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Super S - Anime Podcast - Darling in the FranXX Special
August 11, 2018 Dustin Cabeal, Lindsay Mallard, Erika, and Sean
057.5 - Surprise! We're back with a new special episode. You may recall our Yuuki Yuna episode which tackled the entire series. Similarly, we'll be looking at Trigger and A-1 Picture's Darling in the FranXX. This is your only spoiler warning so finish the 24 episodes already! If you like these special episodes, please let us know, but also make some suggestions as to what we should cover in the future.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:31Welcome, welcome to super as anime podcast. I'm your host, Dustin, then joined by three cohost, starting with Lindsey. Hello. We're going to go to ladies first and keep it with Erica. Hello. And last and certainly not least, Shawn who has apparently swallowed a frog might make appearances on the podcast as well. That frog is not a cohost though. Oh sorry. We are. We have started. Yes, that was good. That was a, that was the start of this, which is a special episode and which we will be covering triggers, darling in the frank with two xs for reasons that relate to the show. So it's not just gimme well it is gimmicky. It is gimmicky, but at least when I realized I was like, Oh, Das wide, there's two x's, that's, that's fine, that's fair. Some would say gimmicky, some would say derivative. Say Good up till episode 15. Well let's jump right to episode 15 yet sir. Oh my God. Okay. Um, what was everyone's initial impressions? Like just looking at like trying to remember the first episode for some of us that's many months ago for others of us. That was Monday. Uh, oh, I can't wait to be the sole defender of this show, but somebody else go. Okay. Lindsay episode, the first episode. Okay. All right. Okay. That was wrong. What, what, anything that you want to like

Speaker 2:2:28elaborate one? I liked the end. I was kind of like math for maybe the first half of the episode, but then, um, when he got in that Qa, the Franks with her as like, oh, this is cool, I want to know what happens

Speaker 1:2:47or don't know how much tongue was used.

Speaker 2:2:54Kind of okay with her swimming in the lake and then gain him. Oh, you interested. Interesting.

Speaker 1:3:01Is that correct? Okay. She's super. She's super cute. Shawn, what was your impressions of the first episode? The first episode? It's intriguing. The use of nudity ended up being a plot device later, but for the time being it was fine. I think all the first six episodes are very solid, but I guess we're just talking about the first one. Yeah, just like initial impressions before anything else to base it off trigger may be my favorite studio and I learned that it's like half of the guy next people are over on their team. I don't know what a guy next is. So. Oh, they did Garan Lagan. Evan Galleon two of the best shows ever made, no matter who you talk to, don't listen to them. Never watched either. So we'll just uh, oh my God. Not Acknowledge that that is fact and move on. No. Alright. Anything else about the, just the initial first episode impressions, uh, the, the professor. Frank's is very gropey.

Speaker 3:4:12Yes, he is.

Speaker 1:4:15Well that then we'll just move right over to Erica. Lower your impressions of the first episode other than a gropey doctor.

Speaker 3:4:23I thought it was good. Um, it made a really good first impression for the, for the show and I really liked the art style and the enemies in the, in the show, like the clack, clack, Salazar's. Yup. Yeah, they're pretty cool. And it was like my first Mecca, like animated show. So it's really cool. I like it.

Speaker 1:4:53I see. Alright, well I thought the first episode is very competent character as well. I knew what I was getting almost instantly and it was very, uh, by the formula for Mac stuff. I'll put it that way for the mic, John Rowe, but knowing trigger, I knew there would be a twists and turns. So that's where I reside. There's one particular twist they seem to love to do over and over again and all of their different shows. Oh, which one is that? I'm curious too, because I think there were several that they. Yeah, go ahead. The Big One being the whole outer space element that comes in later seems to happen a lot. But for this one I'd say I expected that because it was the genre, like I was just like about fucking time. So, um, so the first six episodes

Speaker 4:5:59we meet hero who can't pilot these Franks, which require one woman to sit doggy style and one man to a grab handles attached to her buttocks. She drive a overly sexualized female Mecca out of 10 best show. And I saw how they drove them. I was just like, so the helmet is the dashboard. Got It. Yeah. This is. And we do find out later that they just have to be male and female pairs, but the man can just as easily get in the supine position. I thought that was a special circumstance. Yeah, I thought that was just for the nines that they could make it do either.

Speaker 4:6:55I'm going to be honest. Uh, I rewatched one through 15 and didn't get to rewatch 16 through 24, so I may have forgotten that. That's fine. That's why Lindsay and I are here for her because she finished it and I only just watched it this week. I'm be my wings please w. and that's the other thing. We can't fly. You're going to get sent back to the garden, which sounds instantly bad. I don't know why he was just like, fuck it. I'll go back to the garden. It was just like, dude, it's the future. That sounds like death to me personally. But you do, you play, uh, he, he meets a zero to who never gets a decent name here at the show. Just iota, is that a better name? Not really, because it's like I don't get one iota about that name. Oh, that's whatever lens. You don't ruin that word. Like, um, what about the cast? Because the first six kind of introduces the cast and yeah, I hear what has this whole thing where he can't fly. He wants to go a zero, zero two and though he was passed out and everyone's kind of giving him shit for it. But what did everyone think of the rest of the crew?

Speaker 4:8:15I liked how they were, but I did. They didn't really like any of them until they got their spotlight episodes later on and then I enjoyed them for maybe Goro. He's pretty cool. Yeah, of course. I was super cool. He is awesome. Erica. I could have swore I heard you say you hated someone.

Speaker 3:8:35Oh yeah. Oh, um. Well, first, first impression for zero. My hated him and then ended up liking him.

Speaker 4:8:45How could you hate him? He was the best character of the entire billing.

Speaker 3:8:52Made me so mad when he was being so mean to hero.

Speaker 5:8:59Benji.

Speaker 1:9:01Alright, let's just boil it down real quick. We'll just. Euro is not as Shinji. Thank you. Unlike a Shinji, he learned to be brave. Shinji never does. I don't even know these terms that you guys are using. So someone better explained. Oh me. Okay. Uh, Kevin Gotten a chin is the main character and a boy. Does he get afraid a lot and never stopped being afraid to do things?

Speaker 6:9:40See,

Speaker 1:9:42I don't think that describes hero

Speaker 5:9:46starter. It was like

Speaker 1:9:53was he couldn't get it up. Like that was a sexual metaphor. He had limp Dick. Performance anxiety. Thank you very much. I learned later on too much man for normal purse of the plot. Twist bus for him. He could only fit one person and that's zero. Guys know he fit with a dude too, so. Well briefly. No, that was his college years around space in college. Just hooking up with dudes.

Speaker 5:10:41That was a special circumstance too because he was a nine in their class

Speaker 1:10:48through. Is that he said his name. Lindsey. I loved him too, by the way.

Speaker 5:10:57Hey asshole.

Speaker 1:11:00Yeah. You know who I, I super hated was not hated, but I like Cokato. I wanted to just, I was just like bad. I smell bullshit a mile away. Ladies Show your real self. But no, if you wanted to ride with hero to just saying, well who doesn't? Apparently everyone did except for what's her face. Yeah. She wanted to ride it.

Speaker 5:11:33Each one I liked the least, but I think it's just because they waited so long to give her like any personality.

Speaker 1:11:41Yeah. Yeah. I totally agree. But they also really heavily alluded to her being a lesbian like very early on where I was just like, oh, you're gay. You're just want to just want to be with her. Got It. They're not conducive with you now. And then they didn't know what that touch of tragedy did make me like her. It was sad. I felt bad for them. I mean. Alright, so first six. Sorry, I, we were still there. Alright. Any other character he missed? I hated the. I don't think they ever did anything with the big guy. Unfortunately.

Speaker 1:12:21He was a fucking crybaby. He was heartbroken. Yeah. Well, late puberty sucks. They just established him as like the portly gentleman who likes to eat a lot in the first six and it's like they never really go outside that other than he's a eventually just a little too love Lauren with what's her name? Yeah. And a Micu. Then they didn't do Jack Hall with her. They were like ubi, sundry be sundry and she's just like, okay, no problem. I don't think she ever got it like a spotlight episode. Really know, like during the, the dorm fight. She had a little bit of personality but it wasn't like anything that mattered to the story or anything. You can Ogle me a little bit but don't be carried away. I was just like, that's, that's what we gave to. She said you're all going to die and you were like, okay, you can, you can stare at my butt and like, because it's not too much eyes forward, motherfucker can't do it while I'm at the gym run. Just lifting something. Sorry, now I'm speaking. Forget it. Let's move on. The social contract that I'm signed up to. Um, yeah. So then they started piloting the Franks we see and other than fighting and not being very good at it and zero to having a save them a lot. And she gave him aids. I mean that's one way to.

Speaker 1:14:06I don't think they called it

Speaker 7:14:12a disease in the beginning.

