S3: E1 3-2-1 PROFITS - THE PODCAST - 3-2-1 Publishing Success!

July 20, 2023 GERY DEER - host / JULIE BARTH-producer Season 3 Episode 1
S3: E1 3-2-1 PROFITS - THE PODCAST - 3-2-1 Publishing Success!
Show Notes

Season 3 - Episode 1 -- 3-2-1 Publishing Success!

Attention aspiring bestselling authors! In this first episode of our third season, 3-2-1 PROFITS looks at the self-publishing industry. More specifically, we’re discussing the publishing and marketing of non-fiction work designed to help professionals gain credibility and demonstrate their expertise.

Our guests are Frank Zaccari and Melissa Van Oss, creators of the Trust the Process Book Marketing Program, each multiple best-selling authors in their own right. Over 22 months, 11 consecutive titles have reached the Amazon #1 bestselling new release list in multiple categories. They’re joining host Gery Deer to talk about the right ways and the wrong ways to get your book to market and achieve the kind of success you want. 

Frank Zaccari is a 5-time bestselling and award-winning author. Along with his partner, Melissa Van Oss, a 3-time bestselling author, he created and executed marketing campaigns for their own books. Based on that success, they put together a program to help other writers to market and promote their work. Frank’s Amazon Author Page

Melissa Van Oss is a 3-time bestselling author and co-founder of the program. She has been featured on Everyday Woman TV and Life-Altering Experiences on Roku TV, numerous podcasts, and articles in The Hollywood Times, Kent State Today, and the LA Progressive as “Top 10 Women Business Leaders to Watch Out for in 2023.”

Melissa’s mission with Trust the Process is to inspire others to tell their stories and leverage that material toward greater success. Her motto, “Don’t let your book go unnoticed!” stems from her passion and desire to help authors succeed with their book launches and become bestselling authors. Melissa's Amazon Author Page

You can find both Frank and Melissa on social media and through their author pages on Amazon, listed above. 

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