Foundstone Conversations
What is Strategy? Planning is not Strategy. (Roger Martin, World's #1 Management Thinker)
Episode Artwork What is Strategy? Planning is not Strategy. (Roger Martin, World's #1 Management Thinker) 57:16 Episode Artwork What do strategy, community and culture have in common? (Brad Krauskopf, Co-Chair & Co-Founder, The Hub) 42:00 Episode Artwork L'Oréal's intuition-driven strategy (Jordan Colreavy, Head of Category Strategy, L'Oréal) 43:49 Episode Artwork How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business (David Shein, Founding Partner, OIF Ventures) 58:56 Episode Artwork What is a Social Enterprise? (Wendy Bezzina, Executive Director, Social Traders) 40:30 Episode Artwork What is Open Strategy? (Julia Hautz, Co-author of 'Open Strategy' & Prof. of Strategic Mgt) 51:26 Episode Artwork Innovation starts by listening to your customers (Ron Lesh, Managing Director of BGL Corporate) 37:40 Episode Artwork Understanding millennials beyond the stereotypes (Amy Smith, Founder of Aligned Tribe) 40:37 Episode Artwork Leaders don't have to know all the answers (Dr. Graham Kenny Strategy Expert & regular HBR author) 59:37 Episode Artwork "Look for the human problem behind the business problem" (Mark Pollard Strategy CEO at Mighty Jungle) 43:01 Episode Artwork How an authentic culture builds a clearer strategy (Liesel Wett Chair & CEO of Aged Care and Australian Pathology) 38:07 Episode Artwork How listening is a core principle for strategy (Andrew Thorp Head of Strategy & Planning at Beyond Blue) 40:30 Episode Artwork How customer conversations are at the heart of business (Patrick Coghlan CEO at CreditorWatch) 46:16 Episode Artwork How Business Strategy, Marketing & Tech are no longer completely separate disciplines (Konrad Spilva Founder of Shadowboxer) 41:01 Episode Artwork How to shape strategy that connects directly with customers (Angus McDonald CEO of Barbeques Galore) 34:38 Episode Artwork How on earth does dark matter relate to business strategy? (Prof. Alan Duffy Director of Space at Swinburne) 51:32