Speaker 1:14:18I think it was a yellow cell poisoning was technically what it, what it was. But uh, yeah. So then, so hero starts to die as a, trying to break what they call the three times curse after she rides with people three times in a row. Her stamen usually parishes. Yeah. Rides that booties. Just too good.

Speaker 1:14:48Too much to handle. Yeah. There was a lot of double figure everything. Yeah. I didn't notice what the ride's Huh? Wait. When someone rides with her and then you have to remember how they ride. You know, I mean come on, it's still not getting it. She got it. Everyone else is just awkwardly silent now. So hard to read this room right now. I'll tell you that much. Uh, yeah. So here is like on the verge of death, he gives up halfway through the battle and then gets all sad when he sees her fighting by herself and uh, sucks the poison all backup into himself somehow through magic because they never really explained that bullshit and a of me, it's true love feast mode with like super bad ass. They're like super cool. Like that. I mean we're breezing past it. But guys, did you swoon a little bit? Because I sure did. When he embraces her. No, I'm the only one. All right, fine. Well which time they swooned embrace. I'm trying to remember the first six when. Oh, when you mean like when he's just like, Hey, am I given up on you? Yeah. Oh yeah. That was good. That was a good scene. He's like, I have another reason to fight the collectors. Ours. I'll be your wings. Yeah. Wow. Like, I don't care. She's like, Nice Lindsay. When we repeat it is a relationship. I could see that. Well.

Speaker 1:16:43Oh No. She's still like pretty things though. He didn't really. He didn't really care about pretty things. Yeah. So then they, the feet. Some big ass thing and that's the end of the first six which uh, like. Oh, right. I do think it was a solid first six. So as much as I enjoyed, I do think it was pretty predictable. The pacing and everything that it, it went through. So did you enjoy the episode where she rode with somebody else? A K, a cooked hero for a moment.

Speaker 1:17:19Um, yeah. I mean that was interesting. I learned a new phrase from the comments section and a crunchy roll. Crunchy roll. If you're listening, talked to Dustin, if you want sponsor ship, was it Dhtr? Is that correct? No idea. No, not dta, dta. So many things being said that it's sleeping with somebody else to make the person you really like jealous and it's in a different anime. That's initials that are dtr. I really should have looked this up before I said I learned it, but yeah, essentially what happens anyway, cut this out dustin. No request request denied forever. Okay. Um, so yeah, the first six were good.

Speaker 1:18:26Stands for define the relationship. How I met your mother. Yeah. There's a whole episode about that. I'm going to look it up. Don't you worry? All right. Well, uh, what's this dump jump into? A seven through 12. I just don't even have to move on. And this is where they hit puberty, right? Everyone. Episode seven, episode eight is boy's ex girls. I forget what seven is. Seven and a shooting star. Well, seven is the conclusion of A. Oh, the beach episode. The beach episode where. Oh, and also we get, we see a hint of the nines at the end of episode six and I was just like. And there would be some external piece on the chess board that they were there and use there. But yeah. So seven, they're on the beach is a beach party and this is where, uh, what's his face became my favorite character because he was just a big old perv as is irrelevant is a Rome.

Speaker 1:19:30Yeah. You wanted to kiss hero? Yeah. This guy's all over the map of love him. Love Him. Uh, I, I just, I honestly liked how consistent his character was. Even up until the end. He, he kind of had this like absolutely he, he bought into the system so much and I think it was great that he was so consistent, even when his is a highlight episode came around where it should have crumbled him, but he was just like, nope, I'm consistent because I think that just is more reflective of how people really are in life. So I, I did like that spotlight episode that we will, we will definitely get there because that was like a great fucking episode. I'm sorry I'm clicking on multiple things. Trying to figure out. Yeah. So the beach episode though, they learned what kissing is and you realize how just uneducated on certain things these kids are, they don't know, you don't know what it is and the boys are learning that the female body is an attractive form. There was no learning curve there either. They're just like, oh, I love the beach. Yeah. They were just like, here's why each is awesome. Those are the women

Speaker 4:20:48were, they were like, oh, these guys have caved in, chest hit the gym guys like, seriously muscle up, muscle up. Um, and then what's her face? And I keep forgetting her damn name. Oh, cocoa finds a, uh, so you're having a baby book which sets the, uh, the plot for her entire character art for the rest of the year. The series.

Speaker 1:21:15This is what I loved about the show so far, is like the slow trickle in of the lore and now these kids don't know what relationships are. They don't know what sex is or what happened to humanity. Why are they all living in domes now? And they just give us these little touches of, oh, human civilization used to be this and now this experimental group of kids is, they're getting contaminated by the old world. And what's that gonna mean for defending plantations is all good stuff. Pre Episode Fifteen. It's all good.

Speaker 4:21:45Keeps. Keeps mentioning that episode 15. And then, uh, yeah, episode eight, uh, some of the, uh, what are they fucking call the inclax the sores or something? Yeah. Yeah, they, uh, one of them splurge is a, I'm just going to put it that way. And, uh, it starts to eat the fabric of the women, just the women for some reason. I don't know why, I don't remember the scene. A witness made an impression on me, uh, should have. They spent a very long time were the men were very, or the boys were very distracted, a disintegrating suits. And then finally, Hero. Here's a typical dickbag character in this situation. I mean, we all knew it was going to be here. And it's like, come on dude, you've already seen her naked. Oh, you're siding with the perverts. He already had a solid taste of perversion. So.

Speaker 5:22:45Well, of course you did like, look away. But then he like kind of peeked back.

Speaker 4:22:51Oh yeah. Cool. He totally was. And that was just when they got to him. What was he doing? The artist at the time gazing, gazing upon. Super Awesome. So, but anyway, and then this, this, this makes a rift between the men and the women were the women are done with the boys.

Speaker 1:23:12It's a classic. I love Lucy tiles style situation. Draw a line in the middle of the orphanage and you're over there and we're over here and the men can't use the bathroom.

Speaker 5:23:27We have the bath and they have so the women and the men can't be.

Speaker 4:23:34Yes, that was. That was good. And then zero to you fixes everything by fun. Yeah, by pulling another classic Lucy and switch,

Speaker 1:23:46switching the bath, telling the girls to go in the bath and switched into the boys and telling them they were all free and clear to go in and then stealing all their clothes. That was a great scene between the two of them. It was very fun. At the start of this episode I was really worried it was going to be some some nonsense, but I liked the direction that the battle of the sexes when that, I don't know, they kind of looked inward just like how they were acting in the conclusion the boys came to is like, well, they take the brunt of the attacks and I'm sure they don't appreciate us staring at them while this is happening, so maybe we should just cool it and apologize. Yeah, there was like mutual respect found because the women realized they can't just go out there and drive them by themselves or the men realized that, you know, you can't just treat them like a piece of equipment as well.

Speaker 8:24:41So

Speaker 1:24:43slows down the perversion of the entire series a little bit, a little bit like how a hero tried to diffuse the situation by saying, ah, the doctor says it's good that we're perverts. Right? And she goes, Yep. Which, which when she's the odd man out and everyone's still kind of looking, they're like, eh aspect and then help his argument in.

Speaker 8:25:07So, um, I

Speaker 1:25:11see. What else? What else in this one? Anyone? Oh, ntr is what I was thinking of. I know you're all waiting for it now. We do. Now we need to know is this a lot? A lot of stuff. The kids open your googles or your beings and look it up. Now you're supposed to tell us. I'm waiting. I'm not gonna I can't open open another tab and this is going to crash. All right, I'll open a tap. Oh yeah, no. Yeah, NTR trap. Oh yeah, there you go. That's a show to watch. Yeah, this search for a search for that episode of the old superfast and you will have quite the journey with me in the laundromat watching something not appropriate to watch with other people.

Speaker 1:26:09Was this at the laundromat where you were asked what Blue Ray was or bluetooth range? Same one I have since switched because that one. But let me tell you a little quick sidebar about that. Great. So lately all the machines are broken and I was like, Hey, what's going on with this place? Was it has everything broken that being repaired so you're going to get changed and there's a sign that says looking for a washing machine repairman, please call us at Blah Blah Blah. And I'm like, how are these supposed to find this to fix these? You think that like some washing machine repair man, is this going to stumble

Speaker 4:26:44and be like, Hey, all your machines working or do you need like someone like me to fix them was just like, that's not how things get repaired. He putting like a note inside my fridge, please fix this fridge. Call me at Blah, blah, blah, and then the refrigerator repairman shows up. He's like, Hey, is your fridge working? I just, something told me to check something. Told me to check. So thank you Lindsay for the pity laugh. Everyone else was like, please shut up and move back on. That happened in episode nine. Yes, that was episode nine was a triangle bomb where Goro a show. Yeah, he gets trapped inside. And uh, this is, uh,

Speaker 4:27:30here's the thing, like I said before, this series falls a lot of the formula for Mecca and such, but it, this was one of the episode where I was like, oh, okay, we're taking the Gundam wing route where no one can fucking die. Okay. Because, uh, in a typical Meco one, it wouldn't be Goro that died. It would have been each ago she would have died. It would have been a false lead that you would have think Goro would die, but then she would have died and I want to change the mood and the flow of the series and stuff. But they went for a, uh, a double false, a death scene where it was just like, is it going to be one? Isn't it going to be both? I don't know. Find out. It's neither. It's neither just we're all here forever. So

Speaker 1:28:19now see, I was tracking with the show as since this all is like love and sex metaphors. Anyway, I was more into um, maybe if he had confessed his love for her beforehand, they may have thought he was going to die, but this was all leading up to him learning to appreciate his life, to the point of I need to tell each ego how I really feel and the fact that she lost her old hair clip and he gets to give her the new one. I'm tracked with that. So I don't know if you guys thought the same way, but the plot of the show, it seems like a real afterthought.

