S2: E3 3-2-1 PROFITS - THE PODCAST - 25 years of GLD and Counting

June 15, 2022 GERY DEER - host / JULIE BARTH-producer Season 2 Episode 3
S2: E3 3-2-1 PROFITS - THE PODCAST - 25 years of GLD and Counting
Show Notes

 So what happens when it’s time for the host to become the guest? That’s what you’ll find out in this episode of 3-2-1 Profits the Podcast as your host Gery Deer gets the tables turned on him by guest host Bob Stolz. 

As Gery’s company GLD Enterprises Communications, Ltd.’s 25th anniversary, we thought it was time to ask Gery a few questions about how all of this started, how things have been going since Covid, and where the company is going next.

Guest host Bob Stolz is a graduate of Ohio University and a broadcast veteran. He brings to the microphone, and the interviewer chair, a unique presence - and gets Gery to open up about his life and work. 

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