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Super S - Anime Podcast E.058
August 18, 2018 Dustin Cabeal & Lindsay Mallard

Super S - Anime Podcast E.058

August 18, 2018

Dustin Cabeal & Lindsay Mallard

058 - On today's show we continue our Attack on Titan coverage with episodes 3 & 4 of the fourth season. That's right; Titan Talk is back. We also have some updates about where you can find the show on social media or if you'd like to email a question. Find out that info on the show or below. Our email is and on Twitter @SuperSAnime. Find us, follow us and enjoy the show!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:41Welcome, welcome to super as animate podcast. I'm your host desk. I am here with Lindsey. Of course. Lindsay, we have, we have so much news to cover before we even get to your enemy. The first being that I have a new fan with the NYP cover. I'm with the coverage. You buy that separately? No, it's technically in case like a normal fan should be. So the nips are protected unless there was like a lot of forcible action done, which I'm not going to do. So. But you, uh, you all, just a, I appreciate the Hashtag nips out for anime. You keep that going.

Speaker 1:1:26No accurate. The big, the big is that we, we have a lot of ways to contact us now. Are they? They do the listener. I don't know why. Uh, we have an email which is super s because I'm fucking tired of opening google. Yeah, just like you know what? No outlook. This time we're doing outlook this time. Don't have enough of those in my life. A new twitter super s anime or at super s anime. So you can, you can follow along, there will be trying to be more active and let people know when upcoming shows are and, and whatnot. And uh, then the, the biggest, the news of sorts is that we have a new logo slash mascot and uh, I don't know the name. In fact, this is why for those out there that are thinking about doing a podcast or some sort of website or whatever, speaking from experience here, you need other people because not in a million years would I thought of naming this mascot.

Speaker 1:2:32But that was the first thing Lindsey thought. And I was like, why wouldn't we name the mascot? I had a fucking eagle man. Gosh, for like ever unkowns bastards. Never named it thought about it. I think I called him Larry once in my head. So layered the Eagle. That was his name I guess. And that sucks. That sucks a lot. So I'm going to wait for our. I'm gonna. Turn it over to Lindsay now and she's going to reveal the name of our, our cat mascot since I should probably say what it is. Go ahead Lindsey.

Speaker 1:3:11Oh, right. Susie, easy to remember. Super Suzu. Yes. We, we now the s now stands for Suzu. It's super, Super Suzu. People will be like, new listeners will be like, why didn't they just always call it that? The stupid was that taken and they'll search like it's not taken chat up. Um, something. Oh, I was going to mention the artist's name, but I did not prepare as well as I should have. Um, just to give a kind of a shadow because I was happy with the work and whatnot. A stroll till at, I dunno. Asked our Ota. No, that's not asked to Rhoda. Maybe that's it. Asked a Rhoda. Yeah, it's a lot. C a r o t t e she is based in the Philippines and you can find her on fiber. That's where I find where I did not pay $5 though. That's a myth.

Speaker 1:4:22It's not a myth. It's just fibers. Been like, Hey, we can. You can charge more now. Doesn't have to be for $5. Because if you find that people that do do logos for $5, all the reviews are like, this was hot trash. Thanks for nothing. And it's like, well yeah, $5. Everyone else is doing it real is in the hundreds. So anyway, I agree. I feel like there was something else that I'm missing. Oh, I have a funny, a funny antidote to tell you, but it's not that he's back. He's back on the excitement. I'm about to disappoint big time. I feel like I had to wait for this story. Yes, yes. So, so buzzsprout, the people that host this podcast, they added a new feature called transcribed and the, the reason why is because podcasts rely 100 percent on like word of mouth and just lots of listens and then blowing up and you know, itunes and Google and spotify is a little like playlists, algorithms and stuff like that.

Speaker 1:5:38But to help people find you, if you transcribe the entire fucking podcast, uh, all those keywords and stuff get added into the search engine algorithms and supposed to help you, whatever. So I was like, all right, fuck it, why not? Let's, let's see what it does. It does it automatically. Let me just try. So I did it for our last two episodes and uh, it was just like, yeah, the audio quality is low, and I was like, oh, that's weird. It sounds really good. And then like try to avoid talking over each other. And I was like, oh, that's never gonna happen.

Speaker 1:6:14Uh, there's also some bugs in the program itself because I spent way too much time on our, uh, our last episode trying to go through and listening because it's actually a good system where you can just hit play and listen and then you just add the different names of whatnot of who's speaking. It was pretty easy to use. It's just the save function, especially for something as long as our podcast, uh, was not great. And after like my third attempt, I was just like, you know what? Fuck it. Good enough. No one is supposed to actually read this thing. So good enough. But uh, it was, it was quite interesting. And so for that asset, so have to apologize for a ca being a monster Lindsey, because I, I was a monster to you on that last one during the night and talk, which actually, you know what?

Speaker 1:7:04Fuck it. What's this go into tightened talk right now, tack on Titan episodes three and four monster because I was just like, I was just like, no, you're not her fucking father or uncle or whatever. And it was the whole lion king analogy and it turned out I was wrong, a big chunk of it. But I was just sitting there when you have to like listen to yourself and then also read type words that were missed transposed. And I was just like, oh my monster. This is why the whole listens. They just come here to give her a pity. But just for a woman are barraged with this shit.

Speaker 1:7:52So that was my was not hating on. I was just dumbfounded by your apparent love for kidney. Not that he wasn't cool, but I wasn't like, yeah, I date Kenny. And you were like, Ooh, pick me off. He said that he was 10 years younger than me, so we will, we will refrain from talking about your anime dating life because it's very questionable. It just seems like. It seems like Lindsey just wants to put herself out there to get her heart broken. Anyway. Tightened talk episode three. You remember it better than me, so I'm going to kick it over to you. His story. His childhood. Yeah, I mean if you can call it that. It's

Speaker 2:8:57weird. Like she lived on a farm and her mother never talked to her and one day she just started to hug her mom and her mom like freaked out and like pushed her away and

Speaker 1:9:13she looked at her like a serial killer who was. It was really weird.

Speaker 2:9:18Yeah. And then right after that, the mom left. She handled all this love and affection. I'm out of here. She's like, listen, I was down with this until you touched me. Remember Day. And she's like yelling at her, like, oh, get away from me. Don't touch me. And then his story, I was like so happy. She was smiling and she's like all covered in dirt and stuff, but she's like smiling because that's the first thing her mother said to her. So she's like, oh, someone's talking to me. I'm so healthy.

Speaker 1:9:50Yeah. It was very creepy. But then also just incredibly sad. Like I was like, oh my God. She kind of looked at her and was going to be speculation. I don't know, Lindsey might have more information, but it seemed like she was looking at her like, you're a fucking titan and I'm worried you're going to eat me because she had that same fear in her eyes at the other people do.

Speaker 3:10:11Mm,

Speaker 2:10:12I didn't even think of that

Speaker 1:10:14because it kind of ties into the. I don't know, there was some confusing parts in this. Well, I'm remembering the third episode more. Okay, go, go ahead. I'll remember what you talk.

Speaker 2:10:26Okay. So mom left and then one day he comes back with this man who's like, I'm your dad and I'm going to take you to live with me. But then these military people get there and they're like, what'd you say? You're her dad. And then, um, ah, mom, I'm scared and the mom's like, oh my God, don't call me mom, I'm not your mom. And they're like, uh Huh. She was like, I don't know you. So they're like, oh, you do know each other. So they slipped them on throat just like you. That was your precious Kenny. No Way. Yeah, this totally with Kenny.

Speaker 1:11:15He was young, younger males. So there you go. That's what, you know, when you were dealing with different clothes. I'm pretty sure my memory serves me correct that it was Kenny doing that.

Speaker 2:11:27And I was about to say there wasn't enough kenny in these episodes.

Speaker 1:11:31He was just in the past slitting throats, you know, being real, real big piece of shit. He's a wrestling Jeremy's, he's a real big heel.

Speaker 2:11:42Well she wasn't exactly like a really great person. It didn't seem like,

Speaker 1:11:47I mean she was not affectionate towards her daughter, but there's so many circumstances that we don't know that was her daughter. I mean, it seems weird otherwise. I mean, I don't know. I mean

Speaker 2:12:01paid to like raise her. And that was like, was she was like, I'm just the nanny, she thinks I'm her mom. Whatever.

Speaker 1:12:08Yeah. It couldn't be that. But I mean the guide kind of her dad kind of made it seem like she was the mom too. But it could've just been that she really did not want to keep her because she said no, wait, there's a spot where she said if only I had the courage to get rid of you.

Speaker 2:12:25Oh, that was the first thing she says to her, like, if only I had the courage to kill you.

Speaker 1:12:33Yeah. So it had to have been her mother because that'd be if she was just like, picked up a baby from the gutter. We're like, well I did it. I kill you. Just seemed like he had that big of a heart. But, you know, I dunno, I mean judge or too harsh. It seems like there's a lot of shitty circumstances going on. She got her throat slit. So keep though.

Speaker 2:12:59My first thought was that, um, she was an assassin who is like sent to kill his story. I went, she was a baby, but then she was like, oh, I can't kill a baby, I'll just take her out here in the middle of nowhere and raised her myself. So I thought maybe that was it. So after Kenny's slits her quote, mother and quote throats, they're like, are you her dad? And he goes, nope. I don't know who she is. Ever seen her before.

Speaker 1:13:35Yeah, that was awesome. That was all weird because it was just like a. We all know he's lied, right? Everyone. Everyone knows this. Like everyone's standing here. He's like, you're a fucking.

Speaker 2:13:49And that's when they give her the deal. Like you could change your name and you go into the whatever. People

Speaker 1:13:59go to the church. The people that may or may not molest you.