Speaker 6:28:54Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 4:28:57You're talking about the, the final six thing?

Speaker 1:29:01Yeah. Where they have satisfied the big love story and go mmm.

Speaker 4:29:06Six or so episodes to fill. Yeah. Um, yeah, we'll, we'll get there. But I don't, I don't disagree because, yeah, this, I mean, that was the great thing is then we move into this whole relationship thing where zero two is a closing herself off more. Everyone's becoming, everyone hit puberty and it was more aware of their feelings and feeling love and under kind of trying to understand love. And this all leads up to a 12 I think. And then.

Speaker 1:29:42Oh, we do the partner shuffle, right? Oh yeah. Oh, but that's before. That's after the episode where they get, they get metals to reward them and keeps the morale high. Rome gets his spotlight episode where he sees what the adult city is like. Yeah. That's because he's obsessed with becoming an adult and he feels that if they do a good job, Papa will, uh, let him move into the city and everywhere. Everyone always goes quiet on this. Motherfucker's like, what's it like being an adult? So when do I get there? And everyone's just like, dude, what the fuck? Why do you care? No, it's just like, you're never going to get there, man. That's all I'll say. Like, don't tell them it's sad. He doesn't know, like there's like a real big pity party around him. Like I liked when they teamed up with that one crew and they were just like, oh, he doesn't know. He's like, oh yeah, no one from our crew has I eat, we die a lot. Like a lot of. And they saw that in the boy's ex girls episode where uh, what's her name, ran into an old dorm and saw a picture of the old squad and they were all dead now. So there's some real sinister going on with this way of life.

Speaker 1:30:59She gets exposed, exposing the Dr Franks episode. But uh, yeah, so I liked his episode when he was talking to the adult and she got tired because she hadn't talked in like billions of years or something. She seemed so sad. Well, yeah, cause she was faced with real emotion and then all of a sudden was just like, oh damn, I forgot what this shit's lake. They imply that the two of them have a connection that's never addressed again. Yeah, I got, I got a feeling she might have been like a, either a caretaker or a DNA sample or something, you know? Yeah, there's definitely something there. And his narration just like, Eh. And then I forgot about it and I forgot about her and I never found out. Yeah. Which was this like kind of real, like it just didn't fit his character so well just I didn't get the impression that he was going to be a deep thought guy, you know, I wonder what that old ladies do it. And she had good desserts. Oh, go ahead.

Speaker 2:32:08I liked him and that he's seriously, he just, he was just like a little teenage kid just in thought to the next and then. Oh, I have a question about this and then getting distracted.

Speaker 1:32:27Yeah. Not knowing why he's crying or anything like that. It doesn't want to be pitied wants to be taken seriously. What a good boy.

Speaker 1:32:40And then he cleaned that bathroom like you didn't give a damn, which was this great. Oh my favorite part was the get the partner getting his uh, his pleasure in what I would like to call it, the future sex machine. He was hitting that button really hard just in there all the time there. There's something real sad about that whole setup, eat these little cakes and he just thinks out in their work that may speak to kind of a sad human truth that men as they lose their minds just become like these pleasure center buttons that all they want to do is keep hitting it. And the women just want to keep a nice clean home. It made me real depressed. Well, I had the feeling it was like that for everywhere. So yeah. Yeah, because she did say they're following a tradition of partnership but it's not love based. That just thought it was a, is this quite amusing? Because she was like, well, he said he's receiving his a pleasure reward. Like it's like they don't do anything. So it's like, what the hell was he doing? He was just like, I earned this.

Speaker 1:34:13I mean that played into the larger story narrative overall I guess. And I, a Rome was happy to be home and that's why he was just, Yep, I'm cleaning the bathroom. This isn't a chore. Yeah. Um, and then, uh, the, the second block of six, uh, ends with them at the garden where they grew up as children, which we have seen tons of glimpses of it and it looks horrible as these children with a dog collars on and only referred to by codes or running around and disappearing here and there when they don't live up to expectations and, and whatnot. So that was a good and kind of find out some, some shit about a zero two and the nines she wants to avoid testing if he doesn't like it, I'm, I wonder why. Well, now here increased a moodiness. Do you think that's her avoiding the testing or is it just because it seems like heroes doing everything he can to include her into the group and it's just making her angrier.

Speaker 9:35:29Um,

Speaker 1:35:33the way I interpreted that was he was doing everything

Speaker 4:35:38right the wrong way. Everything wrong the right way. One of those two, however you want to look at it. He, he was making her feel included, but he wasn't listening to how the West she was going through and she wasn't saying what she was going through. She was showing it like it took him forever to see that she was like biting her fingers off, you know. Whereas like, what's her face noticed instantly when each ago will change their hair clip, you know, it was just, he was,

Speaker 4:36:13he was oblivious to what she was going through emotionally and I think that's a very true statement of how relationships are. Like, especially sometimes like longterm relationships or even relationships that are kind of coming to their, their end or whatnot were there, you know, one party is completely oblivious to what's going on and stuff. That's how I kind of interpreted that was that he just, he was there but he wasn't present. He needed to connect with her mind. Exactly. Because that was the big thing is that he, he did not to him. He was just like, yeah, no, I don't, you know, you're human, whatever. But he gave her a mirror so she can look at herself. Yeah. That. How'd that work out? When she broke up,

Speaker 5:37:01good. I liked it. She was just like, these are mirrors. I've been breaking these for years. Fuck, come on. I got a name for my enemy. She probably didn't like us. She looked

Speaker 4:37:15well, no. Yeah, because she viewed herself as a monster in less than human, but he thinks she's beautiful and he can't make it rain no matter how hard he tries. Yeah. So I was like, what about her horns? Lindsay

Speaker 5:37:30started growing more. He treated her as a human, like some more

Speaker 4:37:37like her appearance started changing. Yeah, but that was because she was, that was intentional on her part. She wasn't filing them down, so at least the hospital. So she's letting yourself go. Yeah. Pretty much to kind of get it across to him that like, Hey, I am not human. Let me make this more physically obvious.

Speaker 5:38:01Also distancing herself because at that point she knew she was using him and the more attached she got to um, the harder it was going to be when he finally died.

Speaker 4:38:16Yeah. Because when she first sees him in episode one, she says, I thought you were dead. So that left like, oh, does she know? And then he doesn't remember that they've met before and that's why she's treating him so coldly. But then you know, later she of course says, Oh, you were him, you are my darling from long ago.

Speaker 5:38:39I'm going to cry. Hold on a second.

Speaker 4:38:43I mean, can you say those tiers for episode 13? So yeah, I don't know. I think there's a lot of inconsistencies in the first episode, which I think is kind of the charm of an anime that's being made for an anime and I've been based off of like a Manga and shit. Um, is that, there can be those little minor inconsistencies and stuff, but I dunno, I like they allude to that heavily. Like did she know type of thing? And I don't, I don't know if the creators really at the straight answer. So I don't know if I'm like, yeah, this is worth me taking a guess that. I mean I'm going to say yes and no. I think it was Kinda one of those she, she knew but not to come to the same thing she knew, but she didn't realize. Are you saying the story of this anime is a little bit haphazard because that's crazy talk.

Speaker 4:39:34MMM. I Dunno. Let's see when we get to the end, we'll see if that's what I'm saying at the end. Uh, and then episode 13 and is one of the best episodes of the tire show where we learned that hero and a zero to met as children and we see how horrible their childhood was and how much of a monster Dr Frank is. So the real Frankston sign, that's for sure. That's the frank was not lost on me. I was like, hmm. So I don't make this request a lot. Could you cut that out of the podcast please? Definitely, definitely. This time I will 100 percent take it into consideration at a later date in time. Although I took the title of the show to mean like bird in a cage because the Franks robots are like cages and they're doing a whole bird thing. The wings and whatnots. Yeah, I mean I think you could make an argument for both. Definitely. They probably didn't do it. Someone who was just like, dude, we could totally be like Frankenstein too. And they were like, oh, fucking yeah, birds and Frankenstein's let's do it. That's white is on the show. She's a really. Keeps these jokes. Landon, she's your witness. Does anyone else hate this episode? I guess since no one's. No one's talking about the childhood story book.

