Word of Life Study Series

The Foundation for our Faith: Jesus the Word of God

July 09, 2022 Brice C. Craig Season 9 Episode 3
Word of Life Study Series
The Foundation for our Faith: Jesus the Word of God
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series – Jesus the Word of God. The Word of God is not just words as we know them, but is actually referring to a person- the second person of the God Head. Before his incarnation and the name “Jesus” was given to Him, He was known only as the “Word of God.” He is still referred to this name as we will see in the book of Revelation. The Bible is more than a book, but represents God himself in the flesh on paper for us to receive. We hear His voice, see His power, and experience His Spirit through the sacred Scriptures. As we partake of the Bible as a living experience, we encounter the “Word of God” Himself by the Holy Spirit. Revelation knowledge bursts in our heart and becomes alive as we become introduced to our living savior, the Father and the Holy Spirit. The light of His Word floods our inner being to impart grace and truth and we are changed forever.


1. The Life of God

When we talk about the life of God, we are referring to the Greek word “ZOE” eternal life. This life is packed into God’s Word, the Bible. Here we see where that life comes from- Jesus Christ. This life produces light which produces revelation knowledge and understanding of who God is, and His plan of redemption for our lives. Jesus is the Word of God. If we want more of Jesus in our life, we must continue to receive His living words into our hearts and minds in order to conform us into His image and likeness to ever increasing glory.


2. The Bread of Life

The Bible is the bread of life for our spiritual growth and the development in the Christian faith. Our daily bread consists of the Word of God. Jesus is the incarnated Word from the Father. Eternal life is released through His Word. Breaking open the daily bread of the Bible, gives us the spiritual strength to walk out our Christian faith. The Holy Spirit if faithful to serve us the bread from heaven (Revealing Jesus) as we partake of the Scriptures. The Word of God is to our Spirit as natural food is to our physical body.

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The Life of God
The Bread of Life