Speaker 2:14:07I thought they sent her to be trained or to like the cadet camp.

Speaker 1:14:12I don't. Well no, because then how would the priest know about her and stuff? I thought she got sent to an orphanage or something. She was too young to be into the cadet camp.

Speaker 2:14:21Well, I thought she seemed young, but they made her change her name right then.

Speaker 1:14:25Well, yeah, that, that was part of the dads pitch was like, Hey, what don't she drops my name, we'll call her Christa, not to be confused with is Storia Storia. The transpose also hates whenever I do songs or sound effects because it was just like this word. And I was just like, no, that's not it at all. I've never can of beans in my life. But there it is. That's what I mean. I have said can of beans but not on a podcast about anime. So that was weird anyway. Anyway. Yeah. So the dad is just like, he makes some weird pitch to keep her alive and I don't know why, like it just didn't make, it, didn't make any sense because they know he's lying, everyone knows it and in and their goal is clearly to kind of kill her. So it's just like, Huh, what, why? What's going on?

Speaker 4:15:30Yeah,

Speaker 2:15:32didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Speaker 3:15:34Okay.

Speaker 1:15:36So then, uh, and then we find Aaron is Gad in the future so he can't fight anything off and tighten up.

Speaker 2:15:46That's why he needs the ring a ring. Yeah. She had that ring with the spike on it. It should like step into her hands and that's how she tightened up.

Speaker 1:15:57Uh, I forgot about that. Yeah. Now, Duh. Why wouldn't he just be like, can we get me one of them? I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting myself. Well, he might have like lost it when they cut off his arms and you soon to like, maybe he was just like, Oh man, my ring was on the other. But yeah. Then that makes sense. Walk me through

Speaker 2:16:28lane next to them all. The slate licking guy is all telling his story. I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you.

Speaker 1:16:36It was creepy. The animation ever since you've pointed out has started really bothering me. Especially when they draw children now. I'm just like, what happened? You guys were pretty good in season one with the kids. Now it's like they're creepy, shrunken adults and that's weird. Like did sound like floating on a little body and I'm like, oh, was this Halloween go away? And especially the like lines under the eyes that always bothered me. But they're just like, do excessive now. Even like her dad was just like, look into my crow's feet that growing wings. God Damn.

Speaker 2:17:13How do. I felt like his cheeks were a bit too rosy.

Speaker 1:17:17Yeah. Well, and the eyes are too, it's like their doll. Like now I don't get why. Yeah, it's Kinda weird. I'm just like, what the fuck is going on with this?

Speaker 4:17:28Yeah.

Speaker 1:17:29It started to bug me at first it did it. But then when you pointed out now it's like, well I can look at it is like fucking he's fucking youthful doll eyes and everyone has now with the eyes of despair

Speaker 2:17:43shines of English. Um, I, that's Kinda the last we see of Aaron and Krista.

Speaker 1:17:53No, I don't, I don't think they should open up so far at all.

Speaker 2:17:57No. Um, I think the tail end of episode three is when the military police, like declare war on the scouts.

Speaker 1:18:08Yeah. And it doesn't go through the blonde guys like backstory to what's his.

Speaker 2:18:13Oh yeah. He starts telling 'em pyxis pyxis came back. I thought he was there too.

Speaker 1:18:21He liked this old fuck. I was just like this fucking guy.

Speaker 2:18:27I don't remember him doing too much except maybe making a few speeches.

Speaker 1:18:32Yeah, that's it. That was the problem. He didn't do anything. He just kinda showed up at the ass end of season one was just like, all right, don't kill him. I was just like, thanks buddy. Probably done a lot more before that.

Speaker 2:18:47Yeah. Irwin tells, tells him I'm a little bit about his childhood, that his dad was a teacher and had a theory about. What was it about the king.

Speaker 1:19:00Yeah. But well basically kind of like the king, their whole society, the walls kind of like everything it seems like.

Speaker 2:19:08Yes. And um, he was a kid so he didn't know any better. And he's telling his friends, Oh, my dad says this, see I didn't

Speaker 1:19:17that he was confused with that in part because it didn't seem like that's what he did. It seemed like he just asked a question in class and his dad froze up and then the dad talked to him later and was like, you know, like, shut up. And then it seemed like right after that, like, before he could even do anything, his dad was.

Speaker 2:19:36Oh No, it did. It showed him like saying like, you know, I was foolish. I was telling all my friends what my dad told me.

Speaker 1:19:42MMM, okay. See I must have just blink and blink and ms dot [inaudible]. That part was very confusing for me. I was like, what the fuck?

Speaker 2:19:53He was. He didn't know. Yeah, here's a little kid. So he is just like, well, my dad says,

Speaker 1:19:59well, when your dad pulls you aside and tells you something in private later, maybe shut your fucking mouth.

Speaker 2:20:05Well, it's just like, he feel so terribly guilty. He should, as the military police went, Oh, when did your dad and then dad never came home.

Speaker 1:20:19I mean he came home just dead and a casket and creepy kid or one sat there looking all intense, full eyebrows already. Come on say he does not wax torch piece. Yeah, it's interesting because they don't tell you the theory. I mean they kind of tell you this is the part you already know about the blood line thing, but he doesn't. He mentioned that they want to. Oh, she go ahead. Maybe maybe you'll cover it.

Speaker 2:20:56He tells pyxis that he's like, I'm gambling on something that he's trying to put something in place and when the time is right, he wants them to Crown Christa as queen as rightful heir,

Speaker 1:21:09which sounds terrible. Not that this is not, this is society is really that great, but that's still sounds like a bad idea because that, that woman has no emotion. She's just a traumatic mess waiting to demolish that demolish society. So didn't like the glasses. What's. I forget her name, the one with the weird fucking voice. Yeah, that one she busts in and then this part also confused me where I was like, Huh,

Speaker 2:21:47the festival being crazy again.

Speaker 1:21:50We heard that she just bust in and starts talking and you're just like, oh, check the room mother fucker. Or was it the. When did this happen? Like there's some point where he says like, the king's going gonna eat fucking. I'm Aaron. Yeah. And I was just like, I'm sorry. What

Speaker 2:22:11has that? Don't they think when you eat a titan, you get their powers.

Speaker 1:22:17Yeah. But that seemed to make sense when you're already a tightened though. So wouldn't that imply that the current king is a titan because they were talking about your mirror or whatever the fuck her name is and when she was a titan sheet, one of their friends and then was able to transform and had his powers or whatever. So, so fucking creepy. Why the fuck would you eat someone to get their titan powers? Like what are you going to do with that now? I will kill you all quickly. Oh, makes sense. Makes Sense. He is a crazy king. That's not technically our game. Don't know. That part was weird to me. I was like, I'm sorry, what? They're gonna eat. Who Know? Both of them. Both of them. You say. Okay. Because it sounded like they said they were going to eat. Both of them are or just maybe. I don't know. Lindsey, anything, anything. Anything to backup or persuade or dissuade?

Speaker 2:23:24No, I think they work any for sure she's say think Chris does a tight Krista and she's obviously going to be Krista to me.

Speaker 1:23:34I mean she was Krista for like two episodes in the show and then the rest of the time is like this though.

Speaker 2:23:41Sheila's Christopher the whole first season

Speaker 1:23:44do shit the first season.

Speaker 5:23:47I didn't even remember her from the first season and I barely noticed during the second season when they were like, uh, this really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really minor character into the story now. And it was just like, what? Fuck off. Yeah. I think all of the sudden, Huh?

Speaker 2:24:10She is awfully important all of a sudden.

Speaker 5:24:13Yeah, exactly. She's the future queen of the country and I'm like, she's not going to share her rations like the other king. That guy knows what he's doing. I don't know. It's just, it's weirdly turned about the, it's what like Aaron kind of hated and rebelled against the beginning where they're like all caged and stuff and how he didn't like that. And our revealing almost that. Yeah, they really are. They're all trapped and just kind of disposable pieces for some fucking reason and I don't get the goal. I'm like, so they can sustain a really boring way of life. I don't understand it yet. So hopefully, uh, Mr Skippo out there is a isn't right and that this leads to nothing and that they were just like, just really like the titans, Eaton people. And after that we didn't have much to do.

Speaker 2:25:04Bring in the titans.

Speaker 5:25:08Said no one else watching this show the murder machines. I'm sorry. The what now? The murder machines. Oh, we need the day off. I think that covers episode three pretty well.

Speaker 2:25:23Yeah, they arrest Kaftan Irwin, right? They're like, okay, anyone who's the Scout, because they like framed the military police frame the scouts for murder. And so they're like,

Speaker 5:25:35yeah, they're framed Irwin for, uh, the merchant, the creepy gropey emergence. A death. Yeah. The one that you didn't realize. Kenny slit his throat. That was Kenny to. Yes, Lindsey. Oh my God, this is. Emma was the throat slitting. Wasn't 100 percent, was talking to a second in command and this kid was, was choking down as tears and shit the whole time. Huh? I can't. You just are really blocking out the evil things. Can he does. Was he shooting, shooting both and going Yahoo. And he enters into a bar. You're just like, who is that guy? Let's Kenny again. No, not my kidney slit throat. That's so boring.

Speaker 2:26:22Huh. Interesting. I guess that brings us to emphasize.

Speaker 5:26:32Yeah, they take it away because I don't remember how this one began.

Speaker 2:26:38Um, they're hiding in the woods.

Speaker 5:26:40Oh, right, right, right. Okay. Alright, keep going. I just, now I'm like, Oh yeah, right. That's. Yeah.

