The One Open Door Podcast

An Interview with Rich Ray

June 24, 2021 David J McKay
The One Open Door Podcast
An Interview with Rich Ray
Show Notes

An interview with Rich Ray: former monk, yogi extraordinaire, wise being, and all-around great guy. Rich tells us the story of his life before and during his time at the monastery (which I found to be very interesting and helpful), and he talks about the intersection between his yoga practice and Zen awareness practice.  Not to be missed!

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David McKay entered a Zen Buddhist monastery at the age of twenty-nine and spent the next eighteen years training there in silence. Over time he became a skilled facilitator and counselor, offering retreats and workshops at the monastery and across the country. David left the monastery in the fall of 2014 to further explore life and spiritual practice back in the world. He currently supports awareness and personal transformation in the form of retreats, workshops, and one-on-one spiritual mentoring.