Word of Life Study Series

The Word of God: The Symbols of God's Word

March 05, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 7 Episode 3
Word of Life Study Series
The Word of God: The Symbols of God's Word
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- The Symbols of God’s Word! Many times the Bible uses symbolic language in order to teach. Jesus Himself often referred to common everyday things to illustrate spiritual truths- taking concrete examples to explain abstract concepts- metaphors. Since the natural world we know was created out of the spiritual world, it is no wonder that God can use natural creation to teach us about spiritual principles- 2 Peter 1:2-4


For the purpose of analysis, I have broken down some symbols into three categories. The first group emphasizes the “Power” of God’s Word in our lives. The second group describes God’s Word as a creating, sustaining, and nurturing source of God’s grace. And finally, the last group looks at the Bible as a source of illumination and revelation for our spiritual growth.


1. God’s Word- Power

Our primary spiritual offensive weapon is the Word of God. It is the key to winning successfully. The objective is to get the Word of God into our heart and out of our mouth. Waving the Bible in the air is not wielding the sword of our spirit. Only when we speak that Word out of our mouth in faith, does it become the ultimate weapon in the universe.


2. God’s Word- Sustenance

We have been saying all along that the Bible is no ordinary book to the believer. Unlike a magazine, newspaper or history book, the Bible is a living force of God’s spirit life- John 6:63. The Bible requires one ingredient that will release the power of God in our life. Without this vital element, the Bible would appear to be just any other religious book- dead and lifeless. That key component is FAITH- it is the catalyst! Faith is the key that unlocks God’s power that is stored in His Word. It releases the treasures of God’s wisdom and ability to move any mountain, meet any need and defeat any demon. Until faith is introduced and mixed with the Word of God, it remains dormant. When the believer mixes God’s word with faith- look out! God’s will is coming on earth as it is in heaven!


3. God’s Word- Revelation

Just as natural light reveals this natural world, the Word of God reveals the kingdom of God to us. God’s will for our lives is to walk in the truth of His Word and not stumble around in ignorance. The measure of God’s Word that we are walking in and living from day to day is the measure of spiritual light we are walking in. Without the Bible, God is extremely limited in revealing Himself and His kingdom to us. God’s Word enables us to see clearly as things really are, not as they appear to be to our physical senses. 

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God’s Word- Power
God’s Word- Sustenance
God’s Word- Revelation