Speaker 2:26:46And they've got, I guess military police that are like kind of searching the area for them because Levi's group is in hiding and oh, they bait them with Armin. Who is it been like a big cry baby? Like I kinda thought he would still be.

Speaker 5:27:09Nah, he's kind of real fucked up. But also hilarious that he's still always bait for life, man. Hashtag [inaudible] for life.

Speaker 2:27:22Um, and so they, it was, you know, it was a trap and they capture them and then their idea is to take their clothes and like sneak in to find out where I'm Aaron's being held.

Speaker 5:27:38Yeah. Dumb dumb fucking plan. First of all. Second of all, in what world do swords beat guns? Two guns. You have four swords, it seems like to have, you're going to die maybe a third and then possibly all of us.

Speaker 2:27:59So then they're like, we're going to tie them up and leave them somewhere. And then horse face gene is like, no, let me handle this.

Speaker 5:28:09Yeah. I got some shit to prove man. He seems to have a adapted into the crybaby role. Like he's like, oh that rolls up. Yeah, I'll do it. I'll be the cry baby now.

Speaker 2:28:23So he like takes them away and he was like, I'm going to kill you guys and there's no way you guys won't rat us out so I'm going to kill you. And then he trips and falls on his face

Speaker 5:28:39because that was just like a knew he was going for a fake out. I just knew it. But I was like, was that part of his point? I can't tell either. It just seemed it was just like, it seems so in character, I don't know.

Speaker 2:28:58And um, after like a struggle, um, he's convinced that the guy that they captured with join them and really fight with them and the girl picks up like a branch or something still clobbers gene.

Speaker 5:29:15He fucking, he has head drama from now on. You can get a free pass on being stupid for male Andre because he did anything out of his head. I to be seen later eating horse manure. Like what do you mean? This is good little grassy. A little grassy.

Speaker 2:29:38Yeah. He was like, okay, this should be enough to convince Levi that you guys were really with this. So then I get a, I don't know if there are plans to like sneak in if that was all a ruse just to test these two guys or if they're really like, oh, they're really with this, cancel that plan. Let's do something else instead.

Speaker 1:29:58I think they saw it as an opportunity because there were just like, all right, what's the toughest other plan where we just like crazy horse's blazing and then Levi just beats the shit out of everyone so they capture the commander or whoever have some little dickhead dickhead. He was like, well, get you add your little dog. I was like, shut the fuck up. I was like, Levi's doing his classic foot in the mouth thing. You might want to check your ego for a second study. Want to pray? You make it. Huh? He done that before the foot in the mouth. My God. Lindsay? Yes. That's the way he did to like a fucking. We covered this last time. I know because I was a monster then too. I'm going to try not to monster it up, but you remember the scene in the first season when everyone was kind of on trial and they were deciding whether they're going to kill them or use them now we're not gonna use it and then Levi goes in and just starts beating him and kicking the shit out of him. Yeah, that's him. Oh Man. Kenny slit throat, Levi Levi puts his foot in your mouth and just like say something, say mother fucker.

Speaker 2:31:19People like Levi. Now

Speaker 1:31:21people love Levi. Dude. There's so many like little bs fanfiction webcomics about that fucking guy. I'm just like, man, you make this guy gets one more other person in the world. It's almost always dudes, but like if there was a bl fucking spinoffs during Levi, just pants creamed instantly. Everyone is what it would sell like gangbusters.

Speaker 2:31:48Something interesting we find out that Kenny's last name is.

Speaker 1:31:55Oh yeah,

Speaker 2:31:57his last name and Levi's last name.

Speaker 6:32:00Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What?

Speaker 1:32:03They're all three Ackerman's. It's confusing. I am. I've never noticed this before. I mean I get it and then like there's probably not that many last names in this world. It's kind of like, you know, everyone Smith.

Speaker 2:32:18Maybe it was a game of thrones thing where like if you're a bastard, like your last name is snow.

Speaker 6:32:24Hm?

Speaker 1:32:25Game of thrones. So that's good to know the name that you use.

Speaker 7:32:33Okay.

Speaker 1:32:37Well, if Levi was raised by Kenny would make sense if

Speaker 6:32:40he was just like gave him his last name, but for a Mecasa that's interesting because when she found out, because when they're likely Kenny Ackerman Ackerman.

Speaker 7:32:56Hmm.

Speaker 6:32:58Maybe there's something else there. Maybe that's maybe that's her brother and her daddy. How's that acute? Are fucking family psychopaths that kind of bad ass that. Yeah, but it's like a death stroke fucking family where dad's always like one knife away from just being like, you know, I got bored. I killed one of them. Got Kenny. Yes. Kenny. What did the court world we live in where Kenny's a good guy. It seems like any wants the downfall of Mankato, but you also root for the titans. So maybe, I don't know. Maybe you like the downfall of mankato secretly. Lindsay's in an apocalypse. Cold. She's just like depth all humans. Just like you're a human being. The meat here. We need more dinosaurs. Restart this planet. Would dinosaurs again? Sharks. Sharpedo. Anyway, so what else happened? Oh, hunky. Yeah. Is hiding out on rooftops and town and these scouts anywhere. Check the fucking roofs. Finally, I did like the one part when someone was like, why wasn't everyone say this constantly, we sell to people get obliterated by gun. No one was just like, what's happening up there? Keep it down. Was there blood trickling through? What the fuck? Anyway,

Speaker 2:34:47so the military police have tracked down that murdered merchant son who knows that the scouts didn't really kill his dad,

Speaker 6:34:55murdered, murdered merchant son. Wow. Good job. That I had to think about it. You did it on the fly

Speaker 2:35:07of they're being super mean to him and calling him fat ass and like, you know, the poor guys trying.

Speaker 6:35:15It's not his fault. His, he had a healthy life of rations

Speaker 2:35:20putting in his exercise right now. He is doing the best he can.

Speaker 6:35:25Yeah. You and they're just, they're real. It's not like, you know, the guys chasing him or anything to talk about. So what I will say this, um, this show does not bring the best in humanity.

Speaker 1:35:39Best living. I think part of it is living like the way they do. Definitely. There's not rig out the best in people, which I am on the tightened side. Well, no, I'm not saying we should wipe out to be. I'm saying maybe they should stop living in close quarter walls and you know, eating and shitting and pissing on top of each other and, and whatnot. I mean, not that that would stop people from calling fat people fatty, but you know,

Speaker 2:36:06do so hungry use swoops in and saves him and she's like, you're going to help us clear the scouts. And he's like, no. She's like, motherfucker, I am going to hide and run for the rest of my life.

Speaker 1:36:23Yeah. What a deal.

Speaker 2:36:28And she's basically like, um, no

Speaker 8:36:31you're not.

Speaker 2:36:34So really with that, giving them like a lot of choice. She uses him as bait to learn the military police to a deserted little alleyway where he gets the military police to confess like everything.

Speaker 1:36:51Yeah, real dumb. They're just like, here's all of our crimes

Speaker 2:36:58since we're good at killing you anyway. And it's totally safe to do so. We're going to just say every little secret right now.

Speaker 8:37:05No.

Speaker 2:37:07Which surprise surprise the entire town or neighborhood,

Speaker 1:37:13one representative from every house will attend the mandatory military, uh, exposure meeting. They're like, okay, fair enough. Yep. Make sure they get the information. You pass it along to the rest of your household workplaces. Just the boss and possibly the supervisor must be present.

Speaker 2:37:36Yeah. So they like knock out and tie up the military police and the sun like sits on the guy's head and he goes, I'm the bus now. I protect us.

Speaker 1:37:47Yeah. Which I was like, I don't believe you. You just had a lot of snot coming from your notes. Still do a little bit. Yeah. I was like, your company is fucked. What are you talking about? What is,

Speaker 2:38:05that's all I remember.

Speaker 1:38:07Uh, I think the blonde guy

Speaker 2:38:14after they like tortured, poor captain Erwin. I mean he lost an arm. Give the guy a break.

Speaker 1:38:19Yeah. I was just like, oh yeah. I guess in like the third episode there was the whole he consoles the widow even though she's like telling them like get Ben fucking die and shit. And he's like, Gosh, where we'll get the book fucking bastards that did this and she was just. Oh,

Speaker 5:38:37very reassuring. Actually. Wait, hold on. I'm so confused. Yeah, I think that's, that's all I remember from the fourth episode. It wasn't too thrilling. Have A, an episode. Just had a lot of information.

Speaker 2:38:54Um, I did notice in the horrible of theme song, I still haven't watched it. It feels like an ending theme. Not a beginning theme brings me down instead of like getting me pumped up.

Speaker 5:39:13I just, I like the weird ending song of the season two just because of how weird. Like I didn't hate it, but I wasn't just like, yeah, let me listen to this every time. But it was just kinda like, yeah, I can tolerate this, but both of these ones I'm just like, they just started playing. I'm like, Nah, we're good. Skipped.

Speaker 2:39:33They're very skeptical but I'm afraid of messing up the whole show and password anymore. Um, but this scene kept being still quick that I had to pause it and they have a really super quick clip of baby rainer and baby berthold and baby annie. And their baby friend that emir eight.

Speaker 5:39:59Oh yeah. One of the times when I fast forward, it stopped on that frame. I was like, oh, that's creepy baby. Kids again. Gross.

Speaker 2:40:08But it was raynor and company.

Speaker 5:40:11Yeah, they're dead to me and Lindsay. They're the bad guys, the bad guys.

Speaker 2:40:16So I'm holding out hope that they'll come back because they're in the opening. Oh. And they kept talking about Annie and I'm like, please let any comeback. But. And he still hasn't come back. Oh yeah.

