Weight Loss for Life

How to Curb your Food Cravings

January 10, 2023 Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC
Weight Loss for Life
How to Curb your Food Cravings
Show Notes

Whether it’s a tub of peanut butter or a pack of chips calling your name, we all have those lustful treats lurking in the cupboard, ready to hijack our best intentions.

While nothing is necessarily off limits, we know that constantly giving in to temptations will have a massive impact on your weight loss goals. That’s why it’s always good to arm yourself with some crave-crushing strategies so you’re ready to take on whatever treat you next find yourself standing toe-to-toe with.

In this episode, we’re sharing two key ways to master those urges and regain control. You’ll also learn more about why we get food cravings and factors that can affect our urges.

Audio Stamps

1:26 - Keri and Matthea tell us when they notice food urges the most

3:51 - They discuss the first step to help you master your urges: awareness

05:50 - We learn more about the second step: breaking the pattern

09:37 - We find out how food can often give temporary pleasure for an emotional need that’s not being met

11:47 - Keri talks about how your environment and practicalities can affect eating

13:05 - We find out why it’s not always helpful to dig deeper when you have an urge

16:20 -  The importance of responding thoughtfully rather than reacting in the moment

19:30 - We hear a summary of the steps to help you manage your urges

22:22 - Keri and Matthea discuss key takeaways from today’s episode with their listeners

Pull Quotes

04:40 - “If you’re wanting something very specific, that’s an urge. You’re not hungry.”

05:01 - “It’s like this wave has descended upon you and you’ve got no control over it and suddenly I am at the whim and the mercy of this thing that is making me go into the kitchen and grab all the chocolate.”

16:29 - “Whatever you feel you have agency over, whatever you feel you can do, let’s use those tools first before you think you need to deeply process your emotions.”

22:38 - “You have to make it small enough that you can keep doing it.”