Word of Life Study Series

Prosperity is God’s Idea: Your Heavenly Account

May 12, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 8 Episode 6
Word of Life Study Series
Prosperity is God’s Idea: Your Heavenly Account
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Your Heavenly Account. Question, do you know what the balance is in your checking and savings accounts? What about in your investment accounts or 401K, RRSP or TFSA? So what about your heavenly account? If you are a born again Christian, you have an account in the First Bank of Heaven! Paul was concerned in that he wanted the accounts of the Philippian Christians to increase and abound. Isn’t it interesting that the money and material gifts that Paul received were referred to in the Scriptures as a “fragrant offering” and an “acceptable sacrifice” that was pleasing to God. It was sweet smelling money my brother and sister, not filthy lucre or evil money, but fruit that was pleasing to God.


1. Giving Dynamics

So often we think so small and so we receive in proportion to the revelation we have in this matter. We may be satisfied and get by with a little, but the greater question is this, is God satisfied and pleased with us just getting by in life? If He is not, then there is a problem. We have already established that it is His will for all His children to be rich, to have a full supply, and have no room to receive all His blessings. So are we going to obey the will of God in this matter? God needs channels for His provision to flow through; it’s not all for us. God has plans, big plans for His Kingdom and it requires money. Imagine all of the Body of Christ, being in positions to give into the Lord’s projects. It takes time to develop in the area of finances, so we need to get on it now.


2. Is Borrowing Okay?

Remember, it’s not material things that is the problem, but the preoccupation of them- to be more interested in them, than in the Lord. God does not have a problem with His children being rich, but how we acquire this wealth is what we need to look at next.

 1- We can steal it from someone

2- We can wish and wait for it- like an inheritance or gambling like the lottery

3- We can work extra jobs and save up for it

4- We can borrow and get into debt

5- The Best way is to sow and believe it in from the Lord


3. Different Levels of Faith for Prosperity

God’s plan is that we plant financial seed through giving and believe Him for a multiplied harvest. We did not save, borrow or strain for it- this is entering into the rest of God. So when we receive through God’s plan for increase, He gave it to us and so it’s a blessing. This is the highest level of prosperity, to believe it in. Now remember that we don’t start out in this highest form of faith for prosperity. People want to jump a level or two. No we start out with “Payment Faith” and then go onto “Payoff Faith” before we get to “Believe it in Faith!” 

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Giving Dynamics
Is Borrowing Okay?
Different Levels of Faith for Prosperity