Sustainable Packaging
Earth First Films - Zack Leimkuehler / Kelly Williams
Earth First Films - Zack Leimkuehler / Kelly Williams 24:38 Recyda Co-Founder Vivian Loftin 15:14 Live From Packaging Europe with Kraft Heinz / Linda Roman and John Ryan 8:31 Investing in a Sustainable future / Costas Papaikonomou / Una Terra VC 15:42 Lonely Whale Director Tim Silman (TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Accelerator) 27:27 82% recycling rate! Winfried Muhling (Pro Carton) 17:08 Circular Packaging Expert Andy Rose - Indeed Innovation 18:24 Paper from leaves! / Releaf with Alexander Sobolenko 19:57 Tahmid Chowdhury / University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership 24:25 Award Winning AirWave CEO Marc Rapp / Paper Air Pillows and more! 20:58 Mimosas and Amazon and MORE! / Fuseneo Head of Curiosity Brent Lindberg 23:49 Paris Packaging Week / Zehao Liu / Solaris Community 26:58 Refillable Deodorant! / Andor Reti is the Cofounder of Respray 13:13 Paper to Replace Plastic Bubble! / Tom Corrigan and Marcia Popa with Scotch Cushion Lock 23:18 Bro Dough CEO Erica Rankin / from weight lifter to Entrepreneur 20:40 What's the Future of our Industry? Students like Morgan Bright from Virginia Tech 14:40 $1,000,000 prize winner Edible Seaweed NotPLA co founder Pierre Paslier 27:19 Graphic Novels shipped sustainably with Scotch Cushion Lock / Cory Casoni -Co-Founder CRWN Studios 23:57 Is Refill the Secret? CEO Petros Palandjian (Good Filling) 26:41 Google Packaging Innovation with Miguel Arevalo 22:17 Investing in Sustainability / Fredric Petit -Partner Emerald Technology Ventures 18:40 CEO Chris Dillon / Meyers 13:30 Dell Is a Sustainability Leader / Oliver Campbell 31:32 Danone with Marcu Alexander / What's the future of sustainable packaging? 24:34 Stanley Mugs and Adhesives with Brent Ostrowski and Justine Hanlon 25:18