Word of Life Study Series

Prosperity is God’s Idea: Biblical Laws of Increase Part 2

May 28, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 8 Episode 8
Word of Life Study Series
Prosperity is God’s Idea: Biblical Laws of Increase Part 2
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Biblical Laws of Increase Part 2. Our God is the God of blessing . The Lord wants all areas of our life, spirit, soul and body to prosper and increase and be blessed. God has established laws that govern these areas of increase. It is more up to us how blessed and prosperous we are than it is the Lord. We need to cooperate with Biblical principles in order for us to receive His highest and best for our lives. The Lord is not impressed with large offerings. What He looks at first are the motives of the heart, faith and joy in our giving.


1. The Laws of Sowing and Reaping

If we sow, we will reap, if we give, it will be given to us. That is a spiritual law, it does not just sometimes work, it works all the time the same way for everybody! If we really believed in this spiritual law, we would be living our lives so much differently today. Even in the natural, the world knows about making good investments in order to gain wealth- real estate, stocks, commodities. The reality is, we will never get a better return than investing in the work of God than anything else on this planet. But most believers don’t see giving as an investment. But everything we give into God’s Kingdom and God’s people, should be seen as seed sown for an expectant return.


2. The Law of Stewardship

If we are going to prosper, we have to follow this law of stewardship. If we are faithful in a little, He will add more to us. This principle applies to all aspects of our life: money, anointing, revelation etc. We could be sowing big and still not be prosperous and get in debt. Having more come in does not necessarily denote prosperity, this is where stewardship comes in and having the wisdom of God in dealing with finances. God wants us to have the best and plenty of it, but He is big on stewardship! We must learn to have wisdom with things, to know when, who, where and how much to give. Unless we are led by the Spirit, we are not going to be prosperous. Our priorities need to be right, in our heart and in our faith.


3. The Laws of Diligence, Obedience and Faith

There are two extremes to hard work and diligence with people. There are those who we would call “workaholics” and think it’s all up to them if they prosper or not, and they work night and day- burning the candle at both ends. They do not know how to rest and let God move on their behalf. They need to come into the middle of the road and do less and believe more. Then there are those who all they want to do is lay around on the sofa and make confessions and not do anything. The Bible states that whatever we put our hands to will prosper. If we will first wait on the Lord, and get His plan, purpose and pursuit, than with that vision in hand, go out and do it with all diligence. But don’t go until you know! 

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The Laws of Sowing and Reaping
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