Speaker 5:41:07It was so sad. I think I cried. I cried a lot. I'm not suppressible. Huh?

Speaker 4:41:17Did you cry every time there was a fall staff like where they were like, this person's going to die. And they were just like, just kidding. We saved them.

Speaker 5:41:24No, it wasn't really the death. It was like the declarations of love that or like,

Speaker 4:41:32what about when? Um, my boy

Speaker 1:41:35called out the fatty guy for not eating.

Speaker 2:41:42That was sad for.

Speaker 1:41:46I got choked up. That was good friendship right there in that moment. I didn't really get choked up. Erica, how are you feeling? Wonderful.

Speaker 3:42:04Wonderful. Oh, I forgot to mention. So I was really interested in who voice x four. Zero. And she. Yes. And she also voices Sora from how to keep them mummy.

Speaker 1:42:21Oh really?

Speaker 3:42:26Yeah. It sounded so familiar because I'm every time zero and screens. I was like, that sounds really familiar.

Speaker 2:42:34Oh, the, the Japanese voice actress. Yes.

Speaker 4:42:39It's an English in English. Look Lindsay.

Speaker 2:42:48It was Ryan Reynolds and I was like, no. Great asshole kid. Ryan Reynolds. It is a girl, right?

Speaker 1:43:00Oh, you brought us all down. Really quick. Fundamentals like damn. The budget for the dub cast was huge apparently to had the uh, the best. I'm excited face when he saw his partner suit melting away. And you went,

Speaker 4:43:27you're the best expressions for everything.

Speaker 2:43:30Yes. I was just like, Oh God, what was that one where he was like, lurking in the background trying to get away.

Speaker 1:43:41That was when each ego and a zero to no wait, was it zero? Two? We're fighting. No, I'm sorry. It was a, the other girl was trapped and they were arguing about how much he likes her.

Speaker 4:43:58Like scaling the wall for like five minutes. That was like the slowest scale ever. I was just like, that's why you roll. I completely distracted. Right

Speaker 1:44:09by what they're saying. Really interested in what you're doing. Seriously. Best character Holscher well, yeah. Episode 12 is like the big reveal that zero to doesn't care about hero and just wants him to die so she can human faster.

Speaker 4:44:32And then true Darlene and episode 13 is the long flashback that ends with perhaps the greatest line in anime history. You were the girl with the picture book and then we cut to closing credits on her crying face scan line. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't watched a lot of anime. Maybe five, but I think it's safe to say you were the girl with the picture book is the best line. Think of a better one. Um, I don't know. I mean I got some others that there was a bunch, there was a few or I was just like, I got to remember that. And then I completely forgot. Part of the burden of watching so many at one time, which I will tell everyone why at the end I did that. But um, and then yeah. And then so then they're separated after they realized that they were connected and the kids won't let them out. Ten years.

Speaker 5:45:36Right after that, he. He's hurt real bad. And so they.

Speaker 4:45:41Yeah, whole team won't let her near him. Exactly. And they just keep both asking for each other, which leads to him breaking out her breaking in and like passing ships in the night. So classic mix ups that results in her kicking everybody's ass. And she did a thorough job of asking and that's where he draws the line. I guess. He's like, don't beat up my friends. I'm going to call you monster now. I'll regret it later. Now I'm with zero on this one. She needed to learn not to do that. Yeah. He's like, listen to her going to be darlings. Then you need to not get my friends ask. You need to not beat up my friends, please. Yeah. That was a. I've known them longer, kind of technically, so it's not cool.

Speaker 5:46:31Oh, this job thing was they were, they had finally said, okay, you can go see him. They had finally relented. Escaping.

Speaker 4:46:41Got It. I get why he felt tricked when they were just like, listen, we didn't hang the sheets and the knife that dum, dum here, left a why, what type of trick are we trying to pull here but didn't matter. She hadn't had her her fill. And then they, uh, take her away in the next episode she's going to go back to the nines and the doctor's like, here's a bunch of dudes for you to suck dry. Nothing sexual contact now you get now you're getting it. And she had rode with a lot of guys and suck them on dry. Still not getting it. You'll get there, you'll there? Got a couple more to get through. Well, all of those men are dead in the next episode. So yes, they fucking. Oh yeah, because she was just writing alone. Then there a throwaway line that's like, she really killed them all. This girl, I swear she killed them all already, was what they said. They expected all of them to die, but she, she was like, I made quick work of all of them and then she becomes super awesome because she's riding alone and her horns have grown to tree fucking antlers and I was just like, best visual. That's amazing. Game over. We're done here. Go home.

Speaker 2:48:13Did she just live in there?

Speaker 4:48:15I don't know. I mean they were fighting a lot of things out and in with those horns. It took up the whole cockpit. Yeah, I think, uh, I think she was kind of just, she was in it, in it to win it at that point.

Speaker 2:48:31Is this when they're trying to retake a coliseum?

Speaker 4:48:34Yeah, the grand. Nope. Sorry, I should let you and say, oh, the grand crevasse crevasse. Yeah. Which, that episode didn't really, was just like a bunch of fights. Get the guy in there. So it sounds a lot like Kravis that might be a metaphor to or, uh, an antonymous. Nothing will get there. I mean, it was a giant hole. I've never referred to eating lady part as a crevasse random. I mean, it was the grand, you put grand in front of anything. It's instantly tasteful and fancy. So then we get to episode 16 and apparently, uh, Sean hated this episode. Well, episode 15 ends with a, uh, the big love confession of hero breaking his way into her Franks and saying, I'll always be your wings. And then a giant hand comes out of the Crevasse and destroys their plantation and you're going to capital the garden alive. Yeah. So all of those people, am I right about that? That they're all just crushed to death. Gone. Okay. You were blown up plantations to get in there. So we'll go ahead.

Speaker 2:50:06So when those little wins were invading the plantation and they were fighting inside, like in the streets and stuff.

Speaker 4:50:12I'm sorry. I mean it was like pushed back and you could see the lady he met looking at him through the window. That was sad because I was like, she's got 10 minutes. Yeah. Um, so did. So I guess like, Sean, this is the part you didn't like this part because this, the, the giant hand was a giant hand was good. Um, it would have been a good season finale if we had 24 episodes leading up to this thing. Now I'm not one of those guys that's like, oh, when Jim and Pam got together and the office was ruined or whatever happened in cheers. What happened in tears? Same thing. People got together and moonlighting that two people got together. Yeah. Okay. Maybe there's something to it. Then people like the chase, they don't like the commitment, but I love when they get together. Well apparently in the minority of the TV viewing public. So I'm right there with you. You know what happened when Barney and Robin got together? Oh yeah. Okay. You don't like it? They like the same thing with bones. Tell me what happened after season six of bones. I can. My wife watched all of them, but it was really bad. It was all the fans of that show are called boneheads. That's all I know, but okay, you're a bonehead throw things at me. It's the bone.

Speaker 4:51:44Shouldn't have said that. She'll kill me later. Um, so I guess since they satisfied the big sexual attention arc between the two of them, just had nothing better to replace it. It was a slow downhill crawl into a, what I would call an afterthought of a plot. Well, here's the thing, I actually liked when they stopped focusing on them, like I liked it a lot, but I also was not surprised by the space part or the fact that I'm papa and the leaders, some of them are human, some of them weren't like they so just like revealed that so early on was like, just get to it, just get to get to the fact that not everything's as it seems, you know. Um, yeah. So, I mean it's just, I really liked it after that where the kids were a bit kind of, uh, intentionally abandoned to the garden by the professor or the Doctor Franks and uh,

Speaker 4:52:52they started just learning how to live a little bit, which I was like, oh great for shadowing. So I still liked it at that point and I just, I'm looking back on it now. It's like, Eh, that was a, that was a gradient and I liked the uh, the two of them had a little wedding and then had their memories erased, you know, that was, I mean, not before they. Boeing, she, she banged. Oh yeah. They were going to be the first to, to, you know, mount outside of a frank. Oh, docking. They called it docking. Right. That's not what docking. That's

Speaker 1:53:26totally what docking is in the future, sir. Okay. Lindsay back backing up here or down. I don't care.

Speaker 5:53:36Oh, and when they just flashed through them real quickly and in that together I was like, oh,

Speaker 1:53:44when you fist bump, the nearest person was her cat. And the cat was like, what the fuck man.

Speaker 1:53:55No, but I mean he had, they alluded to the relationship. What I didn't like is that they never touched on the fact that he was popping pills anymore. Like he was just like, I found love. I don't need these pills. Don't more, but I'll never show it or talk about it again. Oh, his spotlight episode was real sad to see how much he admired hero and wanted to pilot with him and then he had his memory erased. Yeah, it was well and it was particularly good because we didn't know here it was memories were raised at that point, so it was just like, oh man. A real quick about episode 12 when they're being kept apart. I'm sorry, episode 14 did I saw on the crunchy roll of message boards again? Crunchy roll. If you want to sponsor this podcast. Talked to Dustin. I think they have their own podcast, unfortunately. Well they probably don't give a shit, but if they are interested, we're interested. A crunchy roll. So, uh, uh, the message boards there have been real cruel day Ichigo they are calling her beachy go. Yeah, I can. I mean that's just the sexist male fandom though, because in instantly anyone in power they attack that. So when I saw some ladies that were like, uh, why is she keeping apart my otp?

