he likes squeezes through little cracks and buildings and the like. How'd you do that? One? Time is boot got stuck right at. Uh, it's just, it's cute. I really like it and I love, I don't know, like I love cosmos. This Jones. I think I'm probably the only person who liked that movie. Fuck. It was cute. It was cute. I love that

Speaker 1:51:51about because of how shitty it looked.

Speaker 2:51:56The animated parts were, were the part where it's like all live action was. But I liked

Speaker 1:52:06fucking minds today.

Speaker 2:52:10I liked those kind of gags. So I like how they, I don't know, turn like, I like how it's like a little city and there.

Speaker 1:52:24Thank, you know somebody that's really challenging our friendship today.

Speaker 2:52:34Murdered.

Speaker 1:52:38Anyway, moving on. Is that the animated part or a hospital? Oh, really? Peg or some shit? Yeah, you had me until the Osmosis Jones part. Now I'm just like, well that might be why there's so many people on the fucking fence with this one. They're like, sounds familiar. Ring

Speaker 2:53:12a little bit, but I think they do it a little better.

Speaker 1:53:16Yeah. Well it's like there's no new ideas. I mean I suppose the inner interspace with cartoons, so.

Speaker 4:53:26Oh yeah. That may be tied to. I mean like roughly having not actually seen the hospitals is Jones. I'm probably partially mostly wrong watch interspace. That's way better. Or. Or there's a mickey mouse cartoon where they go into Donald's body yet. Sounds way better than that. I suppose it's Jones like an old mickey mouse cartoon or like one of the new. The new. The new one that looks old. That's the best way I can describe it.

Speaker 6:54:08Okay.

Speaker 4:54:10Not I kinda like. Well this looks classic.

Speaker 2:54:15Is that the one where they look? A weird head square faces.

Speaker 4:54:24Square faces. Never seen that picture. All right, so send me a picture. It's probably the same one, but I'll probably be like, those aren't square faces. You're crazy.

Speaker 2:54:41Just my friend's house and she has kids and they were watching that and I'm like, oh my God, what Nikki is that?

Speaker 4:54:48I don't know if it's the new one. I don't mind it. It's the only mickey thing I don't dislike. And I say that it's one avidly hates 99 point nine percent of all Disney stuff. One point zero, one percent, but I don't. I'm like, that's okay. That's a big percent.

Speaker 6:55:13Okay.

Speaker 4:55:13Alright Lindsey, ready to move on? Yep. Yep. Alright. Stand for. Who likes short shorts? I do, I do. So I thought there is a song.

Speaker 6:55:27Yeah.

Speaker 4:55:30Short, short, short shorts or you want me to say how you had to introduce the segment from now on? Yeah, I can't remember. You've thrown me off so much of my day with that. And a shaky Internet connection where it's like sometimes when I Talk I can't hear you talk about it. Like right now, like I can't fucking make up your mind, Internet. And then Osmosis Jones like that one was. That was a hard pill to swallow, pun intended. Just because I haven't seen it. Doesn't mean I don't know what it's about. So, uh, working buddies returned no season, season two, five episodes. Very disappointingly. They changed the ending song

Speaker 1:56:25to better match the opening song. And I was like, why did do that? The ending song was the best part. The song sucks. The first episode was a really, it was clever, but it was a complete recap of the first season because of the job they were doing was video editing and then, and the boss was a raccoon and every time anyone was going to ask him a question, he would be like, you're a bad me, a raccoon works, you know? And he was like, you're going to say I was dropping jake through the trash, we're at you. And they were like, ah, no. Um, and that was, that was okay. The second episode was a live action, which was fucking weird.

Speaker 1:57:08Is it live action with. Did they have actual animals? They just have the guys that do the voices. Oh, remember I told you that that 13th episode, they just had the voice cast her. Yeah. So that was, that was weird. They were training to be in a department store and uh, it was just weird. It was just like their characters. They're just like, dudes that work in a department store like that was it. And then it goes back to being animated. They do like a coffee shop episode and they just take, they just talk a lot. Then they did like a train the train episode. Asher redeemed a little bit because uh, their training with this kangaroo guy and um, and then they're like, they're going down the aisles with their carts full of stuff and this little girl is like, oh, I want an ice cream.

Speaker 1:58:09And the Kangaroos, like, I can't, I can't go back. I never, I never go back to the past because a before for detox, like someone brought up something and then he was reminded of his ex wife or something. And so then like that becomes his gag the whole time. And then the ex wife is on the train and he's just like, ah, I think was like Maaco or something. He's like mango. And then they kicked, they kicked to the Qualis, still at some of his, his like deep thought phrases at the end are actually pretty funny. This time there were like more improved and just let him ramble for five minutes. But then he's like, oh, may go because it almost like a wombat woman. She was like, oh, it was funny because they use the same gag twice, but it's a overall, it's very disappointing and I don't know why anyone likes it because it almost seems like they were like, what other jobs could we have these assholes do?

