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Introducing the World of Dog, Duck and Cat

DDC World

Beginning with an exciting extract from one of their stories, in this first episode we are introduced to the world of Dog, Duck and Cat. These are three wonderful characters who help children to learn about staying safe, in a fun and age-appropriate way, in their day to day lives and in their local community.As a charity, the Dog Duck and Cat Trust educates on subjects that can affect a child’s physical health and emotional wellbeing and promote that children should always tell an adult that they know they can trust, if ever they are worried or scared. There are also learning resources to go with all the Dog, Duck and Cat stories to help adults develop a child's resilience.The stories and resources can be looked at together by adults with children as a way of spending some fun time together. For teachers, all of the stories are supported by lesson plans and classroom activities, for use by those working in educational settings.Visit to discover more.

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