Speaker 5:40:25Forget the important part of that. That uh, one of the female scout that they find, she's all, she's like, oh, I know what you guys did the Eddie or poor room and then jeans, like she's the fucking tightened that did all that shit. You his whole life.

Speaker 2:40:44Weren't they like roommates or something?

Speaker 5:40:46Yeah, she was just like, that poor sweet girl.

Speaker 2:40:50She was so quiet and shy.

Speaker 5:40:52Yeah, that's called a blending it. Yeah. I loved that. I loved seeing her world is that I come crumbling down. I was like, that's what you get. That's what you get for pursuing. She was a good person. She was a monster. She still is the case yourself at crystal and they can't hammer her out. Huh? He was amazing. Yeah. I want to see them cut back to her all crystallized because I'm just like, what's going on there? What is happening?

Speaker 2:41:24Break out of the crystal and tighten up and kicked me. Cuss his ass.

Speaker 5:41:32The only character on the show,

Speaker 6:41:34minus one, my kind or weird half brother. Probably Annie is cooler than the Casa. She's a bad guy. Casa does this guy like Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, all I carry all the blonde guy does too. It's kind of all they're doing this season. They're like, where's Erin? That was located before the king eats. Like what? Weird. Oh, it did

Speaker 2:42:09see the king. Who is this like? I mean he had his knees end to end on that chair. If he were a lady, that would be an inappropriate sitting position.

Speaker 6:42:20Oh yeah. That's how he. That's it. Every time they've cut to him this season, that's how he's been sitting. Just legs, legs spread. Arma real board. Not Saying a word. Was this like you're the best king? She don't do nothing, but that's why I'm just like, who cares about all these secrets and stuff because this guy looks bored out of his fucking mind. Like he's just like somewhat Gilly and it, it's weird to me because there has to be something more going on with him because of Kenny had any close contact with that guy. Why wouldn't he just merc his ass like instantly. So that's why I'm just like, if Kenny's working for this guy, it's got to be because he can't beat this guy. That's my thinking. I don't know. Maybe he is a titan. That's what I'm thinking, man. Because he hasn't gotten to tighten up and uses tightened powers. Exactly. That's what I'm a hundred percent. What I'm actually kind of alluding to his eyes. He's just, he's bored because he just wants. He wants to Spanish.

Speaker 6:43:24I don't know. We'll see. We'll see if he eats irwin or not. Third of the way through, you know, that really changed the, the, uh, course of the show. Then I'll be like, now I'm very interested in the first time this motherfucker got eaten. Second time though. Yeah. It doesn't make sense because he got eaten the first time. How the fuck did he not have that? Tighten and absorb his powers. Then wait, who got Irwin didn't get eaten in the first season. Was he in like a titan stomach when you tightened up or something? Aaron. Aaron, yeah, whatever. I hate those guys because their names are too similar and I mixed them up like that. Maybe it was a real tight and then not a tightened shifter, but then that doesn't make sense for your mirror because it was alluded that she was. She was a tightened and didn't know what she was doing when she ate the friend.

Speaker 2:44:28Oh, I thought she was like a titan shifter, but she had been in her form for so long,

Speaker 6:44:34maybe hovered in dirt and she just like woke up hungry and he was like right there. Oh yeah. No, that makes sense. That's, that's starting to ring a bell. Maybe I don't, but I wonder what the king has to be a titan and if he's going to eat the dude. This is weird. And the beast take them back.

Speaker 6:44:57He's what? The beast. Titan hasn't been back. He was just sitting on the wall. That's he's waiting. Like that guy was creepy. Okay. That guy brought out creepy titans. I don't want him back. Yeah. Okay. Very sasquatch ass was creepy enough. But then like, I'll never forget that real just androgynous one that was standing all like, what are you doing? Get out of here. Go get it. Get some. Get the hose. That was so creepy. I was like, oh, I miss that. I miss all the titles. There were, some of them are so creepy. It was just like, Ugh, that's gross. That one in particular, he just, he haunts my dreams every time I think of this show. I think just like. Oh No, thank you. I think that's uh, that's, that's it for the titan talk. Probably took fucking forever to do that. Sorry.

Speaker 6:46:00Uh, is there something you would like to lead off with on the normal discussion as well? All this part. I will start with an enemy from this season. Okay. So when I mentioned that, looked like it might be appealing, called serious. The Agar. Serious. The Jaeger spelled stupidly. By the way, if anyone's like serious, like the word, certain new bunch of I's and ours is the name of the dog star. Oh, don't bring astronomy into. This was an actually like don't break astronomy. I was like, Ooh, got schooled on some info. All right, so serious. The Agar is seriously boring. Come on Lindsay. That's at some low hanging fruit juice. I haven't been practicing that for like three weeks. I would have accepted as seriously. I wouldn't say up to seriously bullshit, but that's, I guess it's not bullshit. It's just boring, right? Fair enough. Yeah. I didn't watch it yet. So the Pun is yours. Punishment.

Speaker 2:47:32So series is about vampires and the vampire hunters called Jaegers who seek to kill them.

Speaker 6:47:45That's why you wanted to watch it.

Speaker 2:47:48Yes. I was excited to see vampires and I was sad. Disappointed. They have. Yeah, down. I don't know. At least doubles line made me laugh.

Speaker 6:48:08It wasn't supposed to. Took themselves very seriously. Know that work's good. Fun. Your own amusement.

Speaker 2:48:20So our main character is Uli and he has got like sweeny todd hair. It's like all like crazy and sticking up. And he's got like a little white patch on the side. Um, and uh, he hates vampires because vampire, there's some killed his whole village, including his older brother and his mother.

Speaker 6:48:53Oh, shocking. Origin up the body count for him, not just a beloved family member, but everyone he knows.

Speaker 2:49:04And apparently this village, they've been pretty uh, closed lipped about it, but it apparently they guarded like the serious box or this serious arc. And apparently like serious was like a really powerful Jaeger or something. So the vampires want the box and you leave, wants to protect the box, but he doesn't live in his village anymore. So I don't really know what his plan is. They just kind of talk about it. Like, yeah, that would be a good idea, but we're doing this right now. We'll deal with that later.

Speaker 6:49:44How is there a village if they killed the whole village,

Speaker 2:49:48I guess like the box or the arc or they call it something different every time it was like hidden in the village or something or they, the villagers nowhere it is, but usually was only a little kid. So no one had told him about it yet. They've been very hush hush about this whole thing. So I don't,

Speaker 6:50:09we're still making it up. Just wait a little longer. I kind of don't care.

Speaker 2:50:16I don't really like anyone except for the brother. I really, really want to like the brother because hey, guess what? He's back and he's a vampire.

Speaker 6:50:27The busy, a

Speaker 5:50:28good vampire.

Speaker 2:50:31Looks like he's been through some shit.

Speaker 5:50:34So he's a. So he's not on his brother's side.

Speaker 2:50:38Well, the first time he saw his brother, he shot him before his brother could kill a vampire, a vampire lady who ended up getting knives for legs.

Speaker 5:50:51Okay. Hey, he shot his vampire brother?

Speaker 6:50:59Yes.

Speaker 5:51:00And then the vampire lady got knife

Speaker 2:51:04nice on her legs since the early had cut them off.

Speaker 6:51:09Oh Damn.

Speaker 2:51:15And that's boring. They have like maybe like two minutes of good stuff, but you got to go through a lot of bullshit to get there. Um, then Oh. Then the next time they met uli was fighting some vampires and his brother came in, either saved, save them or just stared down at him from a roof. And then ran away like, oh my God, my brother is alive and then they have this flashback of their childhood and his brother was really cool when he was like a teenager. I like

Speaker 5:51:53not a vampire.

Speaker 2:51:56I got like scars all down his face and like his hair's just like, oh he's, he's just letting it grow and get it more in it.

Speaker 5:52:07He's like, I'm a fucking vampire. Life sucks. I don't. I don't give two shits about my.

Speaker 2:52:13And then he wears like black leather pants. Very, very low black leather pants.

Speaker 5:52:19Nice to see. There you go. Oh, he doesn't need hair is displaying the goods practically. He's just like, use your imagination or don't hip shake, shake.

Speaker 2:52:29Where's the button down? Red Shirt. But the buttons, I mean it looks like it's all mismatched and all like different links and stuff and

Speaker 5:52:38good depth perception as a vampire surprise, you didn't know that about a guy when you talk.

Speaker 2:52:48So I do want to like him, but his appearance, thanks. I'm a little hard to like,

Speaker 5:52:55bad enough for me, but he doesn't look good enough for me.

Speaker 2:53:00So then a few episodes later, they're like on a train and the brothers like if you're going to be a jaeger then we're going to be enemies because he's like, I have to get revenge. I gotta kill them all. And he goes, well you do realize I'm a vampire now, so are you going to kill me? And he's like, um, I hadn't thought that far ahead. I don't know. So he's like, well, if you keep doing this, I'm going to kill you. So then of course the lead doesn't stop being a Jaeger and when Julie is in trouble fighting or Frankenstein Monster, the vampire brother comes and kills the Frankenstein monster and let's really go, oh, tells him to like find the, the serious box and then runs away again.

Speaker 6:53:47Oh Jesus. I just found what you're talking about. And yeah, he's a hard man to love. He's not my husband though, that's for damn sure Jesus get. I mean, I think, I mean the hair, I could look fast, but yeah, that shirt, it's like he's wearing a kids, uh, like a youth small. And he was just like, oh I was. But in here, fuck it. There's only one button if there's only one hole thrown away. Answer. All right. I don't think he's. I don't think he's back in much heat down there though. Lindsay. I'll be honest, when the boots are a problem too. That's it. This is some bad footwear.

Speaker 2:54:45Yeah. It looks like maybe he wants to head out to like a club or something.