Speaker 1:59:03I don't know, just stupid stuff or something or just it's like the animations better. And I think the designs are really adorable and I think that's the only reason it's continuing and it's because people just want their, like do this animal now. Because then like the train episode, they were like, here's all the Australian animals. And was like, oh, okay. Oh, was there a platypus? Or there was no problem. So yeah, they had wombats and Koalas think that hippopotamuses for some reason they've had them before, but not this time. Not Australian ones. Yeah. No, um, so that was, that, that was, it was whatever. I'm still watching my sweet tyrant. This is the one where the guy treats his girlfriend like shit and calls her. I'll go and then also like super hardcore stock worships or, and it's looks like crazy. Uh, after the twelfth episode where he talked about collecting her skin flakes.

Speaker 1:60:11It's strangely shifted to his sister and his best friend and the weird little romance they don't have going on, but they were just like, is this romance? And I'm like, doesn't really seem like it. No, not at all because she's still like horribly cruel to him because uh, I guess she makes the lunches and then like he brings in, the guy's like, oh, did your sister make the lunch? And he's like, yeah, you want to try something, go for it. I don't know, whatever. And then she finds out, she's like, you fucking gave him some of the food. She's like, I'm going to make everything with 20 percent more sugar just to piss him off if he tries it. And he's just like, no, I'm still eating it, please don't do that. And then so as revenge, she makes him the other, like the friend that's always camping out a bento of his own and makes it super adorable to embarrass him. And then he's just like, look at my Bento box. Like he says it just like that. He's like, look at my Bento box. And everyone's like, oh, that's so amazing. And I was just like, what? And like everyone's looking at it or like, that doesn't make any sense. And so then she studies up on the food he disliked and make some meal with just the food he dislikes. But then he likes it because he's like, oh, it's so easy to eat what, what?

Speaker 1:61:34So she's trying to be mean to him and it's backfired horribly, horribly. And she does not understand at all why they do something like typical thing, like a, they do a Halloween episode where he, the boyfriend gets all excited to see what she's dressed as. And she just comes as a ghost with a sheet over his head. He's just like, he's just broken because he wanted to see her in like a cute Halloween outfit and he's just a sheep and then, and then he hands her like the biggest bag of candy, like we're talking like a Chris, like a large Christmas bag full of fucking candy. And it was just like, what the fuck?

Speaker 1:62:24But it's okay. I was just like, why is this so why is this a 24 season? I don't think I needed this many episodes of this, but whatever going somewhere, it's just so bad at all. Um, the, the next one I'm going to talk about, it's weird, it's a, it's a short, but uh, there's only two episodes. It's actually from China and on the second episode there was a disclaimer saying we'll get to this shit when we get to this shit. And I was just Kinda like, oh, okay, I see. I get it. All right, I'll wait. Um, it starts out with this guy. He's all like, he's talking to his girlfriend. He's like, Oh, I'm so glad we've gotten to the same high school. It means we can still be together. And so great, you know, most people will have to break up because they're going to different schools and it doesn't make any sense.

Speaker 1:63:26And then the girlfriend turns it like, yeah, I think we should break up. And he's like, Huh? And then she just walks away and he's just like, Huh, what, what? Huh? And so he's like, he's like, the first two weeks of school sacked because I was all depressed and everyone made friend groups and I wasn't included because I was depressed and I'm like, fucked up. And he's walking and he sees this club and it's a dating club. And he's just like, all right, fuck it, you know, I'll, I'll go try the dating club. It goes in and it says fff dating club. And everyone's like, you know, they really zoom in on the fff part and you're just like, hmm, I wonder if that'll play into everything it does. Um, so he goes and there's this like blonde girl and she's just like, are, do you have a girlfriend? And he's just like, oh, we're going to talk about like sex and stuff so openly, oh, how do I answer this? He's like, no, I don't have girlfriend. She's like, all right, you're in. He's like, what, what the fuck? And then so he's standing there and this other guy comes in because he's just like, I don't know, what am I doing here? You're all like in his thoughts and everything. And another guy comes in, he's like, yeah, I have a girlfriend. And then she lights him on fire and he's dead.