Speaker 1:55:16It reminds me in Gilmore girls when Rory Gilmore slept with a married man and he started calling her horry Gilmore. Yeah. The daughter

Speaker 5:55:33alert,

Speaker 1:55:35uh, she was in college at that point. She was going to Yale. Everyone inside really stopped watching. Got It.

Speaker 5:55:47You say

Speaker 1:55:47which of her boys? It is, but it is a one of them. The married one. Well, I guess if you know that much, he may know. I don't know any of it. So it's very interesting that everyone gasped though. That was, that was shocking. Well, you should watch gilmore girls. It's a great time now talking. Dean's talking. They ended on a loop. I didn't like that. Reach it. I didn't know that was called. That's great. Well, um, uh, yeah, definitely dean is the best suit or in my opinion, but tangent over. Let's get back to Tara talking about, uh, the uh, what are we talking about? Mission impossible. Thought Linda was going to bring up a point about something about the wedding or something, aren't you? Was it someone? Well, whatever we're on. Terribly sweet. Question about the pills. He was taking pills. That's. We kept meeting up with Kokoro and the garden area.

Speaker 1:57:06That little, like a greenhouse. Yeah. He was going there to pop pills that no one knew about and she was going there to read it. I'm sure they are part of his treatment there. Um, the yellow blood cell count, he's trying to keep him up because he had that child's fever or whatever, called cadeau fixed him, which by the way didn't mean something to. I could have swore his head some sort of actual deep meaning or something. Well, he got over his boy crush on hero because he found somebody new, you know, because her booty was just that powerful to finally get over it. I mean, personally I thought it was the haircut that she gave him. Like, oh, he's just like, you know, your way around a set of clippers that's going to be useful in the future. I'll stick with you. Even though I had dope ass hair before, but whatever, to fulfill or satisfy. Well, there you go. That actually, yeah, that would just, we would have just been like, oh, that's the entire relationship. All right, we're good here.

Speaker 1:58:20Japanese that would have fucking Japanese. Lindsay, what's the name of your textbook again? Good grandma. Never, not funny. Um, what does, what does that mean again, good name like that? You know, it's good. I'm moving on to I guess 18. Um, squad is told they're going to abandon their home soon and uh, they decided to go out with a bang. Thank you. One last memory of their lives there. That's the wedding episode. Is this is the wedding episode. Very sorry I broke format. No, no, it's actually, I totally thought it was the episode you were talking about too. So that was, it was cute because they made rules in zero to actually followed them and stuff and she's being less psychotic and somewhat less interesting, but that's fine. She found love. Yeah, that's fine. Alright Lindsey, what were you going to say before I dive back into that change to the picture and you could actually read the story and the picture, but that was annoying. Who can read that fast? I was like, was this made for people with pause buttons and must be. I paused because I have a heart and I want to read it.

Speaker 1:59:57Yeah. I actually kind of hated the picture book because I was like, oh, this is just, dude, this is the rest of the story. Okay. It seemed like the Little Mermaid. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of things that are like the little baton. They liked a little mermaid, so Japanese culture I think because there was that one movie that was just the Little Mermaid Ponyo that one. God, I hate that movie. Well, that's so boring because you're just like little buyer made over. When did you stop believing in magic? When I saw that movie, it was like halfway through it. I was just like, well, this is where I give up. Follow up question. Will your lips tastes the kiss of death? Will my lips taste the kiss of death? I don't totally grew on me. Yay. Which one? The ending. That's changed a lot, but at the beginning, especially the second one. Sounds like the second ending song. A lot. Like a lot where they're in lingerie. That one? No. When they're in school uniform. Well, I dunno, I didn't really know it was the one where they're in school uniforms and they're running like in like a normal world too, and I was, I was like, I don't understand all that, but I love the song. I just liked when it always hit, like whenever it hit, it felt powerful. So Erika, you don't care for it. That's okay.

Speaker 1:61:35Fair enough. Okay. You said this was your giant, your first giant robot anime? Yes it is. Would you watch more giant robot animator or Mecca? Hell yeah. Oh my God. I'm going to recommend at least four and at most for because that's what really amounts I've seen watch big. Oh, you'll hate it. Just said. Were you listening good enough? It'll let you know everything that kids need and it's like Batman the animated series, but with Mecca, so. Okay, nevermind. But it's not weird. His eyebrows are magical. You can spread fucking butter on toast with those eyebrows. Like just like, let me borrow that. There you go. Get that back on there. If you like. The animation of Darling in the frank studio trigger is coming out with a giant robot animator. It looks very retro called quadruple s grid man. I don't know anything about it. It's a remake of a seventies grid man, I think. Great. Great fucking name. Also little. Which academia? There's, which isn't it? There's no robots.

Speaker 4:62:55I watched a couple episodes. Yeah. I still need to go back and actually watch that one just finished too. I hope it ends in space. That's all I. well probably they are witches. So clearly alien. Duh. Back into this. Episode Nineteen is when Dr Franks where you get to learn about his life and how he has single handedly fucked over the human race.

Speaker 1:63:22He had help from the council who I guess got political power while he was doing his eugenics stuff. Yeah.

Speaker 4:63:31Um, I did not feel any pd for him when his wife died because I was like, dude, you had to fucking know that I was going to happen to you piece of shit. And she had to know to and just said, fuck it.

Speaker 1:63:41Yolo. Not to keep bringing it up, but this episode, this flashback episode is not nearly as good as the flashback episode in Evan Galleon, which reveals why the Eva were invented.

Speaker 4:63:55There is a flashback episode and it was terrible. Elaborate, please. I'm staying out of this one because I know that fan base, Tracy Tracey, they'll come for the curators. Eyes are just like, fuck you man. I'd give us more. And he's just like, yeah, eat a dick. I don't give two shits.

Speaker 1:64:23You know, I once got kicked out of church because every time the they'd read from the Bible, I'd say Nice Eva reference.

Speaker 4:64:30Okay, that's not my joke. I can't, you know what to do. Uh, so yeah, we learned that eight is a bunch of aliens and the kids a rally against Papa telling him, Hey, give them back their memories. And they're just like, yeah, that can't happen. We didn't make a process that does that. We just did the one that takes them out and then they get, they get real mouthy. And this is where this kind of breaks my boy because he's like, Papa Bite. Why you hating on us? And he's just like,

Speaker 1:65:02yeah man, I don't, you don't get to be an adult. So, and that was a, was a hard pill to watch him swallow. So,

Speaker 4:65:12and then a hero says, you know, if we win this battle, we're going our ways, we're out of here. Or we're free balling or free balling and uh, and Popeye's dislike. Yeah, I mean, if he knew what we were doing, you understand why I'm making this deal with you right now. And thus begins a, uh, ending that would have been satisfying had it not gone on for three more episodes after that where they do their last push battle fighting the clock sources as I think they're not actually called, but I like to call them that. So dinosaurs a new. Well, whoever's saying it right is probably not me. Um, and then, uh, yeah. And so then we, uh, they, they uh, what's, what's the hero in zero? Zero to go down to enter the, what turns out to be a giant Mecca. A, what was it called? A Stella, Stella aps or something. So it actually called Stella, but that's, I'd like my preferred that whenever it enter the battle of Wingfield, there were like Stella, Tennessee Williams. Yeah. That was just my preference. I know that wasn't the actual name, but it was just weird that they'd kind of only mentioned that one on routine basis. The other ones that were just like, it was like, wait, wait. Which one is that one? I totally forgot. It's been like five episodes since we said the name of these fucking robots. I don't know.

Speaker 4:66:57But yeah. And then, uh, the collapse of soar print or queen shows up and the lolly queen. Yeah. Hardcore lawley clean. And Dr Franks was hardcore into lollies, like Jordan, part of her body in his body. I was like, Ooh, creepy dude. You were married to a normal person. What happened to you? You had no sympathy for him before then. You definitely wanted that boulder to crush him. Not going to lie. I stood up and did a slow clap. I was like, thank you. Thank you. He did represent the, uh, the part of humanity that extracted all of the magma energy for the planet, so he had to pay at a certain point. Well, it's every bit of his car, like, yeah, he had this weird soft spot where a, as we later discovered, he kept all the children that were recalled because I like to call it a.

