Word of Life Study Series

Healing is the Children's Bread: God’s Primary Way to be Healed

July 07, 2021 Brice C. Craig Season 2 Episode 10
Word of Life Study Series
Healing is the Children's Bread: God’s Primary Way to be Healed
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Welcome to Word of Life Study Series- Healing is the Children’s Bread! The first unit was about establishing the will of God concerning healing; obtaining this revelation knowledge is the crucial first step in receiving healing. The second unit addressed all the obstacles and roadblocks to receiving healing, thrown up by the devil and the religious traditions of men. Questions and doubts in folk’s minds must first be dealt with before they can operate in faith and confidence in order to appropriate redemptive healing for themselves and others. Now, we have come to the third unit, in these final three episodes, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of the practical application of God’s Word in order to apply the healing grace of God to our body and soul.


1. Healing Dynamics

We need to realize that there is more than one way for people to receive healing. In other words, a number of methods for receiving healing are recorded in the Word of God. The reason for this is simple, our Heavenly Father just wants us healed and He has provided many avenues by which we may receive our healing. 


2. Our Faith plays a Role

The primary method that has been provided for all of God’s children is by simple faith in God’s Word. When we hear the Word of God ourselves, believe it as truth in our spirit and act on it, we receive. That is what it means to receive healing by faith in God’s Word.  I believe this is God’s highest and best way to receive healing, because we are actively participating in hiding God’s Word down into our hearts. What gets us healed, keeps us healed.


3. Waiting for a Divine Intervention

Many Christians who desire healing are waiting for an intervention of divine sovereignty from God to initiate something on their behalf. Of course, God does occasionally move in a sovereign way, but that is not His primary way of healing His children. I’ll show you in the Bible what I mean by the intervention of divine sovereignty, when God initiates healing on His own out of mercy.


4. The Church United

Jesus planned to carry on His healing ministry during His absence by means of the whole Church, which is His Body, not through an obscure member of that Body. He said in Mark 16 that “These signs will follow THEM”- the Church, not “him” or “her”- the individual. It is not the faith of a lone or solitary evangelist but that of the Spirit-filled Church as a whole which brought healing to all the sick in the streets of Jerusalem. When God has His way, the multitudes will be healed right on the streets today as it was in the book of Acts.


5. Jesus opened not His mouth so we could

Jesus came as our substitute, to absorb in Himself the full wrath of God almighty on account of the sins of the whole world.  Jesus had to be silent and not call out for help as the Lamb of God. He was innocent and bore the punishment for our sin- becoming a curse, taking on all of Satan’s death, sickness, poverty, oppression and misery on our behalf. The fact that Jesus could call on twelve legions of angels proves that He was innocent, they had no legal right to take Him- Jesus had done nothing wrong. He was sinless and spotless and could have appealed to the righteous Judge of the universe and would have been delivered, but mankind would have been lost. So Jesus opened not his mouth, did not ask for deliverance for the joy of seeing us saved and ransomed from the clutches of the enemy. So today, let the redeemed of the Lord open up their mouths and speak the Name of Jesus and the Word of God! 

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Healing Dynamics
Our Faith Plays a Role
Waiting for a Divine Intervention
The Church United
Jesus opened not His mouth so we could