Speaker 1:64:40He's charred corpse on the ground, light him on fire. She creates fire out with her ponytails. Uh, yeah, I'm glad you're on board of this, Lindsay, because it's pretty fucking great after that too. So He's dead guys like I want out and they're like, you can't quit. And they're like, all right, we're going to watch, we're going to practice making fire. And uh, and he's sitting down and he sees this like big muscular guy. And then it's like, I'm short, like pink haired person. He's like, oh, is that a girl? He's like, and then like, he, like the pink card, got his arm wrapped around the muscular guy and he's like, hey, they're dating. They're like, hey, gay loves real low, and it turned out as the dude and they, they really said that. Um, so yeah, gay loves allowed, but their, their, their mission is to kill all puppy love

Speaker 1:65:40with fire. And I forget what the FFF stands for, but it's like friendly fire forever or something stupid something. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something like light people on fire was the gist and I was like, hmm, makes sense. Um, so she, um, makes them watch the sappy romance movie to try to like seven their inner fire demons or something, I don't know. And so he does somehow and he blows up like half the room and they're just like, you're the president now. And he's just like, what the fuck is that how this works? They're like, yeah, you got the biggest power when we just unlocked it. So there you go. And then he gets a sword to the chest

Speaker 1:66:27and that's the end of episode one. But yeah, very, very randomly and then he starts to bleed a cosmic stars, which is really, it looked really great on what, why look. Um, and then so this girl with a sword standing behind him, she's got like dough pair and shit and she's like, I want my boyfriend. And they're just like, who's your boyfriend? He's like, that guy. And they point to the charred body, but they killed. He's bleeding out and the a ponytail girl goes to, like, starts fighting this chick. Eventually she kills her too because she does three ponytails and uh, and they're just like, they're like, I'm sorry, I got district. They were about my child's adorable voice. So she does three ponytails and somehow lights are on fire because it's some secret technique and uh, it's Kinda Kinda in their lives a little bit more of.

Speaker 1:67:30It's not like we're summing up. And I was Kinda like, I'm really sold on this concept and I would like to watch more fire x fire because I'm pretty sure that x is for real and not just a comma because fire a fire. I'm like, well, why don't you just do another comment, fire and match your fucking little title thing in there, but they didn't. So I'm pretty sure it's fire fire and I'm, there's some magic going on it because they say to get a teacher to fix the classroom because she's like, get a teacher to fix this because I got physics here tomorrow. So. But it was interesting. It's not the last of my short shorts though. I can't understand what my husband is saying.

Speaker 1:68:16I'm glad it's been recommended to me, but I haven't watched it yet. It's a, it's pretty fucking good. Lindsey. Let's just say I related heavily because I had seen it, but I never seen the English title. So when I saw the English title I was like, okay, we're watching two seasons. We're doing it. Uh, because I was just like pretty sure that's what my wife says about me. So, um, it's, it's interesting. It's shorts again, but uh, there's a really weird. It's not like a linear story. It kind of bounces around a timeline a lot, but it starts off with this guy and this girl getting married. And you're like, oh, let's just like a cute little wedding and stuff and he's like, I'm never going to make be able to make you happy and I'm so sorry for that. And you're just like a.

Speaker 1:69:13and this is as they're getting ready to do the like kiss the bride moment. So you know, they already said I do. And we're just like, ah, what the fuck? And she's like, she's like, well at least I got to wear a dress and be cute for the day. And I was like, uh, what, why, why is your beard starting this way? And then it's funny because then the like, the go to like a tropical, like honeymoon and stuff. And she's like, it's too sunny, I don't want to get burned. I don't want to wear my bathing suit. And she's like, I can, I can show you in the hotel room. And then it just puts up a sign that says after that they had a lot of sex and this show, I see where you're going. I like it. And it just kinda goes through like their weird little nerdom.

Speaker 1:70:01Like he's, he watches too much anime, he's just in a talk, you and they live in these two different worlds, but you're just like. And they never really explained why they fell for each other. They just Kinda, they worked at the same place and it was, it's one of those like a merry go round Sushi counter things. And uh, I guess they just, they both worked there and they just somehow kind of started dating, like they kind of go a little bit into the second season of like he was interested in this one woman, but that woman saw that they kind of both had better chemistry and so she just gave him the cold shoulder and then all of a sudden they just kinda like,

Speaker 1:70:42she, she told him to stop crying about it and then he was like, they went on a date and it was funny her, her dad is apparently a world famous chef and it was always like ready to kill the guy or something. And a super funny and the second season because they, the way the first season ends, I don't want to spoil it. But then they started the second season and you're just kinda like, why, why are we dealing with that subject that we're dealing with? What the fuck? And then there it's like new years. So go over to his parent's house and his dad is like, she says hello to his dad and he's just like, what the fuck? You weren't a joke. He was like, what do you mean? He starts yelling at the rest of the family is like, why didn't you tell me that she was real? They're like, we did. You didn't believe that was great. Uh, his brother, um,

