Goin' In Deep

Train Your Brain With Patterns

September 27, 2021 Ben Eastwood & Oli Dunn with guest Sabina Brennan Season 1 Episode 14
Goin' In Deep
Train Your Brain With Patterns
Show Notes

This week sees the Goin' In Deep podcast speak with our first International guest, none other than Sabina Brennan!

Sabina is an ex-actress turned health psychologist and a neuroscientist.

Part one of this episode discusses, the way our brains work, how we can train them to become more efficient by feeding them patterns and much, much more!

Sabina is the host of the Super Brain Podcast and has published 100 Days to a Younger Brain - a No 1 Best-Seller and her second book Beating Brain Fog.

For more information about Sabina's work, her books, podcast and lots of free resources visit Super Brain

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