S1:E6 - 3-2-1 PROFITS - The Well Fed Writer

July 26, 2021 Gery L. Deer - host / Peter Bowerman - guest Season 1 Episode 6
S1:E6 - 3-2-1 PROFITS - The Well Fed Writer
Show Notes

Peter Bowerman is a Senior Marketing Copywriter, Business Coach, and Author of, The Well-Fed Writer how-to book series. He helps companies large and small, put their best (marketing) foot forward in their written materials of all stripes, and help others follow in my footsteps. 

In this episode of 3-2-1 PROFIT$ - THE PODCAST, your host, Gery Deer, talks with Peter about the pitfalls and promise of being a professional, freelance commercial writer. They’ll discuss how Peter got started, how other marketing copywriters have influenced his work, and some of the challenges faced by anyone working independently, regardless of the industry. (LISTEN HERE www.321profitspodcast.com)

In his discussion with Gery, Peter explained that his writing business took off because of his experience as a door-to-door salesman.  “When I launched my commercial-freelancing practice in 1994, I had no paid professional writing experience, no writing training, and no contacts,” Peter explained. “Yet, I focused on what I DID know – how to pick up the phone and make cold calls. 1000+ calls and about 4 months later, I had more work than I could handle.”

As a highly-successful self-published author, Peter shares his experience, much of which was based in determination and learning the publishing business. “I had never written a book, nor had any idea how to get it published,” he said. “But over several years, I finished the book, and then, after doing a lot of research, realized that going the traditional publishing route (i.e., where you’d give up creative control, control of the timetable, the rights, and most of the profits) wasn’t for me. I decided instead to self-publish, and I’ve done FAR better than I could ever have done with a publisher.”

Peter just released a new edition of The Well-Fed Writer and “companion” ebooks ...

All bundles are showcased here: https://wellfedwriter.com/the-well-fed-writer-updated-edition/

Well-Fed Craft, Peter’s popular self-paced course on how to actually write the most

commonly encountered commercial-writing projects: www.wellfedcraft.com.

His one-on-one coaching/mentoring services for both commercial writers and self-

publishers: https://wellfedwriter.com/commercial-writing-mentoring/

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