The Firebear Republic

So......Unsweet Tea

August 16, 2021 The Firebear Republic Season 2 Episode 66
The Firebear Republic
So......Unsweet Tea
Show Notes

This week our heroes ponder the thought, can something be defined by what it's not? Did our ancestors create a written abbreviation that worked its way into common english? Do they need to GTFO?

3:53 Gina Carano The Hitcher

8:04 Sonic 2 iIris Elba

12:07 Peace Maker HBOmax

18:40 Powerpuff girls 

23:24 Robert Rodriguez deal with Warner Bros.

29:12 AMC deal with Warner

33:27 Reservation Dogs (first look)

38:47 What if? (first look)

44:34 The Bad Batch (wrap up)