The One Open Door Podcast

Towards a Healthy Relationship with Thinking

July 06, 2021 David J McKay
The One Open Door Podcast
Towards a Healthy Relationship with Thinking
Show Notes

Is thinking useful? At first glance the question seems ridiculous, but if we look into the effects of our habitual ways of thinking on individual human happiness (really detrimental), and on our ability to live in harmony with each other and with the other living beings on our planet (really, really detrimental), the question becomes more and more relevant. Thinking is useful, in the sense of helping us to live happy, healthy, deeply experienced lives--but only if it's coming from a centered place. In this podcast I explore the sorts of thinking that are not helpful, the sorts that are, and how to know the difference. Enjoy!

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David McKay entered a Zen Buddhist monastery at the age of twenty-nine and spent the next eighteen years training there in silence. Over time he became a skilled facilitator and counselor, offering retreats and workshops at the monastery and across the country. David left the monastery in the fall of 2014 to further explore life and spiritual practice back in the world. He currently supports awareness and personal transformation in the form of retreats, workshops, and one-on-one spiritual mentoring.