Word of Life Study Series

Healing is the Children's Bread: Kicking Over Sacred Cows - Part 3

July 02, 2021 Brice C. Craig Season 2 Episode 9
Word of Life Study Series
Healing is the Children's Bread: Kicking Over Sacred Cows - Part 3
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread!  We’ll start out by discussing Paul’s thorn in the flesh and what the Bible really says about what Paul’s thorn was. We’ll refute the fatalistic view of having no control over the length and quality of life that we can expect to have on earth as Christians. The promises of God are very clear on the subject of longevity which we’ll explore together. So buckle up your seats for a thought provoking and investigative look as we conclude this segment on kicking over religious cow traditions.

1. Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

One of the most prevalent objections raised today against the ministry of healing is Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.” One traditional idea has led to another. The widespread teaching that God is the Author of disease, and that some of the most devout of His children He has desired to remain sick, and glorify Him by exhibiting fortitude and patience. Scripture interprets scripture, we’ll see how the Bible uses the term of “thorn” elsewhere in the Bible. The expression “thorn in the flesh” is never used in the Bible to mean sickness.


2. Suffering According to the Will of God

A side point I would like to briefly explore with you is a sacred calf concerning misinformed folks who think succumbing to sickness is a means of suffering for Jesus. We need to ask ourselves- “Could we be suffering for the wrong reason?” The Bible clearly states that is a possibility for Christians- 1 Peter 4:19.


3. An Appointed Time to Die?

There are people who believe incorrectly concerning when and how they will die. They misquote Hebrews 9:27 and say, “Well you know everyone has their appointed time to die and they have no say so in the matter.” But that is not what this passage of scripture is saying, “Just as man is destined to die once.” The Bible is plainly stating that it is appointed unto mankind to die one time physically- this refutes the philosophy of reincarnation.


4. Keys to Living Long on the Earth

People in the world are looking for the magic diet and exercise or climate as the secret to long life. Certainly those things are important; we can’t be violating natural laws and expect it not to have an impact on our health. Unfortunately there are those who watch their diet and exercise and still die young, even Christians. Thankfully, there are many specific passages in the Bible that provide us with instructions and principles for entering into God’s provision for long life.


5. Spiritualizing Experiences in Life

Beware of forming spiritual interpretations solely on natural circumstances as a means of understanding the will of God. Since everything in this natural world is subject to change, and is subject to the influence of the devil. Deception can be readily had if we allow our beliefs to be based on what we see, feel and hear rather than on the Word of God. Personal experience by nature is very subjective and open to a wide range of interpretations, bias and cultural conditioning.


6. Beware of the Fleece

A huge distinction between Old Covenant believers and New Covenant saints is the way in which we serve, worship and know God. For the Old Covenant believer, God was understood by outward signs and physical symbols. Since they were not born again, their spirit was not alive to God, but was spiritually dead due to sin. This limited God in His dealings with those folks, to the natural or physical realm in order to get their attention.

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