Weight Loss for Life

Breaking the Binge-Restrict Cycle with Cris Berlingeri MD

February 28, 2023 Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC
Weight Loss for Life
Breaking the Binge-Restrict Cycle with Cris Berlingeri MD
Show Notes

In Hispanic culture, food is a core element of life. A meal is an event that unites the whole family, provides a sense of community, and creates authentic moments. 

Our special podcast guest, Cris Berlingeri MD, knows all about the cultural importance of food in Hispanic culture, having grown up in Puerto Rico. However, she also experienced the pressures that came alongside that, which led to an extremely negative relationship with food and her body.

After becoming a life & weight loss coach, Cris began to shift her mindset and improve her relationship with food. She lost 50 lbs and has maintained that, whilst still thoroughly enjoying the process of making food. She even runs her own bakery in East Texas!

In this episode, Cris shares her experiences and wisdom around navigating a relationship with your family when trying to eat in a different way.

You will learn:

  • The challenges around food and body image in Hispanic culture
  • Tips that helped Cris lose weight in her environment
  • What her new relationship with food is like
  • How Cris maintains her new weight despite being surrounded by temptations

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Audio Stamps:

02:50 - Cris tells us about herself and her background.

04:04 - Cris talks about the cultural importance of food in Hispanic culture and the pressures that come with it.

05:43 - Cris shares the tips that helped her lose weight in that environment.

10:05 - Cris shares the timeline of how long it took to shift the mindset and start doing things differently.

12:54 - Cris paints a picture as to where she was before, the weight she’s lost, and the different relationship she has now with food.

16:29 - We find out how Cris maintains her new weight with all of the temptations around her.

19:42 - Cris recommends a starting place for somebody who enjoys cooking but wants to lose weight without restriction.

26:45 - We learn how to find out more about all of Cris’ endeavors, including her bakery and her podcast (+ the new Spanish version!).


05:00 - “They want you to eat all this food but at the same time look a certain way, so I was genuinely very confused.”

11:40 - “It was just not who I wanted to be, I was not listening to my body, I was just in reactive mode all the time. That's what slowly harnessed my thoughts and then I used them to really live the life that I wanted.”

18:30 - Just because you try it, doesn’t mean you have to overeat it. It always brings me back to ‘my power is in the middle ground, not in the all or nothing’”.

20:52 - “You realize taking all those feelings and the desire and the sexiness out of it, that after the third or fourth bite, you’re really not feeling anything.”