Speaker 1:71:36is more like his sister and she thought that it was his sister until he's like, no, like I got a dick. And uh, and he has like, his brother has a huge crush on him, but then he, he has this friend and he totally like kind of make these, sets them up in the guise of friendship, knowing that his brother will fall for this guy and like taste him around. And the, his wife's like, oh, that was really nice for you. You know, I thought, you know, but you guys are friends and so he's like, no, I think of a more of a sacrifice and it was super great because, uh, there's, there's sudden some nerd shit, Lindsay, that even, it's even over my head where I'm just like, damn, I just, I'm not a nerd a fucking enough for this show apparently. Um, cause like the brother doesn't know that she's like a normy and so he's just like, he's like, Hey, shut that.

Speaker 1:72:34He's knocked out a talk. You talk off, she doesn't know what the hell you're saying. She's a normal person. And the brother was like, no way. And he goes over and he tests or he's like, Hey, if I say I'm an attacker would are you? And she's like a defender and he's a second. I'm so sorry for everything I've ever said and stuff. And I guess it's like a, uh, like a boy love term anology were an attacker is like the, the one that kind of progressed as the storyline by attacking the other one, I don't know, again, over my fucking head and it, and it got really quiet. All of a sudden you have the microphone and life and I was just like, this is, people are staring at me if you like. Anyway. So that was funny and it's just kinda keeps going over how

Speaker 4:73:25they're just

Speaker 1:73:27very different and how she's just like, oh fuck, like he's like my wife who don't talk about her. And she's like, I'm your wife. And he's just like, that's not stop what that means. I laughed at that. We talked about that. That was so older a no, it's like, uh, maybe like two years old ish.

Speaker 4:73:50So let me, it's that old. It was like 2000.

Speaker 1:73:58Let me just look it up. Now I've got to look things up. It's not currently playing though, right? Or is it just the two seasons? It was just the Tuesdays. I hope they do a third season because it was a, the way it ends, I was just like fucking, especially because they can, it kind of feels like they, um, so much like the kind of waste a lot of the, a second season I feel like, like there was good spots, but it was like, oh, can't we just get to that other part please, please. I was 2014, 2015. So that's not, not that old I guess four years. Well it's Kinda like how long have you been doing this podcast?

Speaker 1:74:50And I guess it was before that. But uh, yeah, it, it's, it's interesting. I really love the art because a lot of it's kind of like loose and sloppy and they do almost intentional jump cuts and stuff. But then there was two episodes. I'm one of each season where they completely changed the animation style and it got super detailed and just kind of a looser style. It looked almost a little more, not exactly, but just comparatively of how it moved and flowed to like devil men cry baby. Um, and, and I really actually ended up liking those episodes because at first I was just like, oh, this story is, this is like in the past, I don't care about this one, but then I ended up being like, oh, those are my favorites. So, but it's just, it's just funny, just like the, it's just very relatable, I'll put it that way.

Speaker 1:75:47I related to the husband, especially like [inaudible], like on, uh, on Christmas, his wife had, has to work and so he ends up hanging out with her friends and then they can keep inviting over more and more friends. But he's just hanging out with all these couples and stuff that his wife is friends with. And uh, then he, he goes to leave and like one of her best friends is like, this was held for you, wasn't it? And he's just like, yeah, pretty much, you know, not my thing, but just the fact that he kind of suffers through it silently and actually tries. I was just like, that's like every day of my life, like every work event I've ever been to with my wife. Yeah. It was just, there's a lot of relatable things, you know, and I'm sure if I could have got her to watch as she would've been like, yeah, that relate to. So it's quite, quite interesting that way. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. They're like think four minutes long each episode and there's 26 episodes. So yeah, I watched it all on a day. I was just like, so

Speaker 2:77:23call it. Yeah. Now that it's been on my list to check out, I just haven't gotten it.

Speaker 1:77:29It's fun. Like I said, I mean it's not perfect. Animation's not like amazing, but it's like, it's good for what it is, you know, like they weren't like let's put our heart and soul into three minutes there, just like, let's just get this job done. That'll be good enough. So anyway. What else do you got?

Speaker 2:77:50I got a movie.

Speaker 1:77:57I mean, I could pretend to be shocked if you'd let me,

Speaker 2:78:03uh, love to Nevo and other dilutions take on me,

Speaker 1:78:13take me. Um, to me that's what I thought when I read that title, by the way

Speaker 2:78:20that meets you in any other. I can't see. I have no like tune reception, so I'm sure that

Speaker 1:78:29no one is a stinger from that, so I'm pretty sure they're just like, both of you should stop. Especially bad guy knows that she's not doing it.