Speaker 4:67:56He kept them frozen and alive, but it was like, and yeah, he was trying to like push these kids to find their better of their humanity, but he was still kind of trying to bang the collapse of sore or queen, which was weird and that it seemed to be his weird end game was to get transformed into being one with her. So a little bit like an alien, but that doesn't work out. And a zero to get your ass kicked and hero gets kidnapped. And that was a nice twist that she wanted him instead of zero to that. They all thought initially. Yeah, I saw that twist coming a mile away though. It was too. It was too obvious because of how much they had built her up. And I was just like, man, they're going to swerve, going to swerve it. And then they did it and I was like, all right, let's get to the part where this, uh, this doesn't work out either and we need zero two because the. So the, all the good guys or bad guys and all the bad guys or good guys now. Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 4:69:01There's still opposed to stop fighting the clacks of sources which the nines are having a hard time with. Who directed this? Josh Weeden. I'll say Sean, he left the episode. Never tended at 10 now joking came on either and that was weird. But then they find out that uh, yeah, ape was actually an alien race that had come and attack the planet before and the class of sores had fought them off, but they were like, we're coming back with a bigger army because shit, we didn't expect this. So watch out motherfuckers and the collapse of went under the earth and came up with the dumbest plans ever. They were like, let's become giant, weird techno robots and produce a lot magma. And we create the system of the guy or girl thing, which x x for the ladies because they had all power to move stuff around.

Speaker 4:70:11The men became weird, small golden, melty creatures, embryos and embryo. The embryo like that was, that was awesome. Definitely what I should have said. And we find out that the Franks are actually just like kind of carved out fucking clacks the sources that the doctor was just like, yeah. Let me, uh, let me just go ahead and carve. These are the special ones I should say to like a different anime. I've been banned from Lee. Not Wait, Kyla kill. Oh, I guess we were banned from mentioning that too, but yeah, no, I mean you can just go ahead and say it's the eva is a carved out angels in that particular anime. Oh, the armor on them. Uh, they are uh, shackles. I guess that's a spoiler. I Apologize Lindsey, you were planning your rewatch that we're all very heartbroken.

Speaker 4:71:14So eight for the aliens are revealed to be a firm, which sounds like an innovators in a name kind of, you know, it was hard for me to take them seriously. Well, clearly it stood for something. The way they kept all the letters capital no matter what. And I was just like, are you gonna? Tell us no, let's think of one right now. A vitriolic invaders reminding mankind in demanding what we'll work on it. Yeah, no we won't. It's A. I want to know what h stood for. It was just like, isn't like a, you call them humans damn dirty eights. This planet h reference. I'm not sure. I'm not sure, but yeah, apes entire plant is revealed essentially that are verbs. Entire plant is revealed in which they have tricked humanity, which is the second generation of people to take over the planet into becoming an knowing soldiers for them to kill their own damn planet.

Speaker 4:72:24It's not really. I'm not really sure why vermeer burn them. Burn a why vern needed our planet other than just to collect more souls or something. I guess that's like a devil reference or something. I Dunno, and then they were just like, well fuck it. If we can have, we'll just blow the shit up. And I was like, go, who cares? It's not like we're going to come back and I can't remember when you last. Motherfuckers was like, what is this? Or Princess wanted star entity and the verb tricked her into taking it over to eradicate her, turned it into a big old bomb within zero to shows up and is like a, not a girlfriend. Not Today. Today we're gonna. We're gonna Bluehorn Red Horn this shit. Get it going.

Speaker 4:73:26Well, I mean I thought that was awesome. Partially for him too. So because he. Yeah, whatever. A blue blood. Yeah. And so they fight back the alien somewhat and then like everyone's just like, hey, here's a long false ending of us trying to figure out how to ration and farm and these two can't fucking talk to each other even though they got a baby on the way and no one understands that even though she got clear signs of morning sickness and. Well the, um, all of the picture book stuff and the opening credits in the closing credits make you think that one of our beloved main characters is going to die and they keep juking us on which one it's going to be. Yeah. So you think zero Tuesday when she's unresponsive, after the big fight drives away. Um, did she, it. What is the reveal there that she's fighting in space with her? Yeah, she is actually like when she linked up with the, the Apis or whatever the fuck they called it, she was, her mind transferred over there by her physical body was still taking like weird damage and shit, but she couldn't do anything because she didn't have, you know, the statement or whatever the fuck they call them. She didn't have a statement

Speaker 5:74:47stamen and pistol, that's how flowers reproduced. They are plant reproductive organs. That's even dumber. That's beautiful human terminology. They're like, no, no, don't make it obvious. Do some shit for going in the beans, man. That's been on a plane and fly that shit. It's better than calling it a crevice or whatever it was.

Speaker 4:75:33Honey granted means a great uh, and then yeah, so everyone's having a hard time was shit, uh, because, you know, life's fucking hard and they're all looking to hero to do answers, but he's, he's aloof because he's like, my nurses love my girl. This is where I was kind of on [inaudible] side, like, yeah, it was like a mother fucker. You got us here, you don't get the bail. And he was like, Nah, I'm going to be, I'm going to go to states, guys, peace out. See, on the flip side, just kidding. Um, and then there are of course, just like, no man, I know. We're like the only reason responsible adults here right now, but we're going to go with you minus the pregnant chick. She's got to have that baby. That's the future future. Lindsay question.

Speaker 5:76:25When zero kind of comatose and all these late gash on her arm, her blood was.

Speaker 4:76:38Yeah, they, um, the. I mean they revealed that her blood was read a, like whatever changes and shit she did when she grew up, more changed her because she had red blend in the first episode.

Speaker 5:76:53I kind of forgot that too. Um, I was like, Oh shit.

Speaker 4:77:00No, I know. I mean they might have fucked up and been like, oh, this was supposed to be blue the whole time. OOPS, we'll get into better waited on a DVD. Let's turn some blood teams. The fucking blood. Who fucked up on this bill? You're out. He's like, oh man. I was picking on the white guy. Don't make dvds anymore. Well, it doesn't sell me dvds anymore. I don't know if I'm just 34 years old and I can't figure it out. But they're all used. Yeah, no, they definitely don't sell them over here anymore. But in Japan, yeah, you can still get dvds and I don't adapt to that more. But man, there's still cheap to make. Um, yeah. So they go into space. Some of the ones that haven't died from being like, I dunno, sickly. They were like, we don't need food. We need maintenance. Yeah. Which I didn't know what that meant.

Speaker 4:78:03I did not know what that meant. A gene therapy I guess. So they fly and hero flies and this is where we get the amazing line of you just of those chicks could handle you buddy. Just me and Sarah too. That's, that's it. And then he blows himself up, which was so predictable. It was just like, well, what's he gonna do when you jump out of the ship, like die instantly? And it was all boring. And then she, uh, zero to becomes a giant woman and he is living inside of her and then they start saying a lot of things like, I've never felt closer to you. I want to go deeper inside. If you dress. Yes. Yeah. That was not lost on me. But then the honeymoon was over because we saw the wedding just all fucked up at the end. I was like, oh wait, seven years. Yeah, just slowly floating in space. Taking them by quote unquote surprise. Um,

Speaker 4:79:16I didn't understand that. They're like, okay, we got to take her by surprise. Seven years later. Surprise. So it, we'd be here in three. It was seven Santa Fe steals from everything, the Bible Ger and Lagan Ender's game. That's just of where their influences on their sleeve. Um, I guess so. Well that in the, like the men they got in the space and they're like, this is so much easier and intuitive. I was just like Gundam gun delivery fucking time. They go in the space. They're like, oh shit, it's way easier up here. So that's what that made me. And I was just like, oh, they gave him to the spacey suits. Uh, and then uh, non uh, old nona comes back because we got a new nano for a little bit. Can I just say the guy

Speaker 1:80:08with Nona, I loved his nose. It was ridiculous, but I loved it every time. It's just like your fucking nose. Good and not look at it. Every time it was like, God that knows. I did not notice that. Notice it knows there's a triangle. He literally had a bird's beak from the front and he just had bird beak front. I'm going to go to the side and your sharpest shit. I guess I just don't notice that sort of thing. Oh, well played Sir. Well played. I mean, you can slow clap for yourself. I was half a second away. I'm not doing somebody else's lies.

Speaker 1:80:53Um, and yeah, I thought let's just get to the ending. So finally they, they blow up the aliens while the giant alien is this like we'll be back motherfuckers. Well they reveal bad. Like Mindy said, he, he, they showed he had horns. I was like, they're going to be blue. How did we all feel about this conclusion? And that will, will, will, will leading up to it. Before we get there, we have to talk about the adults, the new adults where the cast grows up whoville song or a fad to becomes a baker and then you know, it, you go, gets knocked up by Goro and stuff like that.

Speaker 1:81:54Now we know who's who in that love triangle. I knew she was going to happen the minute they both accepted the other relationship. I was like, yeah, you guys knock boots. I'm not worried. Yeah. They all get to be in different anime and spinoffs. Yep. I would not watch that. I mean maybe for my boy Z as I would totally call him because I liked that they were just like, we're still gonna, fight in our hair is going to do the hair fighting thing, and I was just like amazing kids. You grew up to be so cool. Everyone else I was kinda like fucking nerd's nerd. She dead yet just die already.

