Word of Life Study Series

Healing is the Children's Bread: Why do Christians get Sick?

June 19, 2021 Brice C. Craig Season 2 Episode 6
Word of Life Study Series
Healing is the Children's Bread: Why do Christians get Sick?
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! There is always a reason why Christians fail to receive their healing or their healing is delayed. You will find out in this episode that the reasons are not too different as to why some people in the world are not getting  born again. It’s not because God is selectively saving some and denying eternal life to others. Nor is our Heavenly Father choosing to heal some of His children and not others for some esoteric reason.  Romans 2:11, “For God does not show favoritism.” The glorious promise for salvation is available to whosoever wills just as healing is available to all- 1 Peter 2:24 “...by whose stripes you were healed.”


1. Three Main Reasons

God’s Word settles the matter forever, divine healing is always His will- God’s Word is God’s will! Faith begins where the will of God is known. If God says it in His Word, that settles it, its truth and will not change, regardless of our experiences or what we see happen to others. Mark it down, there is always a reason why folks don’t receive from God- whether it’s a saint or sinner. 


2. False Teaching

Jesus blasted the religious leaders for nullifying the Word of God for the sake of their traditions. In our day many ministers have done worse, for they have made void a part of the Gospel by their traditions. One such tradition is that, “it’s not always His will to heal, for God sovereignly chooses who to heal and who not to.” Some go so far that God purposely puts sickness on people in order to discipline them for their own good. It is a mystery to me how anyone can hold this view in the face of the Scriptures and the ministry of Jesus, who for three years healed all who came to Him for healing- Acts 10:38.


3. If it be Thy Will Concerning Healing

Other saints are not healed because they always ask with those fatal words “if it be thy will.” Some people just tack the phrase “If it be Thy will” on the end of their prayers out of tradition. They think they’re being humble, but they’re really robbing themselves of the blessings of God. Anything the Bible promises us or says belongs to us is ours- already God’s will. We don’t have to put an “if’ in our prayers when we pray according to God’s Word! That’s why praying, “Lord, if it be Thy will, please heal me” is unnecessary. God has plainly told us in His Word that it is His will to heal us. A sinner wouldn’t pray, “Lord, save me, if it be Thy will.” That kind of prayer would be ridiculous, because God’s Word declares that it is His will for them to be saved, the same goes for the area of healing.


4. Spiritualizing the Situation

When tragedy hits a Christian, the biggest mistake they can make is to spiritualize and reason out the cause for the calamity. Let’s not accuse God of evil; He is not the author of it. To insinuate that tornadoes, cancer and other calamities are an act of God is to fall right into the hands of Satan’s lies. People begin questioning the faithfulness of God. Why did He allow this to happen, why do bad things happen to seemingly good people. There is always a reason and we may not always know it, but I do know this according to 1 Corinthians 13: 8, “Love never fails!” God will never let us down, He is always faithful and true to His Word, He does not lie nor change His mind. If something went bad, God is not the one behind it or to blame. So when life becomes confusing, give God the benefit of the doubt; ask Him for wisdom according to James 1:5 instead of jumping to religious conclusions.

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Setting the Record Straight
Three Main Reasons
False Teaching
If it be Thy Will Concerning Healing
Spiritualizing the Situation