Speaker 2:78:43He forced me anyway, so I remember watching the first season of the show and enjoy talking about it. Yeah, it was cute. It was fun. The second season it had lost its sparkle and the bag was pretty old, so season two was very, which is kind of where this movie continue.

Speaker 1:79:14Did you like season two? You're to love our movie.

Speaker 2:79:19There was. I like, I guess I liked the resolution because we do get a resolution, but whole freaking hour and a half leading up to that I seriously had. I posited about like 30 minutes into it and then I went, oh, oh, oh,

Speaker 1:79:52I better, I don't know, make a pizza or something.

Speaker 2:79:59So it's a 90 minute movie and it feels like three hours if you like it. Ledgers

Speaker 1:80:07infinity. Well now watch

Speaker 4:80:08this movie. It'll feel the same law.

Speaker 2:80:16Maybe there's people who like it, but it just by then the whole gag is old. Um, she can't really cope with the real world. So she has that like eighth grade Ebo Syndrome where she thinks she has magical powers and she said, I've heard another enemy referred to it and they'd call it. It's usually like an eighth grade thing. Like they mentioned that with Cato in psyche, he's got like that eighth grade. So he thinks he's still let you know. I wonder if an enemy

Speaker 4:81:01wonder if it's just an, a b that they've made to like here if you're doing this time story, use this shit. Because I was just like coping with reality. Aren't we all trying to cope with reality and struggling? Do I get to run around like an asshole? But like fireball, fireball, they're like growing up the school fireball

Speaker 2:81:24I've seen kids like, you know, walking around with like when the Roto is big they'd have, they'd wear those little gloves with the little metal bands on them and stuff that's just for like everyday, like they weren't like full on cars play. They just don't know. Reminded me of that a little bit. Now they're fucking nerds, so we would like

Speaker 4:81:50Bard who is my nora do the chat off.

Speaker 2:82:00Utilize is the main guy and he's, he used to do that stuff in eighth grade and he wanted to give it up for high school and make a good impression, but he gets involved who is going out this whole new thing, like super hard. It has the little anime. She thinks she thinks that like her, I has a magical power and so just like Keto just not as funny. Yeah, exactly. And it was cute in season one. It was very cute. And then season two, oh, I think I remember being frustrated because season two is just frustrating, but then at the very end they're about to finally like kiss and acknowledged that yeah, you know, we do have feelings for each other and then the kiss gets interrupted like a millimeter before their lips meet and it's like all that and we don't even get a kiss.

Speaker 4:83:13Yeah, that rings a bell.

Speaker 2:83:15Yeah. So then maybe picked up six months after that they're about to enter their senior year of high school.

Speaker 4:83:24It's an eighth grade syndrome.

Speaker 2:83:28Rica is about to turn 18 and utas and she's still, she sucks at studying. She doesn't want to study. Um, they both want to go to the same college and be together. They're living together. Yeah. They moved in together like season two was some stupid enemy only arrangement, which is

Speaker 4:83:58screentime walking. We got to just live with each other. We're going to have awkward things and the bad time.

Speaker 2:84:06Well, according to youth, because they're a friend brings that up. She goes, come on, how far you guys got? And he got a lot on what you're talking about, like flashbacks to they're almost kiss. And he goes, oh, well that's about it. And she goes, you haven't kissed. And he goes now. And she was, she has it like, um, you have, uh, like walked in on the bathroom and she's like, oh no, you finished getting dressed. And he goes, no. And she goes, Oh, let me sleep in your bed. And so they're like, what's wrong with you? And he's like, I'm fine with the way things are

Speaker 4:84:43and we didn't want to do those anime trope, so fuck you.

Speaker 2:84:49Uh, the plot starts with her, her sister, her older sister gets a job in Italy and wants the whole family to move to Italy. So she's like, all right, a little sister, you know it, you're done. We're going to come with me. And so she, her friends come up with the idea that she and you should just elope and they'll tell the sister like, oh no, they ran off together. You can't keep them separated. You have to let her say,

Speaker 4:85:21yeah, that would work. So did they actually eloped though?

Speaker 2:85:28Well, not ticket, married, but they do actually run away and travel all over Japan being chased by their sister and the two friends that the sister blackmailed into helping her locate them.

Speaker 4:85:43I see my cast very appalled by this.

Speaker 2:85:48Yes. And you took, he's like, oh my God, we know we're almost out of money. And I'm like,

Speaker 4:85:54what are your seed all? How'd you buy that plane ticket? How do you have in there? Just so it's just a touristy.

Speaker 1:86:07It's one of those episodes of like, check out this scenic city and then they include it in the city. Kicks him a couple bucks.

