Word of Life Study Series

The Gospels: Introduction

January 14, 2023 Brice C. Craig Season 11 Episode 0
Word of Life Study Series
The Gospels: Introduction
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Welcome to the Gospel Series. There are three seasons in this series: The Parables of Jesus, The Discourses of Jesus and the Miracles of Jesus. These podcasts are dedicated to the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus Christ as foreshadowed in the Old Testament, presented in the Gospels and explained in the Epistles- letters to the churches in the books of Romans - Revelation.


The Parables of Jesus

A parable is a short, simple story designed to communicate a spiritual truth, religious principle, or moral lesson; a figure of speech in which truth is illustrated by a comparison or example drawn from everyday experiences. They are not just simple folk stories or fables of fiction- revelation truth of the Kingdom.


The Discourses of Jesus

There are various forms or styles that discourses can come in; from Latin discursus, meaning “running to and from.” Jesus had invoked all of these styles throughout His teaching and preaching ministry as an effective means of communication. The purpose was to express and impart grace and revelation truth to the hearers. These were not empty words, but contained power to transform and save those who believed.


The Miracles of Jesus

When reason takes the place of the miraculous, Christianity loses its vitality, fascination and fruitfulness. Christianity is not a religion, it is the very life of God in mankind. There could not be a religion that would appeal to humanity that was not founded upon miracles and propagated by miracles. People crave a miracle working God today; they want a living God, craving a miracle working God. The deep seated hunger in the human heart for God is the reason for all religions. If we take the supernatural out of Christianity, we have left is an empty shell of a religion. 

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The Gospels
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