Speaker 1:82:44Totally watching an alternate universe version of all of these characters go into school. Going on dates. That's the stuff I think I loved in this show. I think it would ruin their characters if it did an alternate version where it's just all normal. Like they would become far less likable. Like a lot of them man, they popped out babies talking about a message for Japanese people that like please babies. There is a religious bent in the second half of this show. Yeah. I guess we don't have to talk about but I mean we can. I just didn't think it was a very religious are some, but there was a youtube channel that did point out that the villain of the show, Dr Franks is an avowed atheist and it is kind of his fault, all of this stuff and that a traditional pairing of male and female is what saves the day at the end and hero and zero to become Jesus and sacrifice themselves. Uh, I dunno, how did they become Jesus together? That seems like a weird giant Mecca. Jesus. That doesn't seem well. Before I got kicked out of church for saying Nice Eva reference over and over again, not my joke. I'm Jesus can be anybody. He lives in our hearts allegedly.

Speaker 1:84:07Alright, well I won't give you that one of the strategy, but I mean, yeah, I mean, I dunno, they're atheist thing. I just thought that was his catchphrase because it's like there's no other religious things brought up and the, and the pairing though, but I took that more as a cultural thing of like, hey, we have the lowest birth rate in the world. We really should fix that. And if you need a fucking anatomy to tell you that we will make unanimous several of them. In fact. Oh, that's a good point. When I first watched it, I just thought it was like a mad scientist trope of him. I believe in nothing. I a nihilist. I'm just going to mess with human DNA. Yeah. Well, all right. So the ending. I'm and a reincarnated in a tree in children, I guess. Children that meet by a tree. Yeah. That sucked. Like I honestly thought the last episode. This is such bullshit. I said swatches to get this over with. I think the first 18 episodes are really solid. Um, I enjoyed them. I think they followed a logical plotline and I think the last six or just like shit, the bed. I would say last first 15. And then the last, what I forgot, I can't do mass last eight. Sure. Lindsay nine.

Speaker 2:85:40There were a few that I thought dragged towards the end, but at the end it made me sad because they didn't get to grow up with their friends.

Speaker 1:85:49Yeah. I was at least happy that they got to die together. But they didn't, they didn't die, they gave you the happy, happy, happy ending of worse than another anime that one of them lives in one day. It's bullshit.

Speaker 4:86:04Yeah. But I mean that's the thing is that's why I kind of was like, oh, we're just doing a bunch of false finishes or false deaths for this because there was so many times where characters should have just died. Like just logically to be, you know, was just like all the other squads, someone dies, all of them, even the nines, all of them have someone that dies except for this squad because you're just the most special. Like there, there was just too many good points where it could have made the story so much better. So like dillman crybaby, great example of how you fucking kill people because then it, then it hurts you on the deepest emotional level. And I just was like, this is, that's what this show was missing was like a deeper emotional level. Loved all the cutesy stuff, loved them, figuring out being teens.

Speaker 4:86:57I thought that was very good, very relatable and everything. But it was just that whole. Everything after they left the garden, I was just Kinda like, Eh, this is bullshit. This is bullshit out. There is a way to keep things having steaks and not kill any of the characters. Kill the kill. Well, definitely killed it. Killed, did a great job because all wrote on ending. But this didn't do that. They had too many opportunities in too many. Too many, uh, you know, crying wolf where I was just like, no, no one's going to die. Like after the first person didn't die, I was like, okay, so no one dies. Got It. I'm good with each other one. You're Yuki units as well that has 27,000 death flags. And they did it really emotionally. Well, I think that's what I'm saying. Oh, okay. I get you now.

Speaker 4:87:53Alright. Yeah. So I mean, this one just, I don't know, I really liked it. I liked the Max. I didn't like the fighting because I think the fighting, it was just didn't. They didn't really do much, but I liked the, the characters and their interactions a lot. So I just think that they were like, hey, let's take on the Mech John Rowe and then like, fucking forget that you've got to do a lot of mech stuff. Just sprinkle it in here and there. That's good enough, right? No. And your bad guys look like assholes. They looked like a fucking transformer boombox that like slept with slime. I don't know what's going on. Yeah, I do watch this one to transform into a giant Jelly fish brain thing. I'm like, oh, fucking really cool looking at except for not at all. I really do think this guy is.

Speaker 4:88:38I watched the making of specials as well as the writer. It did seem like his wheelhouse was in the character stuff and the romance stuff. And uh, the, the um, the mex stuff was kind of a perfunctory. Yeah, exactly. It was just a gimmicky, but uh, of the, of the, uh, because I knew the pacing of this would be by Sixes, which is why I didn't even bother watching it as it aired because I just, I was like, oh, it's triggered, they're going to do 24 and following like, same thing with Kyla. Kyla was like, you can watch that with every, every six and then it Kinda changes beats. I think the first six very safe. Second six is probably the strongest third six second strongest for sure. But then definitely, you know, as the big gaping reveals of, of holes to come and then the last six can kind of go to hell.

Speaker 10:89:33So

Speaker 4:89:36you hear that everybody, they don't stick the landing. They did not stop at a stop at 18 or maybe 19 0:19 where I think that's the. Yeah, that's where Dr Ape or uh, Dr. Dr. Dr Z is A. Yeah. Or while you're watching this and you can kind of roll your eyes at how much of a shitbag he is. That guy. No. Final thoughts? Anyone else? Go ahead, Lindsay. Lindsay, go ahead. It was a very nice love story in it made my heart melt. It was tender,

Speaker 4:90:29has grace, are you fully somehow I'm a white guy I think, but as much as many misgivings is I have about the show. I love that you loved it and I love that. That's the reason that you loved it. That the love story a really got to you. So kick ass. I think the love story was great. I just, I kinda agree with Sean that this space part though, I knew it was coming because I was like, all right, well obviously there's some space guys. It's Mecca and there's too much glowing shit for this to stay on the, on the planet. But uh, perhaps if they had had more time they could have built up to it. Well, I think they could have. I think they could have done it a bit better. I think unfortunately, kind of those first six, they hang out and it's an unfortunate enforcement, unnecessary evil that they have to do because they're just like, this is where we get you guys to buy in. And for most anime, like those first six and the most, that's why there's almost always a tone change after the first six and then like they have to hook the audience.

Speaker 10:91:33I'm fucking

Speaker 4:91:36ad buys in those first six and then after that they're just like, okay, well now we're good to go because we've got the money on lock. But uh, everybody into thinking it was going to be an entirely perverted show. And they stopped doing that after awhile as well after they found the heart. And it was just like, come on like 11 zero, zero to stop being a little. That was just like,

Speaker 1:92:00eh. Seemed like no language. Stop licking people and stuff. I was like, come on man. They're linking if even lift herself. Yeah,

Speaker 4:92:09a lot. Especially after the beach episode at the beach. I love the way the fucking ocean taste was just like, all right, calm down.

Speaker 1:92:21So if we're wrapping up, I did want to ask everybody something. You didn't give us your thoughts yet. Oh, I'm going to in this. Okay. Um, so I really learned a lot about myself and the initial watch of this as it was airing and the rewatch of the first 15 episodes to where man, I just, I fall hard for this sort of thing to the point where it's kind of a sickness a I wanted to ask everybody who their favorite Ninja turtle was. It's leading into something, I swear. Okay. Donna tell you said mine was Rafael as a kid and I was thinking like, okay, um, can you profile somebody based on what Ninja Turtle they like me liking Rafael is kind of out of character because I usually like the boy scout and not the bad boy. And then I realized if you had given Leonardo a love interest, I would have been Leonardo all the way. So I think I like these traditional romantic pairing so hard that I can base my entire lightness of a character. So I have a complicated relationship with this show, I guess is what I'm saying. I love the first 15 so much that it makes me cry and then I get real depressed when I think about the other episodes

Speaker 4:93:45because of the quality or just the lack of story of like where they've already got each other and it kind of doesn't even matter what happened. The story,

Speaker 1:93:53the logical part of my brain is fighting the emotional part or just the emotions. Great. Uh, if it had an awesome story like unit or something, a best show of all time, but sadly not to be. Yeah, I get what you're saying because it's just for me, when they first

Speaker 4:94:15connecting the, uh, the apex model one and they kind of like send the aliens running with their tail between their legs. It's great, but you can't top that emotional high because of how much they had to go to get there. So when she's just like kind of nonresponsive and just has these mystery wound showing up and everyone's just kind of like, what do we do now for like two episodes? It's just like, Eh, like it just doesn't mean as much when they reconnect and she becomes a giant, a giant woman in space and he's just like

Speaker 1:94:48to go deeper and I was just like, come on down. We all wanted giant woman

Speaker 4:94:59and the live inside her. Any other nutrients and carry a giant bouquet that's actually a ball between your legs, just just saying. But the, the love story in kill, the kill was better. I'd like Lindsey told me I never thought I'd love a piece of clothing so much and the two of them, they ended up being a better couple than ultimately that I know. I know. It makes me sad. Yeah. So I mean it definitely has. I'm a great animation all the way through. I especially, I liked when he got the, uh, the blue eyeshadow and I loved how her hair mist, so we can't go a single episode of that. Him showing up. Oh yeah. He made eye contact with me. He was just like, oh, sorry. Will you recording? I'm just a furry soccer. What do you, what do you mean by her here? Yeah. No, like that grows. So what do you mean by the way? Her hair moved. Just like the.