Speaker 2:86:16Yeah, right. I mean they traveled by train plane.

Speaker 1:86:23Don't say automobile. Don't do.

Speaker 2:86:25Neither one of them can drive.

Speaker 1:86:27Oh I don't even by taxi.

Speaker 2:86:31And then they get kicked out of a hotel because he like, he's like, well I'll try and stay here. And so they're like, the lady's like, are you guys under age? And she's like, I'm 20, I'm 22. And then they get kicked out. The girls Rica, she's like, you said you were too old, you can't pull up. And he's like, the only logical thing to me it was like, yeah, I only someone calling these guys out on their shit, but I didn't have no problem getting a hotel rooms and other places.

Speaker 1:87:17That's it's called money. Money talks. Sometimes money makes you turn away.

Speaker 2:87:23They went to

Speaker 1:87:24you about the bone out, whatever, $20 bucks.

Speaker 2:87:28They go to some place that he is. He really wants this sword, but she wants all this other crap and so he's like, what would your girlfriend want to make her happy so he doesn't buy himself anything in bias her all the crap she wants the eats and buy stuff and just go around all the Japan. He buys her a ring and a and I thought she was being kind of an asshole because all like, you know, here I am, I just want this to be proof that I really do want to stay by your side. And so he's trying to put it on her finger and she just grabbed it away from him and she goes, I'll do it. And she like puts the owner on her finger. She doesn't even let him know. I was just like foot down and then she's like, I don't. Her whole, her whole deal is that she thinks he is in love with her just as she is, but the more she falls in love with him, the last. She feels like being her eighth grade syndrome person and she doesn't think he'll still love her if she's not like that. Whereas he is,

Speaker 1:88:43boy, howdy. Let me tell you something.

Speaker 2:88:46It's like, I don't think she's ever going to change, but that's okay. I accept it. Like he kind of wants her to grow up a little bit, but he's accepted that she probably never will and he still wants to be with her, but yeah. So she's all afraid of. I say I still love her, so she runs away and then they're bringing union was the only part I like where they were a standard like across from each other. And they were like, I'm shouting all, they're like little fake powers they have there like fireball, fireball finished. Um, and then when they do embrace and then they finally kiss 'em all around, like you see all the lights and stuff from all their powers, you know, lighting up the sky and that part I was Kinda like, oh, that's cute. You should have just put that at the end of season one

Speaker 4:89:59and never made this movie. Was the animation good? At least

Speaker 2:90:04it was the animation to look really good. Um, what was it

Speaker 4:90:08the true ending? Does she go to Italy?

Speaker 2:90:13Oh yes. Oh, I forgot. Okay. So after the credits, um, he goes to Italy but just on a trip because the whole reason the sister wanted them there is [inaudible]. She's getting married and they're at the sister's wedding and the sister, uh, throws the ball and she goes, you better catch it Rica because you're not living with me anymore. These are the keys to your new house and throws the bouquets and Rica like jumps up in the air and it freeze frames like on her silhouette catching it and the end acceptable.

Speaker 4:90:56I mean, but they were already living together. And why did we need, why wouldn't you just say, Hey, come to my wedding,

Speaker 2:91:07intimated to talk about. I feel like they didn't really have anything for anyone to do. It was just like the friends chasing them just kept fighting with each other, but also not just the positions that the sister kept coming in and taking pictures of them. The Black Mellum. Okay.

Speaker 4:91:34Sounds like my favorite part already.

Speaker 2:91:42It just wasn't, it was old worn off. I like the, you know, they finally were like, you know what? Yeah, we do love each other and y'all will probably change, but we can also keep some of the.

Speaker 4:92:00She was afraid of like losing her whole honey wait to you get to college.

Speaker 2:92:12Well I would have liked that Indian just kind of tacked on to the end of season one and something like that and I've just been like, yeah, this was great. It just, it went on too long.

Speaker 4:92:28I'll do a fan at it for you. I'll take the ending of season one and put the ending of the movie and there'll be a huge jump code. You'd be like, what the fuck? Why are they running this train station? A caters tabby seemed like I missed a lot of bullshit.

Speaker 2:92:49Oh, I don't know if I recommend it.

Speaker 4:92:53I was really sold on never ever bringing this up again.

Speaker 2:92:59It was nice to have a conclusion, but

Speaker 4:93:03you finished it. You're a finisher to Lindsay. It hope it's done

Speaker 2:93:09and we're not going to have them like all married

Speaker 4:93:14so it'll just jump to her having a kid having an eight year old syndrome thing or eighth grade syndrome thing or whatever.

