Weight Loss for Life

How Valerie Escaped Diet Restriction

March 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 106
Weight Loss for Life
How Valerie Escaped Diet Restriction
Show Notes

Valerie has struggled with her weight her entire life. She’s tried everything, been on all the restrictive diets, and her weight has yo-yoed a lot along the way. 

A year ago, she had just completed yet another low-calorie weight loss program and was getting ready for a cycle endurance event. Coming off such a restrictive plan and diving straight into intense training meant she gained 30 pounds. 

After the event, the disappointment and shame she felt pushed her to get back on track, but in a different way. Valerie soon discovered the WLCC and joined the 6 week reset. In this chat, we find out just how much this program has impacted her life and relationship with food.

If you’re a notorious yo-yo dieter, there are many pearls of wisdom to learn from this inspirational journey.

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Audio Stamps

  • 00:05 - We find out more about the next 6 Week Reset starting 27 March 2023
  • 02:51 - Special guest Valerie tells us more about herself and her background
  • 03:48 - Valerie tells us about her weight struggles prior to joining the 6 week reset
  • 08:35 - We learn what changed for Valerie during the 6 week reset to help her lose weight
  • 12:57 - Keri and Valerie discuss the benefits from the program including improved joint pain
  • 14:40 - We hear the advice Valerie would give to someone that’s in the position she was in 6 months ago
  • 16:22 - Valerie tell us what she did to combat feelings of shame
  • 18:02 - We discover how Valerie managed to integrate the program into her life
  • 20:29 - Valerie shares what she would say to someone who is one the fence about joining the program


  • 04:34 - “Coming off a very restrictive plan, going into training, I basically allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted because I was exercising so much, which really got me in trouble.”
  • 06:14 - “Turning to sugar is like turning to a drug. It’s very hard to turn that off.”
  • 15:45 - “Just do a small change, 1%, every week. Choose something small and then add to that every week so you’re compounding the habits because that’s really what helped me.”
  • 22:06 - “Focus on yourself, look for inspiration from others, look for ideas from others, and you’ll get there. We’re all different so you can’t compare yourself to another person.”