CPI Report, Large Market Reaction, and What's Driving the S&P 500 Rally
Be Real with Nicolet Bank
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Be Real with Nicolet Bank
CPI Report, Large Market Reaction, and What's Driving the S&P 500 Rally
Nov 21, 2023 Season 2 Episode 15
Nicolet National Bank

Welcome to the Nicolet Wealth Management Investment Podcast. In this episode Mike Steppe and Adam Longlais discuss:

The CPI report for October seems to have triggered a large market reaction.  What was so critical about the CPI release this month? 

What has happened in the financial markets over the past several weeks?

What is driving the recent rally in the S&P 500 index?

Does it concern you that credit card and auto loan delinquencies are rising rapidly?  What are the implications if the economy slides into a recession?

How have global real estate investments done in 2023?  What sectors within real estate investing are the most attractive?

While many of the alternative energy sources (wind, solar, etc...) have performed poorly in 2023 due to rising interest rates on their leveraged balance sheets, do you think these energy sources are a good long-term investment?

Do you think that the Fed is done hiking overnight interest rates for this cycle?

Why have ten (10) year maturity rates fallen from 5.0% to below 4.5% over the past few weeks?

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