The (in)courage Podcast

Bonus Episode: Table of One, by Jennifer Dukes Lee

January 07, 2023 (in)courage
The (in)courage Podcast
Bonus Episode: Table of One, by Jennifer Dukes Lee
Show Notes

Listen in as eight (in)courage authors read their chapters from our new book, Come Sit with Me: How to Delight in Differences, Love through Disagreements, and Live with Discomfort! This is Chapter 1, by Jennifer Dukes Lee, titled Table of One.

In Come Sit With Me, 26 (in)courage writers get fully vulnerable as they share about the real, the hard, even the yet unfinished. From politics to religious differences, from dealing with toxic people to dealing with our own unforgiveness and desire for revenge, (in)courage is here to reveal the struggles no one really wants to talk about – and how we can actually grow closer to God and others through the circumstances we’d rather run from.

Whether you’re in the middle of a conflict without resolution or wondering how to enter into a friend’s pain, this book will serve as a gentle guide. Discover how God can work through your disagreements, differences, and discomfort in ways you might never expect. We’re thrilled about this very special book; get your copy today.
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