Speaker 6:54:49Picture of the vampires looked like when they open their mouth. Oh, like the little creature looking things like weird. I know. I can't see that. Just like the teeth and the slobber.

Speaker 2:55:05Well there's like two kinds of vampires. There's like fuck aristocratic vampires that are all like old timey. Hang from the ceiling.

Speaker 6:55:18Wait, wait. That's the aristocrat one. Hanging from the ceiling. He's like my word Motha. Some company pops down. Welcome. Yeah. They have like three of them. When they were talking, they were just taken from the ceiling

Speaker 2:55:39and then you have, they call them slaves. The commenter vampires turn into lake and a month or so

Speaker 6:55:51man, the enemy loves its class systems. And um,

Speaker 2:55:57so I'm about halfway through six episodes. The last episode actually got kind of interesting. Um, the command halfway point, the commander of Julie's group is weird looking guy. He likes to wear a monocle. Monocle is held on by like a little bridge that goes across his nose. It looks he had glasses and he just snapped one side off. Gotcha.

Speaker 5:56:32Very, very good depth perception either.

Speaker 2:56:41Right? He, he actually was pretty cool. Fight in some vampires. Took out three of them and like three seconds. It's kind of cool. But the people that his fam pyre hunting group is staying with is like this rich Japanese guy who has a headstrong daughter who practices swordsmanship and has the obsession with Uli no matter how much I used to deny it, so I don't know. He was looking at her flowers so she was like, hey, like flowers. And he's like, stay away from me. And she's like, I am going to be really obsessed and follow you. I will train on to be with you. Looking at her flowers. Yup. If he was literally looking at the floor workers garden

Speaker 5:57:59flower you can see. And he was like, no. She's like, know,

Speaker 2:58:07leave me alone. She's like, Oh yeah, I hate

Speaker 5:58:11like, I just don't find that. That's not believable in any world. A man being like, oh, I'm getting attention from a woman, get away from me.

Speaker 2:58:20I'm all about the killing of the time for Pussy. Yeah. So the vampires are all attacking that mansion and setting fire to it and that's kind of where it leaves off. Oh. So that last episode I got kind of interesting. They all have like, you know, a good fight scene. It's just, you gotta go for like a whole episode to get there, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. I don't, I'm not really invested in any of these characters. The stories, I don't know if it's just told wrong, but I'm not super interested in it. I just, I liked the fights usually has like a weird sword. Men Chuck things that he fights with that's kind of cool

Speaker 6:59:27sword, numb chuck thing. That's kind of cool. That does not sound cool. It sounds stupid. Pencil little pieces and he twirls that around. It has like a blade on it or he likes snaps that street and it's like a spirit. Okay. I know what kind of weapon you're talking about, I guess. Cool. When he uses it and it kills vampires. Vampires come over here. You have a reverse aristocrat. My Law. Vapers eat. No. The people driving up the prices. Good. I like that. Forever. Forever. Calling all vampires on this show. Vapors. I can't take credit for that. From what? True. Blood. Big. Whoa. Isn't that a serious show?

Speaker 2:60:35No. They have funny stuff.

Speaker 6:60:37Is Vampyr is one of the things that was meant to be taken funny.

Speaker 2:60:41Probably. I don't know. Southern accent or if that was just like a slang term for them, but yeah, the answer is

Speaker 6:60:49called them vampires. Vampire Shit. Lindsay. Vampire Shark and your soul with red hair was like, I'm a vampire, but I turned into a shark when I transport. Do you have red hair? I'm a tinted red. Let's get married, but I might eat or suck your blood be either way you kind of die. Let's get married quickly. Then can you just put your finger on his mouth? You had. Oh yeah, no, you had me at vampire. Definitely not at Avi. Is there anything else about a serious jaeger that you would like to cover?

Speaker 2:61:53I think that's it. I can't tell if I recommend this yet. Right now. I don't.

Speaker 6:62:01I think all the audience need to hear. I'll let you pick my choice between the two. I have to talk about. Do you want a to get emotional or do you to hear me

Speaker 5:62:20trash something. Okay. But just remember I'm not going to have anything to pick you up later. Okay. Emotional. Okay. You want me to go with you? Okay. Uh, I watched violet every garden and I'm assuming I should not talk about it. Here's the thing. Wednesday I'm going to talk about because I think even me telling you every minute detail, you would still watch the show and hundred percent enjoy it. Like not just you particularly. I think most people. Two episodes of this show. Okay, well I'm gonna let my brother had a harass me to watch that in for me. He, he mentioned a couple times. He's like, Hey, you should watch this show each. Watch a shit, I wanna hear your thoughts and whatnot and I was like, get to it because when any, anytime anyone is not just him, it's, do you recommend anything to me?

Speaker 5:63:24I'll just kind of back burner it instantly. I don't know why it's just what I do. But, so I was finally was like, all right, screw it all. I'll give it a watch because it's a, it's a netflix joint. And uh, even though I had found it through other means, I was just like, yeah, I'm just gonna Watch on Netflix. And they love skipping songs instantly. I'm just like, how it should be though. I ended up, well actually watching at one time with the music, like the very last episode I watched, I watched it with all the music and everything. I was like, Oh, I should skip this. This is good stuff. Like, Damn. Oh well the story, it's kind of like a steamy punk type world of where they're on a fucking pumpkin shaped island or a continent. Uh, which I find to be a common like sheep have when they do like a fantasy thing.

Speaker 5:64:19So the, the war has just ended this big war, uh, but it's weird because it's kind of, you know, there's still like trains and no one's really doing cars and stuff, like everyone's just walking, but they have like typewriter, they have the capability of giving a woman a functioning arms that work at the drop of a thought. No one's like inflating fucking cars or anything, you know? Uh, so we meet violet and she's wrapped in her fingers, are wrapped in a bandage and she's writing a letter to a person she calls major and uh, and then this guy shows up and he's like, he's like, yeah, uh, Gilbert asked me to take care of you. And she's like, Oh, when will I get to see the major? You know, she's very just like oblivious to the fact that like, instantly I was just like, majors dead.

Speaker 5:65:08The majors dead. It's got to be dead the way that this guy looking at you not wanting to tell you this information, he must be dead. So, but she's supposed to be like 14 looking 26, but whatever, you know, that's enemy in the world. Whatever. But, uh, you know, he, he takes her and he's like, Hey, you know, this evergreen family, they're going to, um, they're going to take you in and everything. And she's just like, okay, well when, you know, what about the major, what about the mission? He's like, the war's over, you're good, you're done, you know, you did your duty, you're good. Um, and uh, you know, you just do the process, you discover she kind of just does not know how to function in society. Um, while at the Evergreen House, she like spills tea because our hands are all like trembling and stuff because she's still getting used to them and uh, they're just like, Oh God, do you know, let's get that off you before you get burned. And she's like, oh, I can't feel anything. And she undoes the bandages, reveals the metal hands for the first time and you're just like, oh, she got robo arms. Um, and then

Speaker 5:66:21it's not a good fit. So the guy, he ends up because she's just like, you know, give me orders, just like, you know, don't just leave me here. I don't know what to do with myself type of thing. So he's like, all right, come, come work for me and uh, you can live in the fucking addict here because you, she's like, and it's basically if it's revealed that she was

Speaker 5:66:43like an extreme bad ass warrior, like from being used to kill men, like quickly immersed with merciless listly since a child and she was just like, found as an orphan and was already like that or whatever. Like they don't, they go hard into like, why she's like, that just kind of allude that there's been other people like that or whatever. So, um, you know, you, you keep seeing flashbacks and stuff of between her and the major and uh, yes, yes. Well, I mean yes and no, she didn't. She did, but not, she didn't know that she did, you know, if she didn't know what she was feeling or whatever. But yeah, she, she just only once his orders and so she's just like, you know, you just want his orders and whatever. Um, and the, uh, the guy, I forget his name, but I'm just going to call him Sarah, didn't dad, he tells her at one point he was like, you're on fire, like you're covered in burns and you don't even know it.

Speaker 5:67:48And she's just like, no, I'm not, I'm not on fire. And he's just like, you are. And one day you're going to realize that you're going to feel it and it's going to hit it's gonna hit you hard. And uh, and I was like, oh damn. Because she killed a lot of people and she don't, she don't have any emotion for that because she doesn't have emotions because no one let her, you know, emotions. Um, so then she, she wants to, she hears the words I love you and wants to become what they call an automated doll, which I never understood the fucking name, but it's basically someone who types letters for you and helps you find the right words to say to someone else. So the example they give is this guy's giving a love note and the woman's reading back what she's typing because he'll say something and she'll say it differently as she's typing it like, you mean this, but this is how I'm going to say it because it's still sounding better type of thing.

Speaker 5:68:41And so she's like, I want to do that because I want to know what the word, you know, those, those were the last words, the major said to me, I want to know what I love you means. And you're just like, oh damn. And then eventually they show the flashback of him bleeding out like a motherfucker and her arms. It's like falling off of her and shit. And he's just like, go live, be free. I love you. And she's just like, you're not dying on me and stuff. And uh, still, you know, because the, the Sarah Dad told at the beginning, yeah, he's fine. He's somewhere else. Um, she still thinks he's alive and shit. So the first like, couple episodes are a little bit redundant. You meet the other dolls as they call them.

Speaker 5:69:29I mean, they're real people. They're real people, it's just the job title, but that the catches that she was also previously called a doll because of her eyes and her just like emotionless. Like she's very emotional as always. She's called a doll. She's not even phased by it. Like there's a great episode later on with this little girl actually thinks she's a doll and then she's just like. And then at the end she's like, oh wait, you're human. She's like, yes. Then because she just, she's like, what happens? She's like, oh, you can't drink tea. And she's like, she's like, well, what will happen to you if you do? And she's like, it'll eventually expel itself from my body and you're just like, that's a weird way of saying I'll pee, but okay, that's how you talk. Um, and so it just feels like. So you meet these other dolls and she's slowly learning to become human.

