Syncing with ServiceNow: 3 ways to supercharge HR digital transformation
Syncing with ServiceNow
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Syncing with ServiceNow
Syncing with ServiceNow: 3 ways to supercharge HR digital transformation
Jul 06, 2023 Season 1 Episode 19
Andy Whiteside

Human resources (HR) digital transformation isn’t just a switch you can flip. It’s a never-ending process that starts at different points for every organization and team. When I meet with HR leaders across industries, I’m always excited to learn about their unique, complex challenges.

As we stare down a new wave of economic uncertainty, it’s never been more important for HR leaders to make a strong business case for HR digital transformation, whether for our CEOs, boards, or investors.

In a survey by Fortune and Deloitte, 76% of CEOs said they have a “pessimistic” 12-month outlook for the global economy. Especially in this climate, business leaders want to know what kind of value they’re getting from their technology investments. They also want to improve productivity and efficiency across the workforce.

I know from experience how difficult it is to implement massive HR changes at a global organization, no matter the global economic pressures. That’s why I joined ServiceNow: We offer a world-class platform that delivers tremendous value for our employees, managers, and company. We do this for our customers too. 

HR leaders need new ways to deliver for their people and drive business success. As an HR business leader, I want to share three ways a company can supercharge its HR digital transformation.

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Fred Reynolds
Co-host: Kristin McDonald
Co-host: Becky Whiten