Word of Life Study Series

Prosperity is God’s Idea: Biblical Laws of Increase Part 1

May 22, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 8 Episode 7
Word of Life Study Series
Prosperity is God’s Idea: Biblical Laws of Increase Part 1
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Biblical Laws of Increase Part 1. Our God is the God of blessing and increase and He has given the earth to us to enjoy, develop and utilize for His glory. He wants us to increase in all areas of our life, spirit, soul and body. This also includes financially and materially. He wants us to have more so we can be a blessing and do more for His Kingdom and to increase our own enjoyment level. We find in the Scriptures that just because it is God’s will does not mean that it just automatically happens. There are conditions of obedience and faith associated to working the principles of God’s Word.


1. The Law of Honoring God

The key to Exercising faith for finances is to sow seed according to 2 Corinthians 9:6 and Luke 6:38. If a person will just obey the Bible, they will reap many wonderful results. Spiritual laws, like natural laws always work the same for whomever works them, no matter who the person is. Just as gravity works the same for each person so do spiritual laws in the Bible. Like the concept of cause and effect, when we act on the Word in faith, the results are forth coming. Therefore, we have a part to play in our prosperity- it’s not all up to God. It’s not what we know alone that sets us free, but what we know and put into practice that makes us free.


2. Honoring the Local Church

A modern application of this would be if a Christian was taking an old beat-up piece of furniture to the city dump, but then half way there, decides to dump it on his/her pastor instead- that is a contemptible offering and dishonors God by dishonoring His servant. Until people see the value of the local church, world missions and humanity in general, and see it through God’s eyes, they will not honor it- this is where having a revelation from God is so necessary.


3. How to Honor God

It is important for us to know that we are always on the Lord’s mind and that His abiding presence is a meant to be a continual comfort for us to enjoy. With that being said, let’s also take note that the Lord is called El-Shadi; the God who is more than enough, not El-Cheapo or the God that lets us barely get by. The Bible talks a lot about money and finances, sad that so many are embarrassed and feel uncomfortable about that subject, because of wrong thinking. We have been talking about the Biblical use of honor in regards to blessing others financially. Now we are going to look at the practical application of this principle. It is impossible to say that we honor God, and not be actively giving generously into His works on the earth. 

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The Law of Honoring God
Honoring the Local Church
How to Honor God