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Say what? Coping with Careless Comments about Weight

March 22, 2023 Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC Season 1 Episode 106
Weight Loss for Life
Say what? Coping with Careless Comments about Weight
Show Notes

Today’s topic is a juicy one and came up as a result of something Keri recently experienced on a train back from London. Reflecting on how different this experience was compared to previous comments that had put her in a distressed place, Keri wants to discuss what helped her ditch the shame and better deal with insensitive remarks about weight.

Most women have probably been subjected to some kind of careless comment, either about their weight or how they look, at some point in their life. Often well-meaning people can be very callous with their comments, choosing insensitive words that linger with us for years.

In this episode, we want to share some examples of comments we have received, and discuss how to shift your mindset to help you find a way to navigate these situations.

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Pull Quotes

07:52 - “I would bottle it up and then there’d be shame that started to grow and that for me was the worst part. It was not what they said, it was not who they are, it was what I did to myself with it which was the most hurtful part.”

09:33 - “The biggest thing for me was understanding their thought process and trying to understand and put myself in their shoes and ideate on the possibilities.”

11:04 - “You hold onto the shame within yourself and you might feel shamed by that person but actually the shame is coming from what you’re making that comment mean.”

12:34 - “I get to decide what the facts are and what is true and what I want to believe.”

12:47 - “It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with ourselves.”

22:11 - “The ability to not instantly respond to things is such a sign of maturity.”

Audio Stamps

02:56 - Keri introduces today’s topic and tells us what inspired it.

04:25 - We hear some examples of careless comments and actions Keri and Dr. Matthea have received about their weight in the past and how it has affected them.

09:30 - Dr. Matthea and Keri discuss what has helped them to stop taking such comments so seriously.

15:29 - We learn how to let go of the idea that we need to look a certain way to be accepted.

18:00 - We find out why we need to slow it down and get curious about our reaction.

22:10 - Dr. Matthea reminds us that there’s no prize in reacting quickly.

23:42 - We find out Dr. Matthea and Keri’s top tips for someone who is particularly sensitive to careless comments about weight.