Speaker 2:93:22Yeah, it was like picturing like their life together and she like just had a baby and she was like, a cloud is complete. She wanted to a, I can't remember what the name of the Dragon. And he was like, that's so awesome.

Speaker 4:93:45Oh, is he embraces it. My crazy name shit to. No, no. I was like, well, let's talk about. No. All right, well I guess I'll just hate you secretly. It wasn't a secret. Um, anything else you want to say about it? I got one more I'm going to talk about since we're just, we're doing a long one anyway, so fuck it. Go shut up. Cat Back. Backstreet girls. Goku dolls got all excited. Second Street y for the backs. And you said you can't sing liar. So usually I don't do idol shows ever because they kind of all at the same and suck. But this one, this one, I read what it was about and I'm glad I did because I would have probably passed over.

Speaker 1:94:57Get ready for Lindsay. Get rid of about three idols. Yeah. That used to be a yak was a men. So these three dudes, they screw up something for the Yakuza boss and he tells them like there's, they're very remorseful, they don't tell you what they screwed up, they're just like, we really screwed up in the boss, gave him a choice of death or a death and he's going to sell their organs. He made sure to include that part. They go to Thailand, get a sex change operation and become idols because he's like, I hear you can make a lot of money with it.

Speaker 1:95:47So they're like, Whoa, I guess will be idle. So they, the first episode goes through, they get the sex change operation after like a year. Huh? They don't do the operations in Japan. They have to go to Thailand, I'm assuming because it was on the cheap, you know, I guess, I dunno. Um, so then they, they get it and then they come back to the boss and he's like, oh, this is great. You guys look great. All right, now you're going to start doing your training. And they had to like sit under a cold waterfall and seeing until they got their singing voice and shit. And uh, and watch like they watched like 600 hours of idle footage. So I think I want to be an idol. And uh, the best part is, is like when they're not in idle mode, they just act like Yak. Is that guy still like they sit with their legs, spread, smoke. One of them has a heavy drinking problem because they're all super fucked up and depressed because they're just super confused by themselves. And the animation's great because whenever it goes to the inner monologue, it switches to the guy's voice and occasionally it'll show like the guy's face with like the girl's haircut that they have a super great. So then the boss brings in this guy who's going to train them to be better idols.

Speaker 1:97:22The animations that actually kind of sucks, but I don't care because I'm just like, I just love everything they're doing good. Good. Oh, it gets, it gets better. So he's trying to train them and so they start thinking. They call him, they start calling him chief because he reminds him of the guy that trained them and brought them up in the organization and shit. That's so funny. And then second episode they, um, they get booked for like,

Speaker 1:97:57oh, they get like Gibson Shit from their fans. Oh No, I should tell you this other part I gotta tell you this other parent, the first episode first. Okay. So they, they doing like a handshake event and they're just like, they don't want to these. And then the guy shows up. He's super creepy and shit and they recognize him. They're like, you're the fucker that put us in this situation. And his is. Because they still have a hierarchy between the three of them have like a. because they were like a trio before. And uh, so the, like the leader dudes like ready to fucking punch this guy and then their fans come and like tackled the guy and start beating them up and get him arrested because then it's found out that he's a Yak, his own shit. And uh, and so they're just like, they're even more confused because they're just like, this is a good thing. Did we get satisfaction? It doesn't feel satisfying so everyone knows, beat these guys up for us.

Speaker 1:99:01And then the second episode they have to go on this talk show and it's super great because they're with their talking to other idols as well. And they keep answering like every time they answer something, the host is like, oh, are you an idol from the eighties and Shit [inaudible]. They're like kind of older dudes anyways. And they're just like, oh fuck. And then so they take a break and the chief guy, he coaches them, he's like, all right, people will appreciate honest idols now. So just, just be honest, don't answer like don't get bullshit answers. And so they're just like, you get asked a question about dating. And one of them's like, be honest, be honest. He's like, well, I found great pubic hair the other day and I was really weirded out by it.

Speaker 1:99:53Everyone just stares and utter shock and silence. Talked about his great pubic hairs. Djs like, we're going to go to a commercial and then there's always a narrator that chimes in. Occasionally. He was like, and from that day, Maurice Fan base grew, uh, another really good because I only watched two episodes, but they, they feel long, but they're not, it's just like they have a lot of content because they do a great back and forth with how they were before and how they are now and stuff. And um, they're told to like get better at girl talk. So they had this like hairdresser and she was like giving them massages and stuff and they loved it. So like we should do that for ourselves at a hope or a girl talk. And then liquids rub each other's boobs. They're seeding it chain. Just doing the fierce is fucking groping each other and they all have this super sour look on their face.