Speaker 5:70:17Like she goes to, they sent her to a class to learn and she does everything wonderfully on grammar, everything. Because if you give her a mission, she can do it. But then when her mission is the type of letter for this, her friend that she makes in the Class A, it's like cold, uncaring, and it reads like a military report. And so the teacher's like, you don't pass because I, I'm not gonna pass you. And she's, she tells her, you know, a doll needs to be able to, um, hear what someone's saying and see through it and find the inner truth that they're trying to get out. And they, they give a great example because this woman came in and she was like, uh, the reason they sent her to the class actually because this woman came in was just like, oh, you know, I just want, you know, I want to send this letter to this guy.

Speaker 5:71:04You know, he's not the greatest, but he's got all this money and stuff. But, you know, I'll let them take care of it. I just don't want him to think I'm easy or anything like that. And uh, she sends like an because a lot of the people who can't read or write that come into. So they're kind of at their mercy of whatever they type and so she obviously did not get the message, uh, or read the message back to the woman and sent this like really cold, uncaring message of like, I'm only with you for the money. You're not very attractive. And like just verbatim says what the woman is is, you know, she's, she's putting on an act so that she doesn't appear to be death, doesn't want to appear a certain way. But really she was, she really liked this guy and just didn't want him to, like, she didn't want to lose all of her power in the relationship basically.

Speaker 5:71:53And so the guy sends back a response of like, fuck you, I'm done type of thing. But like much more, even more cold and calculated of just like we are done, do not contact me either further references and blah blah blah, you know, and so they will likely need to send you to school so you can learn how to fucking do this shit. And then after that and then she starts to kind of actually a piece it together. And I'm like, learn emotions. And Shit like that. And eventually she does find out that the major is dead and are like, they don't actually ever even say he's dead. They just say he's missing missing in action because they never recovered his body. Um, and then she goes on this downward spiral. She tries, she goes back to the spot where they last were together and sort of digging through the rubble.

Speaker 5:72:46And uh, there's a great scene where Sarah Again, dad shows up and he's just like, come on, you know, like, knock it off, let's go. I'm like, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but like I couldn't, I looked at you and I just, I knew I could. And uh, she's like, I'm not leaving until I find him. And he's like, fine, I'll stay here with you until you leave. And you're just like, oh, touching. Um, and then like ninth episode she's realized she's on fire and has kind of come through it a little bit and everything. And, and my brother was like, yeah, I wish it had ended on the ninth episode. And I was just like, oh, well now I'm not looking forward to the 10th episode. Thanks a lot. Thanks for nothing. And then I watched the 10th episode and I was just like, is he fucking crazy because I fucking cried Lindsey.

Speaker 5:73:32I fucking cry. I was emotional before all that. But then it's just like, because, and I get what he means is a very, um, rewarding journey. Like it's a very complete character transformation for her from one to nine, but it doesn't, it doesn't complete her story, like the rest shows her, it kind of shows and teaches her because her whole thing is that she just wants to take orders, you know, she's not living on her own, she's not free. And so the last little bit is all about her overcoming that part and doing stuff on her own for herself. Um, and so I got to tell you a little about this episode because it's not hard to figure out what's happening. She's

Speaker 1:74:12called to this house. The mom's sick. There's a little girl. There was no father in the picture. What do you think? What do you think's happening? Let's see, Mama, mama was going to die and she's, but she wants to write all these letters for some reason, and the daughter, it's, it's actually really heartbreaking because the daughters, like, I hate company, I hate company because I'm not dumb. I know you're dying and every time you have a visitor that's less time I get with you. And she finally just like snapped and yells that to her and uh, you know, and then they kind of finished their letters and stuff and I'm going to spoil this for you because it's like, I knew it was coming, but basically the letters were to the daughter and the mom wrote her a letter every year for her birthday for the next 50 years.

Speaker 1:75:00That part's not even the part that, that part started to fuck me up a little bit. It was when violet got back, because this is like the new violet that has emotions. And her response was just fucking heartbreaking. Roses like, aw man, it fucked me up bad. I was like, oh, so. And then the next episode, this is like, Ooh, more tears coming your way because this, uh, like, so the war ended, but there's a small fraction in the, uh, the other, like the other side that they were fighting against that they're now making peace with. There's a small fraction is like, no, we want to keep the war going. This is bullshit, you know? And so they're starting it up. But like these, uh, this, this dude requests a doll because he wants to send a letter back home and they don't want to take it because they're like, no, it's like in the middle of a war zone.

Speaker 1:75:54And she's like, fuck it, I'll do it on my own. And uh, just it kind of bullshit because you should just randomly finds this guy. But his whole platoon's been picked off and he's basically bleeding to death when she finds him. And just the moment that there's like two really just touching moments on that, uh, that episode that I was just like, oh man, like it, it got me bad Roz's like, oh, I was like, two back to back, stop making me cry. Dammit. So, and um, we had had a, like a really good rewarding thing. The only thing I kind of don't, I love the costume designs, but I didn't understand the dolls costumes, like everyone could tell like, oh, you're a doll because you were just like dressed up really weirdly. And uh, not that I hated what they were addressed at, but it was just kinda like, why does that make you a doll?

Speaker 1:76:51Because one was like, I got the uniform too and it was just like, but it's not a uniform front of you addressed the same way. What the fuck you talking about? Um, so that was like whatever. And then there's this guy in there that wears heels and I have no idea what was up with that because he was hitting on all the ladies. So it, like he was a, not a ladies man and he was definitely a man. I assumed, I guess, I don't know, I guess they could be alluding but I'm just like, but then when all these ladies but like, no because I'm not into other ladies. I don't know, it was weird, but he ran and jumped, kicked a bomb with heels and I was just like, what the fuck are you get to look at those?

Speaker 1:77:32No heels like pumps. Yeah, it was really weird because at one point he hurts his ankle and they show him the show, the boots and I just didn't put two and two together and then the next time it's almost like, wait, what the fuck, what is up with that? So it was super great the first time because he's trying to hit on all these ladies. I got noodles for lunch and they're just like, how dare you speak so formally to me. And he's just like, what? And they were like, don't you come in here sweaty like that. And he's like, and there's this like fat old guy. And he's just like, well I got new who's going to eat these noodles? And then the dolls come and he's like, noodles don't speak so formally to me. He's like, oh, that guy is just teleported next to. He's like, I'll eat them.

Speaker 1:78:18He just hands it to him. He's just like, fuck it, whatever. But there's like a really cool world, like there's a great, um, you're really going to like this episode and yet there's like a prince and princess love story that they do. And I was like, oh, that's really good. It was just really cute stuff. Um, there's a bonus episode that wasn't on Netflix that I also found that episode. It kind of fits in between the other stories, but I understand why they didn't keep it in as a whole because it kind of distracts from the overall story. And that one turned out to be really good to you. This was like, Oh man, this is really good. This is so sweet. This is awesome. I'm a lot of people like, I don't understand why this is a masterpiece where I don't necessarily know if it's a masterpiece.

Speaker 1:79:01I think it's a great bit of like romance, but also it's like the world is just so cool and relatable. Especially the link, the war theme. And I think that's why people really like it. Like aesthetically, like I couldn't get enough of it just like all the visuals and everything. But then I also really enjoyed that it wasn't just a typical guy, girl soils, like about a woman learning how to love after the fact and I think that was pretty damn remarkable, you know, so. But, uh, definitely, definitely one I highly recommend to a lot of people. So my brother is a little bit crazy. I don't think he was that he was heartless for the rest of the episode. I think he was probably, he was just more talking about like, he felt like the character journey was more complete nine. But like I said, I think that that was just one part of her journey and in that the rest of it was her learning how to actually be human after she learned what I love you meant, she was like, well, now how do I keep going?

Speaker 3:80:02So

Speaker 1:80:04well, it, I know it,

Speaker 2:80:08it looked beautiful. And um, I don't know if you remember that animated talked about beyond the boundary.

Speaker 1:80:17Oh yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2:80:18Um, and also the love she need bio and other delusions. It's the same animation company that did a

Speaker 1:80:27because I would never watch those other two. You talked about glad they found a storyteller that wasn't. Yeah, they're like, costumes alone was just like, man, you're going to see so much fucking cosplay for this. Possibly. If they could make the dress do the thing at the back. I don't know. That defied gravity.

Speaker 2:80:50Yeah. I think I only saw the first episode and I was like, I love this, but this is going to be heavy. I haven't gotten back to it.

Speaker 1:81:05It's worth it, but it's really worth it. So carve out some time. Trade another show for for this. So like you, you might get more emotional every time they cut back to the major, but I didn't because I was just like, well, I already know. He's like, this is the journey. Like we're, we're, we'll have good tears for him at the end.

Speaker 7:81:27So

Speaker 1:81:32that's your turn. Lift us up

Speaker 2:81:35or bring us down. I noticed that Black Butler season two is finally on crunchy roll and dedicated myself to watching season two. Thankfully only 12 episodes. I'm not sure if you recall. When I watched season one at the very end I said, you know what, if it just ends like this and that's the Indian, I'm okay with that.

Speaker 1:82:11Yeah. But you had to know changes leaving well enough alone.

Speaker 2:82:18Well apparently like halfway through season one, I guess the anime goes in a different direction and because there is more black butler I have to watch. There's like a bunch of Olivier's and Black Butler book of circus which gets picks up like halfway through season one and gets the enemy back on track with the Moringa.

