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RAW Collective Podcast: Identities

May 10, 2022 Sarah Freeman Season 1 Episode 3
RAW Podcast
RAW Collective Podcast: Identities
Show Notes

Hi, hi Rad, Active, Women and beyond! 

RAW (rad, active, women) Collective Podcast is hosted by Sarah Freeman, Andria Lauren, and Kristy Wolfe 3 brave badass big-hearted women to create collective, raw, unfiltered monthly conversations with YOU!

We launched our first episode of RAW Collective Podcast on March 8 live at Alberta's Own in Canmore, AB.

1x per month RAW Collective Podcast will be LIVE at a new location in the Bow Valley to collaborate with a small local business. For the month of May, we were LIVE at Outdoor Bike and Ski in Canmore Alberta.

Prior to each live RAW Collective Podcast, there will be a Community Spotlight Teaser with the small business location for the month.

Our goal is to be seen and heard in the Bow Valley Community, and that means you can come and watch us live in person if that feels like your vibe or hop on RAW Collective Podcast Facebook group live. If you can’t make it on the live date, you will be able to listen to the recording of RAW Collective Podcast within 48 hours of the live podcast.

In this month's RAW Collective Podcast (May 10) we had amazing conversations around Identities. 

Be influenced, and inspired into action, and listen to different perspectives from 3 badass women by listening to unfiltered RAW conversations. We want to share our voices, perspectives, and hearts with you!

We are a collective group of women entrepreneurs, mums, step-mums, athletes, photographers, women entrepreneurs, podcasters, coaches, and more!

We desire to empower other women in the community to collaborate and support each other by changing the narrative from comparison to Women empowering each other, lifting each other up, we can be a collective group of women, and support and encourage each other towards our best self.

Thank you for your love and support, and a BIG thank you to Outside Bike and Ski for hosting our third LIVE RAW Collective Podcast.

Our next LIVE will be in early June, the date, time, and topic TBD.

If there is a topic you would like us to riff on drop it in the comments. Leave us a comment, and say hello we would love to hear from you!

Much heart,

RAW Collective Podcast Team💗

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