Speaker 1:100:56And they're like, do I like this? Do I not? I so feared fused. And uh, and then like they rotate just like how long do we have to keep doing this? And the boss, the boss goes like, just keep, just keep going until we figured out there's got to be helping us and then they're given like an assistant who, who is in the organization with them and because everyone in the organization knows that they used to be dudes but they just treat them like women now and it. And so they're, they don't have any other friends over themselves and stuff. And they signed this one guy and they flash back to where, how he was like kind of the subordinate of one of the, one of the three and a, they go out like drinking and get noodles and, and they're talking. He's like, hey man, you know, thanks so much for [inaudible].

Speaker 1:101:46He's still call each other like bro and stuff. And which confuses the guy training them because he doesn't know that they had a sex change. He's just case got stopped calling each other brother, I want you to act like sisters, not brother. And uh, but he, he's out like drinking of the guy and he's just like, Oh man, you got better at holding your liquor because before you'd like stripped down naked and be like swinging your. He's like, ah, yeah, one more time for old time's sake. Don't do it. You know, that he, he does, he rips his clothes off and he's wearing underwear with her face on it because he's just like, we just, we had a lot of these leftover before he was only called them his man name, but that he starts to fuck it up and call her a girl day guys.

Speaker 1:102:33It's like, no, it's fine. It's weird. It's fucking weird. Stone still talk to me. He's like, just call me like her name is Chia or something. He's like, just call me John. It's fine. And he's just like, no, don't be like that. It's not gross. Why is it gross? And he's just like, he's like, it's funny, I did it like just his, his response is this so, so great. I was just like, I was a die laugh and it's, it's hilarious. And if they fuck up, the boss beats him with a baseball bat, like when they're doing the, I mean they don't show it, but uh, but when they were doing the interview, just showed the boss listening because he's like, I'll be listening to the interview, don't fuck up. He's like, no pressure though. They were just like, how are we not supposed to feel pressure? But it just shows him listening to the radio, like holding a bat and then do some practice swings.

Speaker 1:103:28Iterators like later their assets were hit with a baseball bat. I only got time to watch two episodes, which I'm really disappointed about and I wasn't going to talk about it, but then I just, I had to because it was so fucking funny. I was like, this is really good. I like the last time where I was just like, oh, I watched like one episode. It was really funny. And then I was like, as that, that, like this, it got funnier as it went on. So yeah, it's on this season. Yeah. So this is real good. I mean, again, they animation is not great. I don't think it has much of a budget, I don't even think it's technically having a wide release, but uh, I just found it because a lot of people were like, fuck that show and the other people are like, oh, you need to watch the show area. And I was just like, I'm going to side with these people

Speaker 1:104:22because I was just like, come on, it's three Yak is the guys you get a sex change to become idols because their boss makes them and they're locked in a closet. Oh. And I didn't even tell you the best part about the guests. So they get a bunch of fan gifts and uh, one of them gets like a bunch of teddy bears and stuff because he's like, because the boss is like, because you're cute, cuddly. And the, he like, he puts on a show when the guy he hired to train them there and stuff. And then the other one he's like, oh, you got a bunch of expensive brand name ones. And then the third one, the, the blonde. Like she didn't get anything really. She got like a couple letters in a box and he's just like, you should be more popular than the guy leaves and he's just like, Hey, I don't know. I don't care what you guys do with this shit. You don't get to keep it. They'll get rid of it, get some money, get to give it back to me.

Speaker 1:105:13And the other two are just like, Oh God, you're so lucky you got such like you didn't get anything. That was a lot of work to get rid of all that shit. And he's just like, oh fuck, I'll be using dream where he, he's like, starts talking to. You'd be like, I don't want to be pretty. I want to be popular now. The to wake up in here and say that they're like, it's just, it's great. The animation for whenever anyone's like, confused by their entire situation is just like blacked out eyes. It's, it's, it, it just works. It's really fun. We'll see. I'll keep everyone apprised because I will be watching more of it for sure.

Speaker 1:106:06I think that's it, Lindsey, unless you, uh, you got something else you want to say. She had the same thing to say. Hopefully. Hopefully it made it worth it. There was a lot of giggles on this episode. We learned a lot about each other. I think some of them more than others. Maybe. Maybe, I don't know. I don't know what a, what. I don't know what you learned until you leave a comment or something. Social media is coming, still kind of lazy, was going through some stuff you might have noticed that, uh, let's say presented by counting backwards. You can only find this now on our buzzsprout page, so look for that or just keep subscribing through your, you know, your provider or whatever. So, uh, we appreciate subscription, clicky button thing of lost, lost all vocal ability right now. And uh, we look forward to talking to you soon. Lindsay, take us away.

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