Speaker 7:82:47Oh

Speaker 1:82:49yeah.

Speaker 2:82:52So you've got that too.

Speaker 1:82:54I finished season one or did they kind of just go in and revamp season one with all these [inaudible] in the movie and Shit?

Speaker 2:83:01Well I don't think the ova have anything to do it. I haven't watched him yet. Um, I don't think they really have any late. One is called ell in wonderland and it just looks like he's dressed up as alice in wonderland and matter and I don't know, Alex like that.

Speaker 5:83:34What, what is the story about again? And then you can just jump into season two and all. I'll go along for the ride.

Speaker 2:83:42This kid named Phantom Hive.

Speaker 5:83:46Hold on. What the fuck's his name?

Speaker 2:83:50Yes. That's his last name.

Speaker 5:83:52His last name is phantom hive.

Speaker 2:83:55Yes. He is the earl of Phantom. Hi. Oh God.

Speaker 5:84:07Phantom hive. Stupid Day. Embarrassed for saying it.

Speaker 2:84:14Anyway. Sorry. Family is murdered in his mansion is burned down and he is like kidnapped and tortured. So he makes a deal with a demon to help him get his revenge and in return the demon can eat his soul. So season one is all his adventures with his demon butler. Sebastian getting his revenge and ends with Sebastian about to eat his soul.

Speaker 5:84:47I see. And they were like, we need more people like that.

Speaker 2:84:53Yeah. And I feel like, you know what, if they would've just ended with him eating his soul and she knows zooming out on that I. that's fine. I'm good with that.

Speaker 5:85:05I mean with the sole tastes worse if it was older or something. Like was there a rush? It was just like, I'm really hungry doing all this work for you.

Speaker 2:85:15Well, like his whole thing is that his soul would taste better after it had its revenge,

Speaker 5:85:22but can he, he like eat some other soul. Okay.

Speaker 2:85:27Yeah, he had his, he had a lot of work into this dinner.

Speaker 5:85:32I hate that. I hate when it's just like no. Defy. All logic will be the. He is, I mean so many souls like eat skittles everyday. They just sugar in your mouth eventually.

Speaker 2:85:48So Black Butler season two opens pretty disturbing with this, um, this young blonde kid in bed with this old fat guy,

Speaker 5:86:09disturbing

Speaker 2:86:13and he gets up and walks over to the window and makes the deal with like a spider demon that you helped me get my revenge and you can eat my soul.

Speaker 5:86:26The old guy or the blond kid.

Speaker 2:86:29The blonde kid. Yeah. The old guys like asleep. He's, he's burnt out. Um, so you have sort of a similar story in this port. Tortured kid makes a deal with a demon for revenge, gets thetis. So his Butler is named Claude and this kid is Aloysius trancey

Speaker 5:87:00eloise trend. See, I'm sorry.

Speaker 2:87:07And this kid is such a dick. Well, he, well he's got, okay, so his Butler's dressing him and as the Butler, he's buttoning up his shirt, the kid starts and buttoning it everything, and then he just looks at him. He was like, do you hate me? Did that make you mad?

Speaker 5:87:39That's what he says for the Demon Butler. He's like, listen kid, you take your shirt off. What got you into some of these problems? Keep your damn pants on, buddy. Maybe don't run around naked. All right. Everyone knows what you're dealing with down there. And then just like, mmm, Yummy kid, that black kid and you know, molestation.

Speaker 2:88:00Oh. And this kid wears a little thigh high stockings with little knee high boots and shorts with his very long tail coat he kids get. Yeah. So at one point he's having, he's eating dinner or breakfast or something and he decides to be a little prick and knock over his wine or something with the baby. It was juice that don't know. It's French. Their English like back, maybe it was tea, I don't know, but he ain't knock stuff over. So it's getting all over the table cloth. And um, he was like, made hurry up and clean this up. So she's like trying to clean it up and I don't know, like a drop gets on him and he starts freaking out and yelling at her and she's like, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And he goes, are you looking at me? You're not supposed to be looking at me. You're a servant. You need to keep your eyes on the ground. So then he sticks his finger in her. I am pulled out her eyeball.

Speaker 6:89:15What is it? Fuck attitude. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and molested by old men thing. But now I'm Kinda like the fuck's your damage kid.

Speaker 2:89:30Yeah, he's, he's an asshole and nothing seems to give him any greater pleasure than being an asshole.

Speaker 6:89:41So what's his revenge story then? Well, or if there's more to set up, go ahead.

Speaker 2:89:48So about halfway through the first episode, it's basically just him being a dick. I'm all of a sudden he has a strange visitor who happens to be Sebastian and Sebastian's got a briefcase or a suitcase and is asking for shelter for the night from the storm or something, and sneaks down to the cellar where there's like this special tea that he steals. And so the kids like chase him down. So they're like chasing each other. Sebastian ends up escaping. Oh, the suitcase comes open and it cl phantom hive stuffed into the suitcase, apparently. Lifeless. That's weird. That's for bashed and gets away. And

Speaker 6:90:41good boy.

Speaker 2:90:42Yeah. He opens up the tea that he stole and there

Speaker 6:90:48no demon. No. Like, why is he running away and stuff? They just have a demon fight. He's like, oh no, not my trousers. I can't get my bloom and trousers. Daddy.

Speaker 2:91:01Oh, they keep making stupid snide remarks to each other. Like, oh, a real butler went and get mud on the tablecloth because they're like fighting on the table or something.

Speaker 6:91:11So they were like really into this whole Butler thing even though they're fucking soul eating demon.

Speaker 2:91:16Yes. Um, so it turns out that hidden in the tea is this little blue ring that apparently contained cls soul, and so he gave it back to cl, so now his soul has returned to his body, but then you find and then episodes that he has no memory making the contract with Sebastian but does not remember anything about getting his revenge.

Speaker 6:91:53You over revenge. He's like, I want to kill him again.

Speaker 2:91:57Yes. So Sebastian's like, well, I can't eat his soul now because it's not going to taste good because he doesn't remember. He's had his revenge. So I need to make him think that eloise trancey is the guy who killed his parents, have him get his revenge on Eloise, then I will eat his soul. Well, you find out that Claude, the spider demon butler, um, right before Sebastian was about to eat cl soul, Clyde's swooped in and stole it and wanted to eat it for himself. So this whole stupid fricking season is just stupid.

Speaker 6:92:47Yeah, I was about to say, I was just like, why would he let this asshole come into the house and take shelter? Like,

Speaker 2:92:53yeah, it's basically you find out that the made with the one eye is also a demon,

Speaker 6:93:05a boy, snatcher humans are fucking mother.

Speaker 2:93:13She fell in love with Los, his little brother, a contract with her to make all of Aloe Luis's dreams come true,

Speaker 6:93:27which was made not spill shit. He was like, oh no, I fucked up.

Speaker 2:93:33No, it was burning their entire village and killing every single person who lived there. So

Speaker 6:93:39that was always his dream. Yes. And so his little brother made it happen. The village down. Yes. But then eloise was, does this kid get. I think people have revenge against him. Did they establish what he was trying to get revenge on?

Speaker 2:94:02Um, I'll always, um, no, I think he just, oh, he wanted cl. He wanted to be, he wanted to still seals body, which he ends up doing. He takes his body and puts his soul into it. So then both their souls are in cl

Speaker 6:94:27touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch.

Speaker 2:94:30Eloise makes a deal with Hannah and she eats both their souls and it just, it gets super weird. Basically how it ends is, um, alloway and his brothers sold into Hana and Claude ended up dying and then all of them like live together and like the spirit world or something. Then they're all happy because they're like a complete family. And Sebastian safe cl who wakes up. Oh, right before cla gets eaten by your Hannah. Um, he tells Sebastian you're my butler until you eat my soul. So you better come and save me. And Sebastian's like, yes, my Lord. So he saved cl. Cl wakes up as a demon. So now there is no way sebastian can eat his soul, but he is stuck serving him as his Butler for all eternity because he said I will serve you until eight years old. So then they wander the earth together. That all they just eat someone else's souls. And Sebastian seems pretty pissed off constantly. Is there a third season? No, because this isn't very good. So you get the weird Olivier's, [inaudible] and then you get the book of circus, which goes back to like partway through the first season, although turnout.

Speaker 6:96:27Let's see how if we can make this less of a mess or more

Speaker 2:96:33and one of the episodes they are having like a ball or a party or something and the one I made is asked to play this weird instrument, which it looks like a coffin and you open it up like a piano coffin and there's like a whole bunch of like glasses and so she starts licking her fingers, like super disgusting and at one point she's like licking a finger, licking another finger and then she shoves her whole other hand in her mouth and then she starts like running her fingers around the rims of the glasses and like putting everyone under a spell

Speaker 6:97:17fixed already, but most liquid, what's she going to do next?

Speaker 2:97:29It was like, wow. Okay. And she is super, super busty and whenever she fights they managed to tear off part of her dress. Nice.

Speaker 6:97:41Sounds like the best part of the whole season, Lindsay.

Speaker 2:97:47Yeah. Maybe it was even. You were looking at me. Yeah. Yeah, it was. So, yeah, probably terribly unnecessary.

Speaker 5:98:04Sounds like it sounds like anytime you're giving a very short story thing like that, you either need to end it or find a loophole a lot sooner, you know, like all that. The spawn corner is a, that's how spawn started off as just like, hey, you only have so much juice left in the suit and then you die forever. And they were like, Woo, it's going to be like 12 issues. I need to fucking figure out how to make this to 279.

Speaker 2:98:43Yeah.