Speaker 5:96:28Well we moved when she moved or she tossed her head and I just. Or how it fell over her horns or I just, I liked it. It was very pretty. It was a really nice pink and I love her eyes. The color of them. Yes. Her character design was really great.

Speaker 4:96:46[inaudible] yeah. She's become like a cost, a cost play superstar now everybody loves dressing up like, Oh, you've seen the alludes to. Well I can only assume they're doing that one from the opening where she's just wearing the jacket, right? The fish. Her mouth. Come on, that's too much. No one's going to be like, oh, they know what? The fears of the mouth.

Speaker 5:97:18Amazing. Okay. The first episode, when she's catching the fish, she um, and she jumps out of the water. She just lets it go.

Speaker 4:97:28Uh, she found somebody new to eat. I guess it was just fish for sport. How carefree and wild sheet is.

Speaker 5:97:45Yeah. No, that wasn't covered in honey.

Speaker 4:97:48Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. That got a little disgusting after awhile. Sticky. So that's a lot of metaphor. Her lady and uh,

Speaker 1:97:56make enemies. Excuse me. Watch a mystery. Is it Mr. girlfriend ex or something? Watch that. That'll, that'll shape your world, shawn. That will shape your world. Well, I saw clips of that. One of the world were dirty. Jokes are, what is that one? Oh, a world where a dirty joke doesn't exist. Yeah, I've actually covered that one too. I highly recommend that the plot is dominant sex, but there's a lot of like really funny perverted moments, especially with that character that you're referring to. So yeah. Well, I don't watch perverted things so I don't watch this one because at the end of this one, they, uh, at the end of that one, they show you how to make a, um, a fleshlight. Basically a homemade Indian food wars is timid compared to what I've described as anybody watched other triggers studio things like space patrol or a, a supernatural battles become commonplace or whatever the hell that was.

Speaker 1:99:17Any good? Oh, I did not like the supernatural one become commonplace. I tapped out after episode six on that one. Oh, that's a shame. That one seemed funny. It is not okay. But there's a lot of attempts at humor, but I was just like, when did any of these jokes land? Never. Alright. Um, now just like Kyla, Kyla is like the last really the big one that I watch. I want to watch the little. Which academia or academy? What does it mean? Sure. It's starting to grow on me. It's real cute. It's funny. Yeah. I think. I think that would. I think Kyla, Kyla is when they kind of hit their stride of I'm standing on their own and such. So what do I know? A lot? Either the grin, lag and writer. So I believe it. Well, there you go. Anyone else have any thoughts? Eric? Any thoughts that you want to throw up?

Speaker 3:100:14Trim the battles that I've seen in darling in the Franks. I wish I wanted more action. I just, I felt like I didn't get enough of it for it to be a mega anime for sure. There's so much potential I like to have, like we could have add so much more.

Speaker 1:100:32Yeah, I agree. There are even battles where they just cut to afterwards like, Oh, I guess zero to take care of it. You passed out. Yeah. Lindsey, anything else from you? I don't think so.

Speaker 4:100:56What was your favorite love confession? What was the couple everyone liked the most? The most? Yeah. Probably hero and zero. Two. Okay. All right. All right. We get it all. Just you're now. You're just ranking though. Sean. Well established in that long Ninja turtles and about thing. That sucker sucker for tough ladies and guy who was in a war with her. Your Sonic? The hedgehog is on Sally's. Alright Erica. Anyway. Which a couple. Which, which pairing would you favorite? Couple is and very nice. Yes. I hope you learned something. Perfect. Pair. Yeah. You're always yelling at each other. I love it.

Speaker 4:102:10Yeah. I found that staring very relatable brand. Literally say Queens. No, go ahead. Yeah, so actually 100 percent. That one? Uh, no. Actually I think a, the, the one lindy instantly stole from me. I'm the Kokoro and Mitsui, whatever's faces, so I just think that like both of them had a lot of like deep a character moments that led to that wedding and everything. It was, it was actually very nice to see. Like I think they had a deeper. I'm kind of like journey than the main two. I think the main two is just like, you knew that it was going to happen from episode one of course, but it was just like there's a surprisingly deep and that's why I liked it more so him and a close second. My Boise and Miki Miki ever.

Speaker 4:103:08But only because I liked him a lot. So I'm like, Dad, just let this kid grow up. He got up. Did it seem like each ago with settling with Goro 100 percent under 10 percent. So awesome though. They were the last group to have a baby other than the gay couple because one of them was missing an arm. I don't know. I didn't understand that. I was little. I was like all these little kids running around with no fucking parents. You can't just take one and just be like, all right, this one's ours are looking to some genetic engineering and fix all that right away. She did, she did. She saved all their lives. So is this kinda like, come on, where's your kid? That guy's got like my, my first pair and Lindsey second pair or, and he has four fucking kids. I was like, they couldn't stop being an after they figured everything out. What's his name? Co and coconut oil, right? Yeah. I don't think he really deserved her. She was too nice, but that's what she even said that she wasn't as nice. Like that was her whole thing. She really, she's like, I'm not this nice girl. Like that's how she was able to easily break the other guy's heart. Wasn't that nice? So wow in my face.

Speaker 5:104:30Okay. I'm just saying she laid it out. She was like, this is what you all think of me. And like,

Speaker 7:104:36no.

Speaker 5:104:41Oh my gosh. That when, when he was like, Oh, you should promise me you'll always be my partner. And she's like, yeah. And I went, oh, they're there.

Speaker 4:104:50They're breaking out to break up. Oh yeah, and then like hardcore, like two minutes later

Speaker 5:104:55she was just like, yeah, I'd like to go back on everything I just said to that guy and he was just like, what? No. I was kind of pulling for them

Speaker 4:105:05very beginning, at least a dad when they were feeding each other. I was like, ah. They're mimicking what? Zero. Two does this cute? Yeah. Just. She didn't even seem intuitive in that part. She needed herself a moody boy. Exactly. She needed a man she could fix. She was a fixer. And that other guy, he didn't. He was. He was a pleaser. He wanted to please her too much. So I think they call that codependence. I don't know if that's healthy. No, not at all. Probably not, but that's how most relationships are. I call it synergy where your flaws feed into the other person's flaws.

Speaker 2:105:43Exactly. Yeah.

Speaker 4:105:49They're getting too deep into all of our heads. What one word, everyone. One word that you'd use to describe the show. All right. Now I'll give you three if you need it. One to three because I realize everyone's just going to be like good, decent, blah, blah, blah. So, uh, we'll start in reverse order. We'll go gentlemen for Shawn. Go ahead. I'm alright, nevermind. We'll go. Oh, I got it. Okay. And Go watch most of

Speaker 5:106:32shit here. Goddamn it. We can hear you slow clapping. It's not me. It's somebody else.

Speaker 4:106:39Uh, Erica, would you like to go?

Speaker 7:106:42I'm not enough action.

Speaker 4:106:48Okay. Lindsay, how about you? Super tender. Super. One more word. Oh, awesome.

Speaker 10:107:00Oh Justin?

Speaker 4:107:05Yeah, pretty good. That's a studio trigger. If you want to put those. Pull quotes on the outside of whatever. I would love it. Aw, super, super. S not podcast listeners one. I'll put that on the poster. Please do. Fuck that. I'm just going to put it on the poster now. That's going to find a poster. Put it on. Just so everyone knows. I'll just put a couple of dots after years. Sean, that way everyone's super confused. You're like, well, are they going to finish it? There's clearly an approval on the poster on his shit. Most of dot, dot, dot. There we go.

Speaker 4:107:52And, and put my face on it to my avatar. That might be weird for everyone to be like, why? Why is the joker nurse joker recommending this? I feel bad, Harvey. All right, well that's enough references to other things for today and we thank you for listening. Hopefully you enjoyed this episode. That was full of spoilers. Spoiler warning right here at the end. Oh No, you did it wrong intentionally. Intentionally. You tune into this podcast as Erica discovery. You will have an entire of Eric has stuck around. And thank everyone for being on. And with that I will say, give us us subscribe. We're on. We're on spotify. Were on tuned in or on stitcher and itunes and the Google cast box. I could just keep going on. But pod, you know. No, that's a separate platform. We're on Buzzsprout, which host is our host. Uh, so there, there you go. You can just go ahead and hit the subscribe button. It helps us because then we know people want more of this and we can do more special episodes like this. And on that note, Benzie, take it away.

Speaker 8:109:27Yeah,

Speaker 11:110:35I love you.

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