Healthy Free Life Show
001: What Makes Healthy Free Life Different
Healthy Free Life Show
001: What Makes Healthy Free Life Different
Apr 14, 2021 Episode 1
Katrina Sequenzia

Does dieting keep failing you, time and time again? In this episode of the Healthy Free Life Show, I bust the myths around diet culture and invite you to explore my Body, Mind, Spirit framework to health and wellness. This holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle is effective and sustainable, so I want to teach you how to use it to reach your health and wellness goals! 

“A healthy body can only be built on a healthy mind and a healthy spirit.” - Katrina


In this episode, you’ll learn…

00:30 Dieting has failed us… it doesn’t work!

02:05 The Body, Mind, Spirit approach to health.

04:59 Diet and exercise have the least impact on your ability to lose weight and to get healthy!

05:55 The goals and intentions of the Healthy Free Life Show.

06:36 The importance of spiritual health.

07:33 How mental health impacts your relationship to food, stress, and self-love.

08:53 Physical health comes from honoring food, exercise, sleep, and rest.

09:50 Achieving a Healthy Free Life is achievable! + What to expect in the next episode.


Are you ready to put God at the center of your health journey and to finally achieve your health and wellness goals? Join me every week to learn how!

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