Speaker 5:98:44So I guess we'll just wait for the next black Butler update.

Speaker 2:98:48Yes. Because I'm going to have to finish everything.

Speaker 5:98:53Do you know, isn't this enough evidence yet? Get down.

Speaker 2:98:59See what it gets up to in wonderland.

Speaker 5:99:02Probably fucking a rabbit or something. I don't know. Well Lindsey, I'm a quitter so I am not like you because I, I quit on the next show. I'm going to talk about. Actually I don't remember. I always fucked up how the title goes. So I'm going to do little. Okay. Pop team, epic.

Speaker 2:99:36I've heard of that.

Speaker 5:99:37You listen, it's A. I like weird shit. Lindsey. I like stuff that's weird, just to be weird. Uh, what I don't like is when stuff is just like dumb, weird or I'm just like, okay.

Speaker 5:99:58Yeah. What? Like sometimes I like a story. All right. Okay. I'm going to flash it back. This is going to blow your mind. I don't like Ren and stimpy. Okay. And I'm like, it, I've never liked it. Here's overhyped to me as a child by a friend of the family that was, that was living with host, why they bought a house. And uh, the, the kid I was introduced to her in a you by was obsessed with it, obsessed with it. So I was like, okay, let's watch this. And I was like, there's no stories here. It does nothing. This is not enjoyable to me. I'm a story person seeing gross close up some people's noses when I'm just like, yeah, that's gross. And although what's the point, I don't like that shit. So now that everyone's mind and Lindsey is just like completely shut down at that modern life is better than ren and stimpy and also hated that one too.

Speaker 1:100:56And Doug and, and a lot of the collodion shit basically a lot of, almost their entire lineup from the nineties and early two thousands anyway. So popping the epic would be rather at home on adult swim. It feels like an adult swim cartoon. Uh, but not a good one at all. It says these two girls that are very humorous looking and they just do because it's based off of a four panel comic strip. And so they even make a joke and I was the only joke. I appreciate it, like you can't do it, fuck it. Anna Bay off of a four panel, a gag stripe. And I was just like, no, apparently you can't. I mean you can technically, but you shouldn't. The first episode was actually very confusing because it is a gag in a, in and of itself because it starts as a completely different show.

Speaker 1:101:55I was actually more interested in that show then what I watched. So I, I had to like pause it and was like, did Whoa, what is this? Did I click on the wrong thing? And I was like, no, I didn't. I was like, what's this title? I had to look up the title of the show because I was just like, I don't want the fuck is an. Apparently if I had just waited like 10 more seconds, it would have kicked over to the pop team. Epic and I would've been like, oh, I get it. It's not a very good one, but it's a joke and then they just do dumb shit. And what really got to me was that it feels really long to watch it. Like it's really long.

Speaker 1:102:41And then I looked in, there is credits and I was like, wait, I thought this was 20 minutes. I mean it feels like 20 minutes have gone by, but I know 20 minutes hasn't actually gone by and I looked and I was like, no, there's still half an episode. What's going on? It restarts the entire episode and here's the gag. So. And I honestly didn't pay enough attention. I don't know if it was the same type of setup every time, but they have one woman that does both the voices for the girls one time and then they have one guy that does both voices for the girls the second time, so it kind of changes how the jokes are and stuff and occasionally they would change jokes like completely but still use almost like the same footage and stuff. So I fell asleep during the third episode. I wasn't even tired. Lindsay, it, you have to bore me immensely for me to fall asleep during something. They do that every episode. Every episode. Every episode.

Speaker 1:103:48Yeah. At least in the six I saw. If they else stopped doing that after six, I'll fucking never made it. I made it through six. I forced myself. I did my due diligence because I was ready to quit after third episode. I was like, when I fell asleep I was like, we're done here, but I, I just, I finished what I missed watching the next three and called it a day. Let me, let me put it this way. Watching these six episodes took me all week. Okay, watching 14 episodes of violet ever regard it took me two days. That was a pleasure and a treat to walk. I would take in enough. This was a fucking chore. I've waited all week to slam this fucking show. It was horrible, horrible, horrible. If it's just not, it just was never funny. Like even when they would do something kind of funny, they would instantly be like.

Speaker 1:104:40And now we made it not funny. I was like, hm. He did. You didn't, you did exactly that. Uh, the sixth, I think episode actually has a funny thing where they follow these, they just make two characters and it's like this girl. And um, she, her dad remarried and so she's all excited to meet her new family and it ended up being the guy that she's in love with and she's like, oh no. And the parents are the two little girls, but like one has a mustache and they, they're the shittiest parents like ever. And you're just like, oh ha ha, I get it. But uh, then she goes on to describe like when they were studying and stuff, they were like, we couldn't even study because they'd be outside making monkey noises outside the window. And it just showed them be like, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Speaker 1:105:22And then we couldn't even sleep because then they would make Gunda mech sounds and they'd be like. And like it was just weird, like the Gundam thing, like a randomly got to me and I actually laughed out loud. I was like, oh my God, you got to fucking episodes. We got one. You got a chuckle out of me. Um, got so much of it as a blur because a lot of it is just like they'll do like 10 seconds and then they pop up the logo constantly and we'll have them say it in different ways and stuff. And it was just like, I see that fucking logo one more fucking time. Just don't show it to me ever again. Um, and then at the end of every episode they cut back to the fake anime that they started with and are just like, tune in next time to, to blah, blah blah. And I was just like, I wish I was watching that show seemed like a funny Romcom

Speaker 2:106:23well that I saw of it. It looks random and weird and I did not like the character designs.

Speaker 1:106:30See, I don't like them, but I was like, oh, that's weird. And it seems like it's instantly made me smile because I was like, oh, they look weird. That's going to be funny. Like, let's see what they do. And then I was just like, please stop one other gag. That's somewhat. I thought it was funny was um, one of the girls leaving, she's like by blankie

Speaker 8:106:51and in the blanket just like hugs her. And he's like, no, if you hug me I'll never wake up. And then she just falls back to sleep and she wakes up later in the episode and she's like, oh, I feel so refreshed as time to go to school. And it's like nighttime. And she's like, ah, you'll fuck it. And then she takes her word caption though and just starts beating that against the wall. I was like, that doesn't make any fucking. I don't even care. So. And sometimes it was funnier when the guy would do the voices for the girls. And then other times it's funny when the girl did the voices, so was just like, eh. But I just. So much of it was horribly forgettable. The openings, honestly the best thing just because they, they find clever ways to just kind of like make their faces appear on shit. So yeah,

Speaker 1:107:38that was, I was disappointed. I'm sure there's like really big fans of it and stuff, but I was just like, this is not for me, this falls into ren and stimpy territory and I'm out. I'm out.

Speaker 8:107:49So

Speaker 1:107:50no story to random. It was just like, it's not funny when it's just doing nothing when your goal is to just do nothing or just to have every impossible random thing to happen one after the other. I was just like, Yup, okay, Yup. Alright, no, build up for that. Whatever. So it just, it felt like family guy in a way. And a lot of things, but without the like a shocking vulgarity. So

Speaker 8:108:16there you go.

Speaker 1:108:19I brought you down in a different way. I lied. No, it really, it's just more of like a catharsis because Cathartic. Maybe that's the right word. I don't know to just kind of get it out of my head space because I was just like, ah, I just need to talk about this fucking thing. And also probably didn't help. I just dwelled on this one so much more than the other one. The whole week I was like, I'm going to talk about dish bullshit and it's bullshit. And I got here. I was just like, I don't want to talk about any of this wanting to be

Speaker 1:108:57right. It's the season. No, it's over. It was, I think it was last season or no, it might have been the part of the first season of the year. Yeah, it was part of the winter season, so I'm pretty sure it will be back because I think it was popular as fuck. So I will not be back for more. I mean, so much of is a blur. Like, I honestly can't remember the first episode in the sixth episode. Everything else. I was just like, the stop happening. So yeah. So, uh, this is it for me. Um, I hope that people checked out our darling and the episode.

Speaker 5:109:48Uh, I do have a little interesting tidbit of information on that Lindsey, before we go, you know, the, the episode where it should go, um, holds back a hero and like kisses him like that. Yeah. Apparently the studio got death threats for that because the fans were not having that itch go shit. And they turned on her bad, which kind of somewhat explains why they tone back your fucking character so much after that, which is kinda disappointing because I was like, oh, well I did feel like she just kind of gave up really easily after that almost. It's weird. Yeah. Death threats, death threats. They were like, do you like, I didn't read what the words were because they were just like, they were just really offensive. And I was like, oh hello. So that was interesting. It was like, Huh, damn. They really liked that zero to, Huh?

Speaker 2:110:43Gosh, I liked her go to though fault for having feelings for a guy and fight and forum.

Speaker 5:110:50Yeah, exactly. But it just kinda shows the craziness of fandom sometimes where they just end the possessiveness of them where it's like, well, they're not even your characters. I would have rather had a good story that still kind of did the love, the weird love connect the dots that they were doing because it was like she, he loves her and she loves him and he loves her, you know, so. But uh, I bring that up so that people can check out our early in the episode where we had eric and Shawn on with Lindsey and myself and we talked about the whole season and you can again follow us on twitter at super as anime to make sure you spell it that way because there's a lot of dumb stuff with super s in the title and I don't want you falling them. I think that, I think that's all I got Lindsey and uh, Suzu, why don't you take it away?

Speaker 2:111:43Wow.

Speaker 5:111:47Wait, wait. Before we go, you got to do a darling.

Speaker 2:111:52Really

Speaker 5:111:54perfect. Bye. Me

Speaker 9:112:02She, she, she, yeah. Cool man. She's,

Speaker 10:113:22oh.

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